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He should not invest too much in front of this person. After all, he has to be cautious here.

He didn't want to say more, and Na Musheng didn't ask much, and then spoke to him again.

"We have a large hunting event, I don't know if you are willing to participate."

The reason why he came here was because of Chen Changsheng's strength. Most importantly, he wanted the monster's inner core to be useful to Chen Changsheng.

After hearing the words, Chen Changsheng was slightly taken aback, but soon he nodded 5.0.

All he needs now is experience. He is still in danger when he is alone. With so many people helping him, he will not be afraid.

"If that's the case, then see you tomorrow. I have arranged your residence."

After he finished speaking, he directly gestured towards Chen Changsheng.

Seeing his respectful appearance, Chen Changsheng smiled awkwardly, and then walked towards the village.

Chapter 1014 At the moment he pulled out the Holy Soul Sword, dozens of figures attacked forward.

As soon as he approached, the wood spirit walked over quickly. She was still curious about Chen Changsheng several times. After all, she had never seen an outsider for so many years.

Seeing his curious gaze, Chen Changsheng smiled faintly, and took out an amethyst stone from the ring and handed it over.

Noticing what he handed over, a trace of doubt flashed in Mu Ling's eyes.

But before he could open his mouth, Chen Changsheng said with a faint smile, "This is for you."

She was quite puzzled about Chen Changsheng's identity, so he was also very curious about what he handed over.

But Chen 18 Changsheng did not expect that when Mu Ling took the thing in his hand, the aura in the amethyst stone was completely absorbed, and after a while, it turned into an ordinary stone.

Seeing this scene, Chen Changsheng was also stunned. He found that this little girl didn't stimulate any cultivation in her body at all, how could she absorb this thing.

"How did this change color?"

There was a hint of shock in Mu Ling's eyes, but more of a loss.

After hearing the words, Chen Changsheng didn't know what to say. After thinking for a while, he directly sent the applicator ring he had obtained earlier.

"There was something wrong with that thing just now. This thing is given to you and can be used to hold things."

He was indeed a little afraid of the strength shown by the people here, and he didn't see how the other party absorbed it.

After some conversation, Chen Changsheng left here. Now he has to study the Holy Soul Sword carefully, his strength can't function. Without the Holy Soul Sword, he is an ant to be butchered by others.

The next morning, Chen Changsheng, who was still asleep, heard rapid footsteps.

Hearing the sound, he didn't hesitate at all, and immediately sat up from the bed.

Seeing Mu Sheng walking in, Chen Changsheng was stunned for a moment, but before he could speak, Mu Sheng said with a faint smile, "Since you are awake, let's go."

After hearing the words, Chen Changsheng was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly sat up from the bed. He remembered that there was a large-scale hunting activity with them today.

After a while, Chen Changsheng followed a group of strong men all over the place, and when he reappeared, he was already in the depths of the forest.

As soon as he approached, Chen Changsheng sensed something was wrong, and there was a dangerous aura around him.

At this time, not only did he sense something was wrong, but even Mu Sheng's expression became a little dignified.

But the few of them did not have the idea of ​​giving up, but went deeper again. As they walked forward, those people had a few more big knives in their hands.

Without any hesitation, Chen Changsheng also drew out the Holy Soul Sword.

But just as he pulled out the Holy Soul Sword, dozens of figures rushed forward.

Seeing the figures of these monsters, he was stunned for a moment, and then slashed directly with his sword.

But he didn't expect that the attack he showed here at 543 was insignificant at all. In an instant, the sword light was shattered, and his body appeared a hundred feet away.

As soon as he stopped, there were two more scars on his body, and his face was pale.

But this time, before he could do anything, that Mu Sheng had already attacked forward, and beams of sword light flashed out, and the few monsters were instantly shaken back.

The moment he made his move, the people following him rushed forward, and their strength was able to completely crush these monsters.

One after another knife light flashed, and those monsters also fell here, and after a while, a layer of blood mist was set off around.

Chapter 1015 This is not the place you should come, hurry back, you don't know what we are doing

Seeing that the monsters around him had been dealt with, Chen Changsheng's eyes flashed with shock. The strength of these people had completely refreshed his understanding.

Just when he was in a daze, Na Musheng had already walked in front of him.

"It's okay, those monsters were unexpected, and we never thought about it."

After hearing the words, Chen Changsheng shook his head lightly and stood up directly from the ground.

Seeing that those few people had already taken action, his expression condensed slightly, and a cold light flashed directly through the Holy Soul Sword in his hand.

Before, he felt that he had made some breakthroughs, but now he found that his strength was not worth mentioning at all.

After some thought, he followed the pace. Along the way, the monsters they encountered were quite capable.

But even so, several of them had scars on their bodies, but Chen Changsheng found that these guys became more and more brave the more they fought.

Even if they were injured, the war epidemic in their eyes did not dissipate at all, but became stronger and stronger.

He is also a little distressed now, and finds that his strength can't keep up. In front of these people, he doesn't even have a chance to make a shot.

Just when he hesitated, Mu Sheng, who was on the side, handed over several monster beast inner pills directly.

"You don't need this, it's useless to us"'.

Seeing what he handed over, Chen Changsheng was slightly taken aback, but he did not refuse.

Although his cultivation base can't function, it is still possible to absorb the power in these inner cores.

After a fierce battle, the sky had gradually dimmed, but Chen Changsheng found that these guys had no intention of going back.

Just when the few of them were still staring at the surroundings with solemn expressions, suddenly, a figure flashed from the distance.

Noticing that voice, Chen Changsheng's expression sank, and he directly pulled out the Holy Soul Sword.

But before he could make a move, Na Musheng flashed past, and in an instant, he took someone back here.

Seeing the two people appearing in front of him, Chen Changsheng was stunned to explain, he didn't expect the girl Mu Ling to follow.

But I can't say much about it myself, after all, this matter is not under my control.

At this time, Mu Sheng's face was very dark, and he could not wait to eat the girl in front of him.

"I told you before, why don't you come, why don't you listen."

After hearing the words, Mu Ling pouted, and then said with a look of grievance: "You all came out, and I also want to come and see."

"This is not the place you should come, hurry back, you don't know what we are going to do."

Just as I was insisting on it, one of them pulled him gently.

"." Since this little girl has already come, let her stay, it is dangerous to go back alone now. "

After hearing the words, that Mu Ling nodded hurriedly, and he didn't plan to go back at all.

Seeing his excited look, Mu Sheng sighed helplessly, and then said solemnly: "You can follow, but you are not allowed to run around, otherwise..."

He didn't finish his words, but punched the boulder in the distance.

How is Li?) Boom!"

After a loud noise, the boulder in the distance was directly shattered.

Seeing this scene, Chen Changsheng's eyelids couldn't help but jump, this guy's strength is indeed a bit terrifying, he just didn't see how to use it.

Although he was shocked in his heart, he couldn't show it, after all, he still had to pretend to be disturbed here.

Just when everyone was still talking, the voice of the giant python came out directly.

"I advise you to be careful.".

Chapter 1016 Makes you laugh, the purpose of our visit this time is this Jiaolong.

After hearing the words, Chen Changsheng was stunned for a moment, but his expression soon became solemn.

At this moment, he felt the danger around him, and there were still several monsters moving back and forth.

Noticing the figures of these monsters, the Holy Soul Sword in his hand flashed a cold light.

But before he could make a move, that Mu Sheng had already swooped away, and a flash of sword light flashed, just a few blood energy.

Seeing this scene, Chen Changsheng was also stunned. He didn't expect this guy's strength to be so strong.

But now is not the time to think about these, because the dangers around them are not the only ones.

Just when the wood spirit was about to rush forward, he pulled it back.

"Just give me a good stay here."

Although the woman's 543 strength was very strong, he still did not dare to take the risk. When the voice fell, he directly raised his sword and walked away.


A streak of blood spilled out, and he was directly shaken back to his place, and two other monsters appeared in front of him.

Although there were a few more scars on his body, it was insignificant to him, and the figure turned and rushed forward again.


After a loud noise, the two monsters in front of them were directly shaken back, and at this moment, the Holy Soul Sword directly passed through the body of a monster.


The monster that was passed through let out an angry howl, and after struggling for a while, it fell weakly to the ground.

He was not Chen Changsheng's opponent, after all, the Holy Soul Sword could target his soul.

After finishing one, Chen Changsheng didn't dare to hesitate, and backhandedly pointed the Holy Soul Sword at the other.

He opened the bow and did not turn back the arrow, even if he stopped now, this monster would never end his life well.


The blood spilled out one after another, and the monster fell directly to the ground.

On the other side, Mu Sheng and several others also retreated at this moment, and in front of them were the corpses of four or five monsters.

Seeing the corpse of the monster in front of him, Chen Changsheng couldn't help being a little shocked, but he didn't write that expression on his face.

But he found that although he had killed so many monsters, the wooden man didn't care, as if he was looking for something in this dark night. (bifa)

Just as he was about to speak, Mu Sheng suddenly sneered and galloped forward.

When the other people saw this, they also followed. Seeing that they had already acted, Chen Changsheng was also stunned, without any hesitation, he followed closely.

He doesn't know what these guys are going to do, but he is right to follow after all, he can't spend too much time here.

After a while, they stopped, but at this moment Chen Changsheng was very uneasy, it was more dangerous here than he was outside.

Noticing the expression on his face, Mu Sheng smiled faintly.

"Let you laugh, the purpose of our visit this time is this Jiaolong."

While speaking, he directly aimed his gaze at a lake in front of him. After hearing the words, Chen Changsheng was also stunned. He didn't feel Jiaolong at all, but he felt danger here.

Just when he hesitated, the voice of the guy in his body came out.

"There is a custom here, they need to use Jiaolong's inner alchemy to enshrine something."

As soon as these words came out, the trace of doubt in Chen Changsheng's eyes became more solemn, but he still didn't open his mouth, this matter did not belong to him, and he was just here to watch.