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Chapter 2 Escape

“…” Mother? you sure?

Bai Wutong's entire face was petrified.

Isn't this really a big fool?

Bai Wutong rolled his eyes and took the opportunity to say: "When did you see those two people?"

The man blinked and thought, "When they talk."

Bai Wutong breathed a sigh of relief, he probably didn't see himself conjuring an axe, and before the anesthesia on his lower body passed, Bai Wutong planned to slip away.

As soon as he lifted his feet, Bai Wutong remembered something, took out an apple and a few biscuits from his bag and put them on the ground, with his delighted eyes saying: "You eat first, I'll go out for a walk, I'll be back soon."

The big fool picked up a biscuit and nodded obediently: "Tianbao waits for mother to come back."

"." Tianbao?

is really a majestic name!

Bai Wutong endured an inexplicable joy, picked up his backpack, and turned away from the man's sight without looking back.

Bai Wutong walked in the direction of Lao Si and Lao Li for more than half an hour, and finally saw a dirt road.

When she came out of the woods, she saw many ordinary people who brought their families and families for many days, all heading in one direction.

Most of them are yellow and thin, with sad faces, and they look like they are not full.

White Indus is dressed in gorgeous silk and satin. Even without the slightest accessories, it looks like a jade person, and it is still particularly conspicuous.

Sensing that the people around him were secretly squinting and even malicious eyes, Bai Wutong suddenly realized that what he thought was a low-key dress was actually not low-key enough.

Bai Wutong was in the crowd and asked a kind-hearted old lady: "Auntie, where are you going?"

The old lady gave her a surprise look, and asked in surprise, "Are you fleeing alone?"


Bai Wutong raised his eyebrows and quickly responded: "No, my mother and brother are waiting for me in the woods, let me find out how long it will take to get to the next city."

The old lady nodded clearly, and she just said, how could such a beautiful girl go on the road alone.

"It's still thirty miles away from Lin'an City. Walk fast and you'll be there before dark."

Bai Wutong asked quietly: "Can so many people get in?"

Even if he has not personally experienced desertion, Bai Wutong has read a lot of cruel scenes about desertion in books.

In order to prevent the refugees from entering the city and causing chaos, often they can only linger in front of the city gate, waiting for the government to serve porridge.

The old lady shook her head, "Let's take a step by step, and go back only because of starvation."

Bai Wutong spoke a few more words, and finally made up his mind.

She was in the Kingdom of Yan, not only suffering from severe famine, but also the emperor who was ruthless, cruel, and reckless. Two months ago, the king with a different surname took the opportunity to launch a war under the slogan of "doing justice for the heavens", and occupied more than a dozen cities in the Kingdom of Yan in one fell swoop. Independent Lingguo.

The people were terrified, and I heard that the people who became the Ling Kingdom could be properly settled, and they would not worry about food and drink.

The common people in the Yan Kingdom were hungry, and they had to pay heavy taxes and do military service, which forced people to have nowhere to go. In contrast, more and more people were looking for hope to defect to the Ling Kingdom.

Lin'an City was the only way for Yan Kingdom to go to Ling Kingdom.

However, even if the Yan Kingdom lost more than a dozen cities, if they wanted to start from Lin'an City and reach the current boundary of the Ling Kingdom, they would still have to pass through several cities and walk through them on their legs, which would take at least a few months.

Now that the people of Yan Kingdom have lost the hearts of the people, it will be sooner or later that the country will be destroyed. She had better go to Ling Kingdom to settle down.

The food in the RV can only be eaten for one month, and she must go to Lin'an City to supply enough food.

Bai Wutong said goodbye to the kind old lady, quickly returned to the woods, and found a hidden place to hide.

Grandma Bai Wutong is a tailor in the village. Bai Wutong inherited her good craftsmanship. She found some old clothes from the RV and quickly made them with a mini sewing machine. The clothes that look tattered are actually very comfortable and convenient to wear. superior.

She took out her makeup tool again and smeared it for a while.

After a while, a dark-skinned, dark-spotted, one-eye-blind, ugly man with brown teeth emerged from the woods by the roadside.

The men around    looked at it and glanced away in disgust.

No wonder he dares to go on the road alone, such an ugly woman, no one dares to give it to a ghost.

Bai Wutong carefully paid attention to their expressions, and found that they were all taking the initiative to stay far away from him, for fear of having a little relationship with him.

Bai Wutong was secretly delighted, and it was worth her effort to find a working white contact lens from the RV.

saves too much trouble.

Her body is so weak now that she walked for more than four hours in thirty miles.

The moment she saw the city of Lin'an, she felt that the blood blisters on her feet were all torn, and it was burning hot.

Fortunately, Lin'an City did not prevent the refugees from entering the city.

Bai Wutong wanted to exchange some money, so he found a pawnshop. The shopkeeper saw her appearance and waved to the shop assistant to drive her out.

Bai Wutong directly took out a golden hairpin and put it in front of the shopkeeper: "This is my family heirloom, I want to replace it with broken silver."

The golden hairpin of the white phoenix tree is not only finely crafted, but even embellished with rare rubies.

The    style is so novel, how can it be the heirloom of the country woman.

It must have been stolen!

The shopkeeper rolled his eyes, laughed sinisterly, and said to a few tall and majestic shop assistants: "Bold and evil woman, she dares to steal the golden hairpin of our shop, catch her up, and throw her out!"

Bai Wutong did not expect that in broad daylight, a serious pawnshop could do this kind of robbery. The moment his heart sank to the bottom of the valley, he restrained the shopkeeper with his backhand, and the sharp golden hairpin pressed against his throat.

"If you want to hack my heirloom, go to **** with me."

Those who want to rob her are not only the fourth Lao Li, but they are all dead.

Thanks to her camouflage, she slaughtered them, and she was not afraid of being found by officers and soldiers.

Bai Wutong's ruthless gaze shocked the shop assistants.

The shopkeeper forcibly stabilized his mind, narrowed his eyes and threatened: "The yamen are all my people. Even if you take the money, you can't get out of Lin'an City. If you know the situation, let go. I can also consider letting you go."

Bai Wutong didn't talk nonsense to him, the golden hairpin pierced the shopkeeper's throat with a little force.

The severe pain made the shopkeeper panic immediately, and he hurriedly said in a trembling voice: "The heroine spare your life, don't, don't stab, I'll have someone prepare money for you now."

Bai Wutong said solemnly: "I know how much money should be exchanged! If you don't play tricks, if you lose a penny, I will cut off one of your fingers."

The shopkeeper nodded in agreement, but quietly winked at the shop assistant.

Bai Wutong swept away.

The moment he lowered his eyes, the shopkeeper was trampled under her feet.

Immediately afterwards, a sharp dagger was pulled from her waist, and with a swoosh, it nailed it to the ear of the shop assistant who wanted to run out and call for help, and even cut off a strand of his hair.

The shop assistant glanced sideways and saw the sharp dagger on the back of the door. He thought that he almost died just now, his legs were soft, and a smell of urine came from his crotch.

Everyone at the pawnshop was dumbfounded.

(end of this chapter)