The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master

The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master


Memories surged like a tide into her head after she was reincarnated, and she found out who she was A complete pushover. Her name was Beiting Huang, a direct descendant and third-generation descendant of the Beiting Dynasty. Her fearsome reputation stretched across all nations on the continent. She was a girl, but she was disguised as a boy for some reason. Everyone was also after her wrist to hack it off and take the bracelet she wore, which was actually a high-level spiritual item that concealed her gender.Everyone included her own brothers. Her brothers were fighting and killing each other, tearing the dynasty apart in the process and she happened to be caught in the crossfire.Mercy? Did the old Beiting Huang not beg before she died? Did they spare her when she did? An emotion that was not hers stirred within her body, and Beiting Huang knew it was the old Beiting Huang's grief.In her mind, she assured her: Don't worry. Since I've reincarnated in your body, I shall avenge you. Your death will not be senseless! After those words, the old Beiting Huang's emotions faded.Now, there was only one Beiting Huang. She was the underworld's king, a mercenary lord who slaughtered and plundered with the world at her feet. Reincarnated into the fearsome Beiting family as its useless' ninth son, the world's riches were once again in her grasp. She cultivated impossible abilities, contracted with magical beasts, and possessed a mystical dimension. She also trampled over gods and demons as and when she liked. Cold and handsome, her very presence was proud and magnificent, causing the world to fight for her affection.

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