MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine - C.429 uninvited guestMar 07, 2023

MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.429 uninvited guestMar 07, 2023

Chapter 429 Uninvited Guest

Mother Xu completely let go of her heart when she saw her husband and daughter returning home, holding Pingping with one hand and An An with the other to open the door for the two of them.

After all, she was a mother who had grown up with her children. She had just started giving birth by hand, but she quickly got used to it.

"Why so many things?" As soon as the door opened, Mother Xu was startled.

She thought that her husband would bring food back, but she never thought that she could bring so many things.

Xu Jinshan and Tang Mo's bags were full, and they were holding things in their hands.

Rice, white flour, oil, eggs and steak are the most used foods.

"There are so many things in this property center, and everyone who went there was full of beans.

"Because of living in our house safely, we have also distributed a lot of things to these two children. We can't save it from the children in the future!"

Xu Jinshan stretched out his hand to tease Ping An while taking things off his body.

"Look at what you said, Ping An An is my heart now. When will our family save food from children?"

Mother Xu gave Xu Jinshan a blank look and expressed her dissatisfaction.

As if he loves children, he doesn't like children anymore.

When did you save food from your kids…

Tang Mo remembered that he had eaten boiled vegetables with ear studs at the beginning. For a while, he didn't know whether he should feel sorry for himself who was eating the vegetables, or Xu Yin, who was the most biological daughter of the family.

Mother Xu started to count things happily.

The original freezers at home were full, the refrigerator was full, and the kitchen was full of rice, white noodles and some potato, pumpkin, vermicelli, and sausage instant noodles…

In fact, the Xu family has stored enough food, and this is not counting the milk powder for the children that was taken out before the end of the Tang Dynasty, and the food that Xu Jinshan brought back today.

Even according to the half-year time that Tang Tang told them, these things are enough, not to mention that the end of the world is only three months.

As long as there are no more accidents in the future, Tang Mo's mission in this world can be said to be very easy to pass.

But life is like this, the more you are afraid, the more something will come.

Just when the days returned to calm again, and the group began to paddle in a lively manner, there was a knock on the door of Xu's house.

At this time, every household is trapped in the house, and no one will visit another house without any spare time.

Tang Mo had set up a mental protection barrier on the door of Xu's house. When the door was knocked, Tang Mo, who was lying in bed and watching the play, found out.

She immediately put on her coat and walked out of the room.

When she walked to the door, Mother Xu, who had been playing in the living room with peace, had already opened the door.

"Mom, why did you open the door, it's so messy outside, what if it's a bad guy?"

Although Tang Mo didn't know who was outside at this moment, in Xu Yin's memory, she had never met any good people since the end of the world.

"It's not the bad guys, Xiao Yin, it's your aunt and uncle who are here."

It's over, here comes the trouble.

This was the first thought in Tang Mo's mind.

Might as well be the bad guy.

This was the second thought in Tang Mo's mind.

"It's the eldest sister and Yuanshan here."

Xu Jinshan used to play with the dying flowers he kept on the balcony. When he heard that the eldest sister and Yuanshan were coming, he quickly put down his shovel and ran out to greet him.

Xu Jinshan is a generational generation, from the countryside, and has a sister and brother at home.

My parents died early. In the second year of Xu Jinshan's university, both parents died.

Although he had already started working to earn tuition at that time, he still successfully completed his studies with the help of his eldest sister Xu Shan.

Xu Yuanshan is the old son of Xu Yin's grandparents. He is always very partial and has developed a very arrogant temperament.

The age difference between the two brothers is a bit much, and Xu Jinshan is not willing to be used to his **** younger brother like his parents, so the relationship between the two brothers is not good.

It was Xu Shan, because Xu Yuanshan was still young when her parents died, and her eldest sister was her mother, so she devoted all her time and energy to bring Xu Yuanshan up.

Although Xu Jinshan later worked, he would give most of his salary to his elder sister as living expenses for her younger brother.

But compared to the elder sister who missed the best age for Xu Yuanshan and finally never married, Xu Jinshan did not do enough for this family.

Therefore, in Xu Jinshan's heart, he has always been grateful to his sister Xu Shan, and has guilt.

"Enter the mountain!"

Seeing her brother whom she hadn't seen for a long time, Xu Shan came over excitedly and hugged her brother.

Xu Jinshan didn't go home very often. She has always lived with Xu Yuanshan and helped him to take care of the children like a nanny. It has been a long time since she met her big brother.


Xu Jinshan was also very excited when he saw his sister who he hadn't seen for a long time, but after hugging her sister, she felt that her already thin body seemed to be even more rickety, and the whole person seemed to be thin into a skeleton.

"Sister, why are you so thin!"

Xu Jinshan's eyes were red.

My sister has suffered during this time.

"Jingyi, hurry up to cook and cook more rice."

Xu's mother's name was Zhou Jingyi, she hurriedly followed Xu Jinshan's order and walked into the kitchen.

She has been married to Xu Jinshan for so many years, how could she not know her husband's family situation.

Although she sometimes has some opinions on Xu Jinshan's practices, Zhou Jingyi still respects this elder sister who supports the whole family with one hand.

"Sister-in-law, let me help you."

No one noticed. Behind Xu Shan stood a family, Xu Yuanshan, his daughter-in-law Tan Jing, and his eighteen-year-old daughter Xu Ru.

Although the two brothers Xu Yuanshan and Xu Jinshan are very different in age, they are 12 years apart, but Xu Yuanshan's child was born early, so Xu Yin is only six years older than Xu Ru.

The one who just spoke was Xu Yuanshan's wife, Tan Jing. She pulled her husband and daughter to squeeze through the door and didn't even change her shoes, she wanted to go straight to the kitchen.

Why did she want to help, but she just wanted to go to the kitchen of this uncle's house to check the food storage.

Xu Yuanshan's family of three looks much better than Xu Shan's.

Actually yes, don’t look at it as a rural area, but the stock of rural households is much richer than that of urban households.

is just the life that Xu Shan has sacrificed for her whole life. She is reluctant to eat and drink, and would rather let her brother and Xu Ru, who she brought up, eat, so she ends up looking like she is about to starve to death.

It was not until the first two days that Xu Yuanshan's family's food was completely eaten.

The family is hungry and lazy, and they have never eaten hard, so they can't bear the hunger, so they thought of a way to find the big brother in the city.

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