MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.25Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.25Mar 07, 2023

After a long period of time, Orikasa Yuyoshi was suddenly stopped when he was going to school. It was Tomase Momoka, "Orikasa-san, may I ask if you are free tomorrow?"

Orikasa Yuyoshi frowned, thinking that his meaning was clear enough last time.

Tomoka Tomoka also realized that her words seemed to be somewhat ambiguous, and quickly waved her hand and said: "I didn't mean that. I don't seem to have any talent in scientific research, and just the senior sister introduced me to an opportunity to do an internship in Didan.

But I don't know well there. My friend will have something to do tomorrow. The instructor said that only Orikasa in our group seems to have some free time. "

"Of course I also know that this request is too offensive. If Orikasa-san doesn't have time, of course it's ok! I promise that there is only one day tomorrow. I really didn't mean to find a reason to entangle Orikasa-san!"

Orikasa Yuyoshi lowered his head and thought for a moment, is it Didan? Speaking of which, Didan's high school and junior high school seem to be connected, and there may be a chance to meet Kudo Shinichi who is still in high school. And Scotland has just joined the...

"Only tomorrow?" Orikasa Yuyoshi asked.

Tomoka Tomoka nodded: "There is really only one day tomorrow, I will go to the interview and visit the campus tomorrow. Because I am the type who is really at a loss when I don't know anyone around me, and the senior I introduced will happen to have something to do tomorrow. In short, please Orikasa-san. It's gone!"

"Only for tomorrow, yes." Orikasa Yuyoshi said.

Tomoka Tomoka covered her mouth in surprise: "Orikasa-san, you just said six words in one breath, it's the first time you've said so many words outside of your academic state!"

Is your focus a little too biased... Is this ability to focus on key points really suitable for being a teacher?

However, his communication skills seem to have improved under the training of Matsuda and Hagihara?

All in all, Yuyoshi Orikasa went to Tedan High School the next day as scheduled. Although at the school gate because he looked too small, he was almost stopped by the security guard as a late student who was not wearing a school uniform...

In fact, the interview was nothing, and Orikasa Yuyoshi couldn't help. When Tomose was interviewing, he casually looked around in the teaching building.

Scotland was teaching his classmates in a certain classroom, when he saw Yuyoshi Orikasa's figure out of the corner of his eye, his heart tensed. Is the organization still worried about him? Is this to send Yamazaki to monitor him?

While the students were free to practice, Zhufu Jingguang sent a message to Yuyoshi Orikasa, "Are you coming to Didan? Transfer? Or a teacher?"

If you come to Didan, you are more likely to be a teacher. But thinking of Yamazaki's underage status, it seems that the possibility of transfer students is not ruled out...

It's just that Yamazaki's current identity is that he is studying for a Ph.D. at Dongda University. If you apply for a transfer, this identity will be cancelled, and there are still many people in Tokyo that you know...

But the witch with a thousand faces in the organization seems to be very good at disguising, so if she insists on disguising, it is not impossible.

What made you make such outrageous guesses...

"No, come with a friend for an interview." Orikasa Yuyoshi replied.

"Members of the organization? What's the code name? Need help?" Wouldn't it be the liqueur bar that looked so difficult last time?

[Not a member of the organization, just a classmate from Dongdali. 】

Tomase's interview was over, she came out of the conference room: "Thank you Orikasa-san, the next step is to visit the campus, do you want to come with Orikasa-san?"

The teacher in charge of recruiting Didan also had a good attitude: "Is this Miss Tomase's boyfriend? He looks very young."

Tomoka Tomoka waved her hands in a panic: "No, it's not. It's just a classmate, and Orikasa-san is very good."

Didan's teacher was even more interested: "Is it Orikasa? Is Orikasa interested to try the work of our school teacher?"

"In the future, maybe."

In a few years, after graduating with a doctorate, it is indeed time to consider changing jobs. He needs a lot of his own time to complete the tasks of the organization. Didan's teacher should be a good choice. After all, it has been verified by the FBI agent.

And here you can get closer to Kudo Shinichi, the protagonist of the manga.

It would be even better if we could gain the trust of Kudo Shinichi.

"Huh? Orikasa-san actually has such a plan? I thought that Orikasa-san would definitely consider staying at school or something." Tomoka Tomoka said.

The bell for the end of get out of class just rang, and the originally quiet corridor suddenly became noisy. Seeing new faces without school uniforms in the corridor, curious students approached: "Are you transfer students coming to our school?"

Girls always like to be praised for their youth, Tomoka Tomoka said with a smile: "Yes, we want to transfer schools, come here in advance to see the environment of Didan."

"Then you have indeed come to the right place, our school is doing well..." Hearing the new classmates say this, the surrounding students talked about the advantages of Didan.

"No, they are not transfer students." A clear teenage voice came from the crowd.

"Shinichi, we sneaked to the high school, so keep your voice down."

"Really, I came here to see the handsome new music teacher. What are you doing here?"

Needless to say, this is Kudo Shinichi, Maurilan, and their childhood sweetheart Suzuki Sonoko, who are still in the second year of middle school.

"What are you talking about? The transfer student just admitted that they are going to transfer here."

"I see. You mean they're not transfer students yet. But they'll be transferring over soon, not less than two days away."

Some people were more careful and noticed the abnormality: "Why have I never seen you in the high school, you look like brats from the junior high school? What are you doing, this is not the place for you to come, go back to your junior high school. Bar."

Zhu Fu Jingguang also walked out of the classroom: "Is the new music teacher you're talking about me?"

Suzuki Sonoko squeezed Xiaolan's hand: "Sister is right, the new music teacher is really handsome."

Xiaolan's face was black: "Sonoko, now is not the time to talk about this, it looks like we are about to be besieged."

Suzuki Sonoko "cut-": "It's not the trouble that the megalomaniac caused himself."

Kudo Shin turned a blind eye to the surrounding doubts: "You are definitely not new transfer students. The school seems to be recruiting teachers recently. Are you here to apply for teachers?"

Zhu Fu Jingguang bent down: "How did you see it?"

"It's very simple, you can tell just by looking at their hands. A person's hands can reflect a lot of information. For example, rough skin means that the person must have to do very tiring work, and fine skin means that the family is in good condition and very good at it. Maintenance, at least you don’t need to undertake complicated manual labor.”

"If you are a student, because you have to write a lot of words, the **** of your right hand will be worn out with a thick callus. But after many years of graduation, because it has not been used for a long time, the grounded callus will gradually become thinner and less conspicuous. Neither of them have such obvious calluses on their hands, which shows that they are not high school students at all." Kudo Shinichi.

"It's also possible that some people are not naturally prone to calluses? Or are they art students who don't need to write as many words as we do?"

"Of course there are people who don't grow calluses easily, but it's too coincidental that there are two people at once. Besides, the lady's bag also has the school badge of Dongda University on her body. They are students of Dongda University, so they definitely won't be. High school student."

Tomoka Tomoka glanced at her bag: "But my bag may also be a souvenir that I bought because I wanted to go to Tokyo University."

"Of course this is possible, but my dad took me to Dongda before, and he also saw bags in souvenir shops. The boss said that there was a batch of orders that went wrong, and the styles and souvenirs decided to sell on a large scale. The styles are different, and because the number is small, it is simply distributed to the students as a welfare, and you carry the money issued to the students."

Kudo Shinichi pursed his lips: "Also, there are no calluses on the **** of your right hand. But the fingertips are covered with thin calluses, which is proof of frequent typing. For college students, there are a lot of electronic homework to write papers and need to type frequently. Bar."

Tomoka Tomoka smiled: "The previous reasoning was very correct, only there were some small mistakes in the end. We are not college students, but graduate students of Dongda University, studying computers, and the calluses on our fingertips are indeed due to frequent typing of codes. Yes. Besides, I'm the only one who came to apply for a teacher's job."

"And detective classmate, you missed a situation," said Zhu Fu Jingguang, who was standing next to Kudo Shinichi. "There are calluses on the fingertips, and it is possible that they are learning musical instruments, such as me." Zhu Fu Jingguang motioned to him. .

"Pluck-type instruments such as bass and guitar will develop thin calluses on the pulp of the fingers after long-term practice."

Kudo Shin glanced at Zhu Fu Jingguang's hand: "This teacher—"

Zhu Fu Jingguang smiled and said, "My surname is Lvchuan."

"Okay, Mr. Midorikawa, do you like to go to shooting clubs after all when you are on vacation? You have an obvious gun callus on your hand, which is proof of frequent shooting."

Zhu Fu Jingguang's smile did not change: "The detective classmate is very good. I am indeed a long-term member of a certain shooting club, but it's just a hobby."

At this time, Kudo Shinichi was far from being as mature and stable as before, and his reasoning was verified, which immediately made him happy.

The classmates around were a little disappointed after learning that the new beautiful girl was not a transfer student: "But the teacher is not bad, at least in school."

Some people were not convinced by the kid's reasoning and shouted, "If you have the skills, try to reason about the weird campus rumors that have been widely circulated in high school recently."

"What kind of weird talk?" Kudo Shin is very interested in these things. After all, he was a person who could visit the campus at night because of his curiosity when he was in elementary school.

Someone glanced at the classroom next to him and confirmed that none of the classmates in that classroom had come out before lowering his voice: "That classroom is Class D. A student committed suicide by jumping off a building two days ago. Although it is not at school, the news is also concealed. It's very tight, but everyone is saying that it was the students of Class D who were bullying the campus collectively, forcing that classmate to death."

"Hey, Zhong Gu, it's just chasing the wind. No one knows what the truth is."

Nakatani said indifferently, "In class D, it's normal to do something like that. After all, it's a class that can take away the teacher's transfer opportunity and force the teacher to stay."

He continued to talk about strange stories: "After a few days, footsteps and sighs would be heard in the basement of the school at night, and when I went to look, I couldn't find anyone.

And when it is quiet, if you listen carefully, there will be a very light sound like the sound of water droplets and the sound of a clock. They all said that the classmate who jumped off the building came back for revenge, and the sound was made by blood dripping on the ground. "

"Hey, class will be coming soon, what are you all doing around here?" A fierce-looking male teacher walked over from the corner. He seemed to have a lot of power among the students. When he came over, he was originally surrounded by The students fled in all directions.

Zhufu Jingguang explained to Kudo Shinichi: "That's Mr. Dasuke, the teacher who just mentioned lost the opportunity to transfer. Because of what happened, my temper has not been very good these days."

Kudo Shin nodded: "Mr. Midorikawa, can you say more about the weird campus talk just now?"

"Class is about to start. If you don't go back, it will be too late. If you still want to listen, you can come to my office during your lunch break."

Kudo Shinichi bowed to Zhu Fu Jingguang: "Thank you Midorikawa-sensei." Pulling Maurilan and Suzuki Sonoko and ran away.