MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.24Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.24Mar 07, 2023

Potato stew was delicious, and so was the warm milk, even better if there were no clichés in Scotland.

Well, it would be better if there were biscuits and buns.

Orikasa Yuyoshi wiped the corners of his mouth, expressed his willingness to come back to Scotland in the future, and left.

Zhufu Jingguang was lost in thought, so why did Yamazaki come here? Can't I just send an email to get in touch? Or just for a meal?

He shook his head and put the tableware and chopsticks in the dishwasher. He didn't think about it anymore, he had to go to the base on Saturday.

To be honest, Zhu Fu Jingguang didn't like the atmosphere of the black crow.

The bar is at the end of the alley, deep and dark, and it looks like a good place to kill people and throw corpses.

Walking in, under the dim light, the high-backed booths divide the entire bar into small areas.

The smell of cigarettes and alcohol fills the place, and there are occasional conversations that make people call the police.

The bartender wiped his glass: "What would you like to drink?"

The bartender is not a peripheral member, but a real core member with a code name. It is said that he was in the intelligence department in the first two years, and then he was transferred here.

In front of the intelligence officers, the slightest attention cannot be relaxed. Otherwise, they can follow the little flaws you reveal, and follow the vines to uncover the old bottom.

"A glass of Scotch whisky." Zhu Fujingguang said.

The bartender responded in a low voice, poured the wine quickly and put ice cubes on it, and the pale yellow wine swayed slightly in the wine glass, reflecting the lights.

"What's Yamazaki's explanation?" Zhu Fu Jingguang lowered his voice and asked the bartender. Because of the nature of his work, the bartender was considered half the voice of the organization members.

"No." The bartender kept a perfect smile, wiping the glass casually in his hand, "But there is someone related to Yamazaki, and Liqueur has been waiting for him for a long time."


Zhu Fu Jingguang looked in the direction pointed by the bartender, a lady with long wavy hair was sitting on the booth, with a red mole on the corner of her eye, and a slender lady's cigarette in her mouth.

There were already quite a few empty wine glasses on her table, and it looked like she had been waiting here for a long time.

Zhufu Jingguang sent a message to Orikasa Yuyoshi, "Does anyone want to see the liqueur I mean? Didn't she ask you?"

Orikasa Yuyoshi replied confidently [Underage can't drink. 】

Are you really underage?

Zhu Fu Jingguang walked over, "liqueur?"

Liqueur put down the wine glass in his hand and raised his eyelids slightly: "Who are you?"

Zhu Fu Jingguang sat opposite her: "Yamazaki asked me to come."

Liqueur leaned down, looked him up and down, and exhaled a smoke ring on Zhu Fu Jingguang's cheek: "You look pretty good, let me know, I'm liqueur, can I date you again in the future?"

The hairs on Zhu Fu Jingguang's body were almost standing up, and he avoided liqueur without a trace: "What did Yamazaki call me to come to find you?"

Liqueur took a puff of the lady's cigarette, sat back again, crossed Erlang's legs and said, "Didn't he tell you? I'm here to make an appointment with him." Afraid that Scotland wouldn't understand, she emphasized, "The date kind."

Zhu Fu Jingguang's eyes were empty, Yamazaki called him over, is this actually the case? Does he actually look like this in Yamazaki's eyes?

At this time, he was very eager to bring Hagihara over, and he was the best at dealing with such a situation.

Even though Zhu Fu Jingguang's heart was swiped by the emoji of Mao Mao's shock, his expression remained unmoved: "Scotland, my code name."

Liqueur chuckled lightly, took the wine glass in front of Zhu Fu Jingguang, and took out another classical glass.

Scotch whisky to almond liqueur in a three-to-one ratio is poured into an empty vintage glass, stirred over ice, and a cherry is garnished from one of the empty glasses. [Note 1]

She pushed the newly blended wine in front of Zhu Fu Jingguang: "The Godfather Cocktail, a very classic one, made of Scotch whisky and almond liqueur, would you like to try it?"

Zhu Fu Jingguang pushed the glass back with his expression unchanged: "I still prefer to drink pure whisky, the taste of liqueur is too sweet, I don't like it."

Liqueur looked him up and down, and said "tsk", "I thought I finally found one that suits my taste, but it turned out to be pure love."

She casually pressed the cigarette into the godfather cocktail she just prepared. "Underage innocence is cute, and innocence in her twenties is just holding it. It's boring, let's go."

Zhu Fu Jingguang just breathed a sigh of relief, but Liqueur turned back, curly hair rolled over his cheeks, she leaned over and whispered in his ear: "But if you change your mind, I'm more than willing to cooperate. "

Zhu Fu Jingguang sat in again: "I think probably not."

"Boring old man." Liqueur stepped on high heels and left.

In fact, Zhu Fu Jingguang, who is only 26 years old:…

After Liqueur left, Zhufu Jingguang sent a message to Yuyoshi Orikasa, liqueur came to find you on a date...

He thought about deleting the word date and replacing it with a more euphemism, "Is liqueur coming to see you on a date?"

【I know. But minors can't fall in love early. 】

In Japan, there is no saying that you can't fall in love early. You can get married when you are 18 years old with the consent of your guardian. You just find it troublesome.

But what is the relationship between liqueur and Yamazaki? Looking at the attitudes of liqueur and Yamazaki today, it seems that the two of them have never met. If it is not a personal relationship that connects them, then it is the task of the organization.

What will be the task?

And he had never heard of liqueur in the organization before. If she is such a character, there should be someone who is deeply impressed by her.

It's a pity that I'm not a member of the Intelligence Department, and I don't have a suitable identity to investigate liqueur's information. It would be nice if Zero was still there.

Yuyoshi Orikasa glanced at the phone, Scotland didn't reply to him, instead, liqueur sent another email, "The handsome guy here today is called Scotland, right? He's very manly, but unfortunately he's too innocent. , Innocent, I still prefer you, Yamazaki."

Orikasa Yuyoshi put liqueur on the blacklist without hesitation. She might be able to find a way to get in touch with her anyway.

Orikasa has been very busy recently. Since he has an excuse to study the security system of the Metropolitan Police Department, he can't really do nothing at all. On the school side, a paper submitted before has also entered the final review stage, so go to school It is also more diligent than before, and occasionally scans the tails left on the Internet for some members of the organization.

The two police officers on the opposite side of Orikasa's exhaustion saw it, and they haven't asked him to participate in strange activities in the past few days.

Yuyoshi Orikasa typed the last line of code, and the new protection system was written, developing a software specifically for one person or something, which Yuyoshi Orikasa had never thought about before. If it weren't for Scotland, he wouldn't have gotten into liqueur.

I suddenly felt that it was still too cheap for Scotland to face Liqueur today, but for the sake of Bread, let's forget it.

Since Matsuda and Hagihara dragged him to Dorobika some time ago, they didn't know what strange attributes had been awakened, and they often pulled the hat to some inexplicable places or participated in some strange activities.

For example, the aquarium where there will be a murder in three years, the Tokyo Tower that will be shot down by Gin with a helicopter in the future, and the ski resort where a murder has already occurred and the legend of the Snow Maiden is spread.

This is the ski resort where Shinichi Kudo and Hattori Heiji met for the first time. It's a pity that they went a day late, just passing by two high school... no, they are still junior high school detectives.

Yuyoshi Orikasa is a little regretful. I wanted to try it out and see if I could change the plot. It would be better if I could take this opportunity to update the manga again. If I missed this opportunity, I might really have to wait next time. Three years later.

In addition, Hagihara even pulled Orikasa to do volunteer work, the content of which was to play with a group of children.

The excuse they made was to give Orikasa a happy childhood. But Orikasa didn't feel happy at all surrounded by a group of children making noises.

Especially among that group of children are Yoshida Ayumi, Kojima Motota, and Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, who are not less destructive in the future.

Although Orikasa thought he had put on a cold face, the future members of the young detective team seemed to be unable to see his cold face. play football.

What kind of football can you four-year-old Xiaodouding play well? What's more, although my combat power (if Mingke has this attribute value) is similar to Kudo Shinichi, it does not mean that my football level is similar to his.

In the end, Orikasa was rescued by the appearance of the three children's parents.

Hagihara commented afterwards: "Oori Kasa really gets along very well with the children."

Orikasa Yuyoshi wanted to ask back, which eye did you see that I got along well with them? On the contrary, it's you, have a good time with a group of small beans.

The most outrageous thing is that the types of children they attract are very different. Hagihara is surrounded by a group of little girls, clamoring to marry him when they grow up, and Matsuda is surrounded by a group of young boys who want to be cool and handsome. Well, there are also some. A few girls who want to be handsome.

All in all, after getting to know the police academy, Orikasa's life is full of surprises every day.