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Chapter 1 What a big son

Bai Wutong slowly opened his eyes, and he saw a turbid river.

swiftly, conscious.

sat up from the water and was relieved to find that there were no zombies around.

The moment    lowered his head, he saw himself in the water, and was immediately stunned.

It was her original appearance, but she was six or seven years younger.

What shocked Bai Wutong the most was that she was wearing a gorgeous dress with pearls all over her head, clearly looking like an ancient lady!

Did she travel from the end to the ancient times?

Why does she have no memory at all?

recalled hard, I felt a pain in the back of my head.

She reached out and touched a huge bag.

The    hand was taken off, and there was still blood.

She knew it, and she probably lost all her memories.

However, she was still very happy.

In this world, you don’t need to be prepared to be eaten by zombies all the time.

And she has a lot of jewelry on her body. If she sells it, she should be able to find a place to settle down temporarily.

Just as she was planning, she saw a "corpse" drifting past her eyes.

It’s been a long time since I saw the same kind. Bai Wutong’s eyes stopped, and he jumped into the water with a “thump”. He took him to the shore, pressed his chest hard, opened his mouth again, and gave him artificial respiration.

"Cough cough cough~"

The man spit out a few saliva and slowly opened his eyes.

Bai Wutong saw that he was awake, his eyes flashed with joy, and he wanted to ask him something.

The man's dark eyes blinked.

's ignorant eyes made Bai Wutong's heart flash something wrong.

I saw that the man's beautiful thin lips spit out an amazing word, and the tone of "Mother~" was very aggrieved.

"." What a big son!

Bai Wutong felt bad.

She shouldn't have saved a big fool!

Just as she was about to test it out, was this man dizzy with excitement? The man rolled his eyes and fainted again.

“…”! !

Bai Wutong's brows twitched, is this wrong to her?

looks like a person, it should not be possible.

She patted the man's cheek, "Hello? Hello? Are you awake?"

His forehead and cheeks were hot, confirming that this guy was really dizzy, Bai Wutong had to check what was wrong with him.

She ripped open his shirt and found his chest wrapped in gauze, soaked with blood.

This man was seriously injured before he fell into the water.

Bai Wutong also found that there was a blood hole in his head, which also needed urgent bandaging.

But she didn't bandage herself, how could she treat him.

If only she was in the RV, which has a first aid kit.

As soon as he finished talking, Bai Wutong felt a heavy weight in his hand, and he was stunned when he glanced down.

The first aid kit was in her hands.

This is how the same thing?

She pondered calmly for a moment, another box of cookies in her hand.

My heart jumped quickly.

Sure enough, he was not dreaming.

Her RV in the apocalypse became a personal space, and she came to this world with her. What surprised her most was that she could take out anything in the RV at will.

The RV was bought by her grandparents before the apocalypse. It has only 15 square meters of space, washing machine, refrigerator, TV, toilet, bedroom, storage room and so on.

For her own safety and security, Bai Wutong's RV contains all kinds of weapons and supplies, except for the sleeping place, which is full. But because of these things, she has saved a life from the zombie group once or twice. .

The RV followed her to this world, Bai Wutong never thought that if she hadn't saved people first, she even wanted to jump up and shout a few times.

Grandpa Bai Wutong is the barefoot doctor in the village. Bai Wutong is so troubled that he can handle basic illnesses.

After struggling to survive for several years in the apocalypse, he is even more proficient in trauma operations.

took off the gauze on his body, and the ferocious wound was immediately exposed.

After being soaked in river water for a long time, the wound has become inflamed.

She first gave him an injection of anesthesia, then gouged out the white flesh on his chest, and then stitched it up with needles and threads.

After the wounds on the man's chest and head were carefully treated by her, Bai Wutong simply bandaged the wound on the back of her head, and she immediately put the medicine box in the RV.

The body was sticky, Bai Wutong glanced at the man who was still in a coma, took off all his clothes, and quickly took a set of close-fitting underwear and a linen skirt from the RV to put on.

If someone suddenly appeared, it wouldn't be particularly strange.

She originally wanted to wash the clothes by the river, but after taking a look at the turbid river water, she completely dismissed the idea.

There is a washing machine in the RV, and I don’t know if it can be used.

Bai Wutong put the clothes into the RV washing machine with the mentality of giving it a try, and pressed the start button.

The washing machine started spinning immediately.

Bai Wutong was stunned.

is followed by ecstasy.

Then, she quickly checked other appliances.

All can be used except that it cannot be connected to the Internet.

When she first arrived in this world, she was completely surprised by the surprise brought to her by the RV space.

There is a washing machine, the clothes are washed quickly, and the laundry detergent is put, not only fragrant, but also dried.

Bai Wutong changed into her original clothes, and packed some important things and food in her backpack. After a while, she was alert to find that someone was coming towards her.

Listening to the footsteps, it was two people.

If they don't have bad intentions, they can show up righteously.

But, they didn't.

Her eyes sank, and a sharp axe appeared in her hand unknowingly.

Soon, two middle-aged men, one tall and one fat, appeared in front of Bai Wutong.

The moment they saw Bai Wutong, they showed greedy expressions.

Having lived in the last days for several years, Bai Wutong is very familiar with this kind of gaze.

The hand holding the axe tightened.

The fat man said without fear: "Old Li, you have made a fortune, this beautiful little girl, everything on her body is worth at least five hundred taels of silver."

Old Li's wretched eyes stayed on Bai Wutong's face, "Fourth, something has been robbed, let's play again, I have never played with such a tender **** before."

The fourth child's smile got worse, "Unfortunately, if I hadn't returned to Lin'an City to be arrested and sold to the Red House, at least I would have made a lot of money."

"However, before the little lady was dying, it was worth it to meet our brothers and have a good time."

Lao Li took a step forward with a smile on his face: "Little lady, as long as you are good."

Bai Wutong's face was gloomy, and when she raised her hand, two leaves shot out from behind her like shooting stars, and inserted straight into the throats of Old Li and Fourth Fourth.

Without even screaming, two men who wanted to do bad things to her just died in front of her eyes.


Bai Wutong turned around and met a pair of dark eyes.

When did he wake up?

Have you seen yourself conjure an axe out of thin air?

If you see it...Do you want to kill someone?

However, this guy's physique is also too good.

The anaesthetic can put a person in a complete coma for at least two hours, and he woke up in an hour.

looked at each other for a while, and Bai Wutong cautiously probed: "You saved me, and I saved you, so I'll take a step first?"

Hearing the word go, the man who was still like a **** just now opened his mouth and said in a pitiful tone completely different from his noble and extraordinary face: "Mother~ Don't go, don't go." He even stretched out his hand, I want to catch Bai Wutong.

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