MTL - Rich Devil - C.614 ,season finalea year ago

MTL - Rich Devil

C.614 ,season finalea year ago

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The space battleship slowly drove towards the IC-1011 galaxy.

throughout the process.

When Hu Yanshuo was four million light years away from the IC-1011 galaxy, he discovered a planet. He was so playful that he directly transformed the entire planet.

This time the makeover didn't cost much.

The main thing is to carry out virtual technology transformation. With the 10G network, players can immerse themselves in the planet with consciousness. Coupled with simulation, it can fully support one trillion people online at the same time.

As the first batch of players, Hu Yanshuo had a great time playing the game, and half a month passed in a hurry.

In addition to this, an interstellar fortress was also established.

As long as the power of the earth can carry out interstellar voyages, this place can also guard the entire galaxy.

In the end, even at the same speed as a snail crawling, the space battleship still reached the earth, disappeared directly into the earth, and fell to the sky of the sea kingdom, and then accompanied by a brilliance, the group of people who went to the interstellar travel reappeared. They After the figure appeared, it immediately caused a global uproar...

To actually complete an interstellar journey is really enviable.


Satellites of various countries have also photographed what seems to be a space battleship, and it seems that many places are damaged.

It was as if there was a war.


They started to hold meetings one after another, and secretly discussed...

As soon as the spaceship above his head was invisible, Hu Yanshuo was bombarded with news from artificial intelligence. The most mentioned was about the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the kingdom. When Hu Yanshuo was crowned king by himself, the number of applications from many countries to attend the ceremony reached an extremely terrifying number. Numbers, according to his ideas, it is obviously not feasible to allow only a few countries' bigwigs.

"You can watch it through live broadcast, but the number of people who come to watch the ceremony is still limited!"

Hu Yanshuo thought without hesitation.

"If you are worried about safety, please rest assured that the person who assassinated you has been dealt with, including a plan against you, and the HG level has cleaned up these offenders, and HG has asked for a few more places to watch the ceremony. , the United States also warned the Rothschild family, and even followed the trend of you to speculate on the land and made a fortune. In order to be able to enter the United States, the former head of the country, President Waka, who was behind the land speculation of the island country, was not there. And, they dropped your unreasonable claim of being in and out of the U.S., and they asked for more spectators!"

Hu Yanshuo was stunned for a moment, he didn't expect Zhang Yifan to be dealt with, and he still hadn't figured out how to get revenge back!

Thinking about it, his status is different now. Many things do not need to be done by himself. Moreover, he is not the size of an ordinary citizen. When encountering such a person who violates social harmony, it will be a national reputation to deal with it as soon as possible. The best way to handle it.


It is undeniable that these people were originally the excuses he intended to use to streamline the audiences of various countries.

Now that the countries have solved these matters, and then asked him to increase the number of spectators, Hu Yanshuo felt a little embarrassed.

He probably understands that these people are likely to be mixed with various agents, but Hu Yanshuo doesn't care about agents at all. What he is worried about is that after these agents are discovered, they will cause disputes if they are dealt with by himself. .

Just how to get these countries to give up on such an unrealistic idea?

It can not only avoid dealing with the agents by themselves, but also avoid the unreasonable sacrifice of those agents.

Simply, stop thinking about these headaches.

Hu Yanshuo began to make arrangements for the sea kingdom. After a while, the satellite detected the sea kingdom, and an energy shroud appeared, covering the entire sea kingdom. Using the energy probe, you can see that the entire sea kingdom is like being surrounded by one. Layer of egg shell wrapped.

According to the energy assessment, even in the face of tsunamis, typhoons, and earthquakes, the sea kingdom can stand still.

Yet another coveted technology.

Originally, there was no way for various countries to go to the sea kingdom, even if Hu Yanshuo went to interstellar travel, but a group of people still blocked the passage into the kingdom according to Hu Yanshuo's decision.

Now come up with such a technology, completely put an end to the possibility of secret agents infiltrating.

Completely lost hope of entering the sea kingdom.


Just when everyone was discouraged, one person broke the situation and gave all countries a glimmer of hope.

Learned that Kamim was able to enter the sea kingdom.

Moreover, he also brought a woman there. Although the woman seemed to be sent out again, Kamim asked her to go home to clean up, and bring her family to prepare to live in the sea kingdom.

This news spread quickly, causing people in all countries to be stunned for a while.

Immediately afterwards, I remembered what the big man who commented on Hu Yanshuo said, Hu Yanshuo seems to have nothing to criticize except his private life.

The big guy in the world has an inexplicable thought, is this his weakness?

Soon, when the Sea Kingdom was about to hold a state banquet chef qualification, a lot of people who knew and did not know came to visit Hu Yanshuo with gifts, and then, the style of painting changed.

The Sea Kingdom has accepted many beautiful women, no matter whether they are reporters, secret agents or others, almost as long as they are good-looking, they are given gifts by famous people from all over the world. There are almost no people in the Sea Kingdom who dare not accept them, even Aiwa's country directly gave to Hu Yanshuo a few U.K.Lan special agents, and they were also accepted...

Except for some women who said they were not eligible and were turned away.

Just as everyone was pondering the reason, Hu Yanshuo attended the state banquet chef qualification competition.

Happy to be the referee in person!

Food Building.

As a place to hold competitions, it will also serve as a place for state banquets.

To watch the ceremony, you only need to go to the gate of the palace to watch Hu Yanshuo crown himself with the crown. After that, you will arrive at the food building for a state banquet.

Even if the state banquet has not yet started, the artificial intelligence has already arranged the venue properly.

The location of the arrangement is very solemn, beautiful, and generous. There are no lanterns, and there are too many decorations. The flag of the kingdom of the sea has also been determined, which is the pattern of an earth on the sea, which is exquisite. In addition, it is the flags of the countries that come to watch the ceremony. The patterns and marks of the flags have been carefully identified and proofread to prevent hanging upside down or wrong. The flags must be hung upright, and the interval and height must be consistent.

The flags of the kingdoms of the sea hang on the left, and the flags of the countries hang on the right.

Even the placement of the dining table and workbench is very particular. It is said that artificial intelligence has determined every subtle link after conducting many simulations based on existing data.

Cooking is also not an easy task.

Especially on occasions such as state banquets, which involve cultures, religions, and beliefs of various countries, and taboos on food and drink also need to be paid attention to. Therefore, the chefs who are invited to participate in the production of state banquets will prepare the dishes at the state banquet. Taking into account ethnic groups, regional characteristics, dietary customs, hobbies, banquet forms and many other issues, not only to show superb cooking skills, but also to have a wealth of dietary knowledge, understand the customs, food customs and customs of various countries, and the living habits of the spectators. and taboos, taste preferences, age, physical condition; taking into account factors such as season, climate, food raw materials, nutrition, etc.

I don't know where the artificial intelligence got the selection rules. The national flag and logo of the visiting country cannot appear in the dishes;

No chicken feet, internal organs and other ingredients; no taboo food that violates the religious beliefs of the visiting country. For example, Indians regard cows as sacred, and steaks cannot appear on the dining table; British people regard goats and peacocks as ominous things, and eat eagles. These two animals can't be in the look; the French don't like chrysanthemums and so on.

Whenever there is a taboo, you will lose your qualifications as a state banquet chef.

Under such circumstances, Hu Yanshuo looked at the dishes that were placed on the plate. He ate with chopsticks in one hand, and used the appraisal technique in the other to appraise these only required grades.

It doesn't matter if the score is low, as long as it suits your appetite, you can add a few more points.

It's entirely up to your own taste preferences.

In addition, after a while, a high-value cook was sent, and Hu Yanshuo directly raised the level to LV.8.

The upgrade of the level has also undergone great changes.

As for the attribute alone, I thought it had reached 100 points, which was already the limit of the attribute value.

Unexpectedly, capsules for improving attribute values ​​appeared in the Krypton Gold Mall. Hu Yanshuo increased all attributes by 5 points again, and every attribute has undergone earth-shaking changes.

The effects are different.

When the value of the face reaches 105 points, a new special effect is activated: The Immortal Comes to the World.

(Exiled immortals come to the world: Banished immortals are in the mortal world, beautiful women are as beautiful as jade, and the son is unparalleled in the world.)

When the strength reaches 105 points, a new special effect is activated: Shan Li Shi.

(Moving Mountain Lux: The power is infinite, moving mountains and reclaiming the sea.)

When the stamina reaches 105 points, a new special effect is activated: the body of the sea god.

(The body of the sea god: the sea is boundless, the **** of the sea king.)

When the speed reaches 105 points, a new special effect is activated: Thor's Foot.

(Thor's Foot: Thunder step by step, carry the wind with thunder.)

When the memory reaches 105 points, a new special effect is activated: the male pet of the goddess of wisdom.

(The male pet of the goddess of wisdom: the entrance of the goddess of wisdom. The guest.)

Forget about the rest, what is the male pet of the goddess of wisdom?!

at the same time.

Various ingredients appeared in the krypton gold mall.

Moreover, these ingredients are the best parts and varieties for direct realization. For example, rapeseed is three and a half inches high, with thick green leaves and flesh. For example, to make "Goji berry stewed beef, you need to use underage veal cattle, choose the pork belly, remove the meat other than the ribs, use only the rib meat, change it into squares of the same size, and add large pieces of adult beef rump and beef bones. Put in the large wolfberry seeds produced by GS, and simmer slowly over low heat. After stewing, pick out the adult beef and beef bones. The soup of "Goji berry stewed beef" is clear and mellow, the beef is crispy, and the taste is soft and smooth.

Such as abalone, clear bone, bamboo sun, Hericium erinaceus, as well as prawns, fresh scallops, salmon, shad, dragon and so on. Not only should the selection be extensive, but also the origin, season, texture and size of the raw materials should be strictly screened. In terms of origin, DL's abalone, SD's prawns, Jiaji fish, Z. Home. Kou. Sheep, FJ's lobster , Zhenjiang shad, Le. Ling's golden jujube and so on. In terms of seasons, shad must be mandarin fish caught before and after the Dragon Boat Festival. If you want to catch peach blossoms when they are in full bloom, even radishes need to be harvested after frost...

When the dishes are made and served, they are all very fine, stewing, roasting, boiling, steaming, frying, slipping, stewing, popping, and grilling.

It was placed on a very delicate tableware.

Each chef has four or five kinds of cold dishes, usually vegetarian dishes, meat dishes, duck feet, sauce beef, vegetarian ham and so on.

Before serving hot dishes, first serve soup, then meat dishes and vegetarian dishes. The first dish is often the most expensive. Hot dishes are generally three meat dishes and one vegetarian dish, and the dishes are pushed out from the kitchen by carts.

Hu Yanshuo can't care too much. Among these dishes, there are many dishes that he has seen, eaten, have not eaten, and only heard of. Naturally, they are good to eat, such as osmanthus duck, oil chicken, peach kernel mushroom , Shrimp and winter bamboo shoots, Cucumber dragon with oil, five-spice smoked fish, Zhenjiang dishes, steamed chicken with straw mushroom, fresh mushroom cabbage, braised carp, stewed lion head, braised lion head, clear soup Baiyan, braised shark fin, simmered lentils with mushrooms, Fried chicken drumsticks, squirrel mandarin fish, crispy duck with lotus paste, winter melon hat, hibiscus bamboo fungus soup, three silk shark fins, prawns for two, straw mushroom cover vegetables, coconut steamed chicken, crystal shrimp jelly, pineapple roast duck, Buddha jumps over the wall, dragon whiskers Four vegetarian dishes, steamed mandarin fish, longan and almond tea, stir-fried water bamboo and white asparagus, roasted red star grouper, kung pao chicken, fresh vegetables in soup, boiled eastern star spot, whole dog feast, baia, tortia, barbecue Skewers, roasted whole lamb, roasted camel...

There are many foods that Hu Yanshuo originally planned to try, but did not have the opportunity to taste.

Now you can enjoy it as long as you sit on the jury's seat. You can't be too happy, and your eyes are almost glowing, and you are constantly scoring according to appraisal techniques and personal tastes.


The entrance to the food is a refreshing feeling!

Time soon entered the day of the coronation ceremony.

All the spectators came and watched the scene of Hu Yanshuo crowning himself with the crown.


The bigwigs from various countries who arrived at the Sea Kingdom were shocked by the facilities of the Sea Kingdom, including some people who were allowed to come here for live broadcast and broadcast work.

A modern city full of futuristic technology, all kinds of technology are top-notch in the world.

Immediately after.

Everyone was arranged to get on a three-seater vehicle, and was arranged to be sent to the food building, the state banquet location.

When the car slowly floated in the air, the eyes and pupils of all the country's bigwigs shrank slightly. I didn't expect the technological level of the sea kingdom to reach such a level.

A series of automated technologies have once again made the eyes of bigwigs from all over the world light up.

After the state banquet.

A group of people began to drink tea and learn about the technology that Hu Yanshuo was going to bring out.

When I learned that Hu Yanshuo's gift was a sea, land and air amphibious vehicle in each country, my eyes lit up, and I also learned that these are limited editions and not for sale.

The factory in the car building will only sell amphibious cars.

Then the value is even higher!


Hu Yanshuo intends to increase the speed of the global network to the 10G era. The news directly shocked everyone, followed by silence.

In fact, Hu Yanshuo did not hide this news, but everyone thought it was unlikely.

But Hu Yanshuo just did this, so we will face a problem, should we increase the domestic network speed to 10G?

America: "I agree!"

After finishing speaking, the president of this country also said: "I have another suggestion. I hope that the Sea Kingdom can join the United Nations Conference and be included in a seat."

Shaking his head, Hu Yanshuo said, "I'm not interested."

It's obvious that he doesn't look down on the United Nations Conference. He doesn't care about any seats. Because the United Nations Conference has joined the conference, he will only pay him unanimously. This is the way the United States has always done. How could he agree, not to mention that there is nothing that can help him in the joint meeting, even if there is, he doesn't care.

After hearing Hu Yanshuo's words, America continued to sow discord.

"Then how about merging the United Conference into the Sea Kingdom? With the strength of the Sea Kingdom, you can fully control the United Conference Conference, you don't have to worry, no one will refuse..."

In some words, the intention is to let the kingdom of the sea unify the earth. However, this kind of behavior naturally has no sincerity, and the purpose is obvious. Other countries will not agree to the meeting.

To disgust people.

It has to be said that such a method makes Hu Yanshuo disgusting.

It's just that Hu Yanshuo didn't show it, and he still widely advertised the legal, fixed, currency, and currency implemented by the Kingdom of the Sea. If you do not join the currency system of other countries, it is subject to the international gold price, and the ratio is 1:1.

The United States continues to threaten that if it does not join the European-American monetary system, credit points will not be recognized unless the Sea Kingdom joins the United Conference.

Hu Yanshuo didn't care about the threat at all, on the contrary, it was HG's side that said where the Sea Kingdom.

All of a sudden let America sit on the wax.

They thought that HG would be the first to oppose it, and that's why they offered this condition. They also coerced them with the righteousness of earth unity, mainly because they were worried about Hu Yanshuo's two-way foil, which was more terrifying than 'nuclear level'.

Even if Hu Yanshuo promised again and again, he would never be the first to use two-way foil.

Now that HG has accepted the opinion, America realizes that she is hasty.

Hu Yanshuo simply let the artificial intelligence calculate and gave himself a feasible plan, and then, according to the plan proposed by the artificial intelligence, he directly opened his mouth to follow the feasible plan of the calculation, and told a big lie: "I will not join, I will create it. One earth, the earth, the sea, the upper. The Speaker does not have a veto power either..."

Hearing Hu Yanshuo's words, the eyes of many national leaders flickered.

America pretended to be nonchalant and asked, "Unanimously to the outside world, to what outside, do you mean the outer sky?"

"Yes... No, you don't need to know, I just need to know your decision, who is in favor and who is against!" Hu Yanshuo continued, "I will use artificial intelligence to plan the earth's civilization and improve the earth's civilization as soon as possible. To level 1 civilization, all laws are planned according to the territory, and the violation of the law will be judged by artificial intelligence!"

"Actually, you don't need to worry about anything. For the rights of the earth, I think less than you..."

Hearing Hu Yanshuo's words, the bigwigs from various countries looked at each other in dismay.


I couldn't help but want to discuss the plan in detail. Unfortunately, Hu Yanshuo didn't want to discuss too much at all, so he asked them to discuss with the artificial intelligence and began to vote on the plan of the earth.

In this way, the earth has entered a unified federation.

face such a result.

There was an uproar all over the world, and more people expressed their confusion. They did not expect such a hasty unification.


All countries in the world have begun to implement it in full swing, and no one person or force has faced or blocked the pace of this earth.

What was even more unexpected was that when the earth entered the era of unification, the key person, the king of the earth, the earth, the sea, and the federation, began to study technology behind closed doors.

Although there are some unrepentant elements, they secretly expose the identities of gift-giving countries.

However, in the face of such news, Hu Yanshuo, who was behind closed doors, still walked calmly behind those beautiful reporters, beautiful agents, and beautiful police officers, not only verbally, but also with actions, expounding In a word, so what, I am not going deep behind the enemy to spy on the military situation...

There was no news for a long time, and a large number of unrepentant forces were not even punished.

Next, on Earth, a lot of changes took place.

The first to bear the brunt is that, like bamboo shoots after a rain, countless incredible black technologies continue to emerge.

In the first year, the 10G network technology was researched, and the global network technology was directly raised to the 10G era. Along with it, more technology products came out one after another!

The 10G network era has been laid, and along with it, the material and spirit of society have been greatly enriched.

The law is taken over by artificial intelligence, a fair and just achievement!

The rule of law on the earth has entered an inexorable stage!

In the second year, the fog and haze purifier and air purifier were developed!

In the third year, a waste incinerator was developed!

In the fourth year, large-scale virtual technology, virtual shopping street, virtual clothing software development...

In the fifth year, the planetary minerals near the earth are highly developed, and the location of earthquakes can be predicted 100 years later, and then in-depth research on seismic energy harvesting technology is carried out.

In the sixth year, began to develop space warships...

In the seventh year, he developed an oral nutritional solution, which has the effects of losing weight, self-cultivation, enhancing physical fitness and prolonging life.

In the tenth year, he completely controlled all the volcanoes on the earth, conquered the violent volcanoes, collected the volcanic energy and turned it into a global heating device, heating the world in cold seasons.

Fifteenth year, began research on harvesting energy from storms…

In the 20th year, we began to successfully turn seawater into energy…

In the 30th year, control the weather changes of the earth, decipher natural disasters, and turn natural disasters into energy...

In the 50th year, the anti-gravity device technology of space warships was successfully researched, and five years later, the technology was completely mature.

In the 60th year, human beings on Earth announced that they had entered the era of first-level civilization.

In the sixty-first year, the human beings on Earth announced that they would march to the stars, with the goal of conquering the sea of ​​stars.

Lazily sat on the luxurious throne, which symbolized the earth, the earth, the highest, the highest, the authority.

Hu Yanshuo listened to the artificial intelligence broadcast, the representative of the earth, the earth, the sea.

Looking at the high-spirited demeanor, the ability to make people's blood boiled.

Nodding, Hu Yanshuo had a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. On his handsome face, there was a little more anticipation, looking forward to the space battleship of the Earth, the Federation and the Federation flying out of the earth and going to the universe. When he was able to find him A hoax laid out decades ago.

Or, discover the big lie he told back then.

Or, I found out that he seems to have been behind closed doors all these years, researching technology, but in fact he often went to the depths of the universe, and the planet he had successfully transformed went on vacation.

There are too many, the mischievous behavior at the beginning, I want to wait for the current earth, the earth, the sea, the upper, the federation, and the federation to discover.

Years, this so-called ruthless thing, seems to be unable to leave anything on Hu Yanshuo's body, his handsome face, like a god-like face, has talked to the world from time to time about the helplessness of the years to him!

The open chest, the perfect silhouette, the perfect figure that cannot be described in words.

No one can guess his real age by looking at it.

Ever since he discovered LV.8's kryptonite mall, not only all kinds of ingredients but also interstellar portals appeared, Hu Yanshuo knew that he couldn't rest, and his eyes were on the higher kryptonite mall.

In the decades of development of the earth, most of them have his shadow and impetus.

After owning him.

There is very little chaos on the whole earth, and even the friction between countries has been solved on the bright side.

In fact.

Hu Yanshuo has seldom appeared for a long time, and everything has been left to the artificial intelligence to manage, even if it shows a humanized side, however, people from all over the world think that Hu Yanshuo is in control, and the artificial intelligence is also step by step. All the trifles of the whole earth.

Every day, I am doing a lot of calculations, and there is almost no thought of exhaustion and rest.

Decades as a day.

Not even a betrayal, then, to get up!

Even in the first year, in the era of 10G network deployment, Hu Yanshuo only came forward once, and the rest was handed over to artificial intelligence to adjudicate, it even did better than humans, on many issues involving laws and human feelings , can objectively adopt the way of amnesty to solve.

And, still give the world a fair and just recognition.

The technology prepared by Hu Yanshuo, along with the decision of artificial intelligence, continues to be popularized to human beings all over the world.

Whether it is fog and haze purifiers, air purifiers, and waste incinerators, these technologies are what it suggested to Hu Yanshuo to release, the purpose is to improve the quality of life on the entire earth.

It can be said that human beings on the whole earth are full of gratitude for artificial intelligence.

Virtual technology is to put boring people into a planet that is suitable for virtual technology to develop games, so that everyone can play games and learn in it. In addition, large-scale virtual technology can be used at home to visit various countries in the world and Corner, you can enjoy the fun of shopping in other countries.

Virtual clothing software not only allows humans to match at home at will, but also allows talented people to have a platform to express their creativity.

This is a win-win situation between creators and the platform, which further promotes friendly exchanges between consumers and creative providers.

In the process, civilization has also been improved a lot.

In addition to clothing design, as well as the design of various industries, the world has an opportunity to catch up with the world.

The real technology about the first-level civilization only appeared in the fifth year.

Afterwards, in order to cope with those rich people who think about longevity all day, Hu Yanshuo gave a technology of oral nutrition solution, and soon various nutrition solutions for weight loss and self-cultivation appeared in the world, relying on this, even if it does not require much exercise , will not be obese, but also able to cultivate fitness, and ultimately achieve the effect of prolonging life.

Although the life expectancy is only extended by less than ten years, it still makes countless rich people crazy.


At the earliest time, Hu Yanshuo's idea was to research a nutritional solution that could enhance the appearance, lose weight and beautify, and delay aging, but he did not expect that the technology was not sold for the time being.

Just an oral nutritional solution that prolongs life a little bit.

This is more embarrassing.

Rao is so.

It took several years to popularize this technology.

The local, the ball, the sea, the upper, the federation, and the federation have thoroughly grasped the technology of conquering volcanoes and collecting volcanic energy. Hu Yanshuo finally raised his level to LV.9.

During the whole process, Hu Yanshuo still combined work and rest. It took ten years. Fortunately, the women around him were all in their prime, and most of them were more charming than before.

When it came to LV.9, there was finally an oral nutritional solution for fitness and beauty in Krypton Gold Mall.

Just can't improve the appearance.

It can only stay young forever and maintain the appearance of not aging.

Rao is so, taking out this kind of thing, Hu Yanshuo experienced it hard, what is the enjoyment like an emperor, king, and this kind of treatment even if he became the earth, the earth, the sea, the sea, the federation. .For a long time, it has never been so cool!

After the level reaches LV.9, Hu Yanshuo's attribute capsule can be purchased again.

Only when kryptonite is gold.

Hu Yanshuo discovered again that the special effects, which were originally regular, seemed to be beginning to become indecent.

When the Yan value reaches 110 points, a new special effect is activated: Yan Shen.

(Yan Shen: The ancients shine through the present, and the immortals are ashamed of themselves. There is no ancient person before, and no one will come after.)

When the strength reaches 110 points, a new special effect is activated: God of Miracles.

(God of Miracles: Vigorously produce miracles, and force the mountains.)

When the stamina reaches 110 points, a new special effect is activated: the celestial body.

(Star Divine Body: The ocean is not the limit, the stars and the sea are yours to wreak havoc.)

When the speed reaches 110 points, a new special effect is activated: Light Divine Body.

(Light Divine Body: One step into light, without a trace.)

When the memory reaches 110 points, a new special effect is activated: the man of the goddess of wisdom.

(The man of the goddess of wisdom: The man who conquered the goddess of wisdom.)

All right!

Hu Yanshuo tried it, and when he turned on all the special effects, the whole person would really shine, just like the real son of the world, all women would rush towards him crazily.

It's so terrifying, and science can't explain it.

at the same time!

It is also the power that shocked the LV.9 level, and the inner yearning involuntarily, and the desire to go further.

What exactly will LV.10 look like?

With this idea in mind, Hu Yanshuo kept chatting with the woman about the content of Genesis.

at the same time.

The restrictions on heirs have long been released, and finally, the Crown Prince of the Sea Kingdom was born.

While taking care of the offspring, he still worked hard to slowly move towards the level of LV.10, cultivated the offspring, and, when human beings expressed their intention to set foot in the interstellar space, they had already completely arranged the means.

A lot of legacy has been left behind.

After doing everything, sitting on the throne, Hu Yanshuo also recovered from the passionate speech, his eyes began to become excited, and finally this day has come, I don't know what it will look like after the plug-in and system upgrade, krypton What will the gold mall update?

You know, even in the current krypton gold mall, you can see the way to the fourth-level civilization.

The level of the fourth-level civilization is that it is divided into cosmic civilization, and the technology of space jumping is completely unable to satisfy the desire of this civilization. This civilization can already use all the energy in the universe, whether it is black holes, neutron stars, dark matter or antimatter, They also have mature immortality technology.

To gain immortality by uploading consciousness, you can create a low-level civilization at will, and create a galaxy.

What he left behind is related to the technology of immortality of consciousness. When the body of the woman around him is no longer able to support and his life is exhausted, what he left on them will take the initiative to let them upload consciousness, get some kind of thing. Immortality in the sense.

After crazy days and nights.

Everyone fell into a tired sleep, Hu Yanshuo was sitting on the throne, and the madness that came down for a few days was regarded as the final farewell, and he no longer needed to explain anything.

Although he didn't understand Hu Yanshuo's mysterious actions, he could find his rare unease.

After decades of tacit understanding, the women around Hu Yanshuo did not speak, and they all tried their best to show their best side, his favorite side.

Hu Yanshuo looked at the interface, all the conditions had been fulfilled.

Know in your heart that it's time to decide!

If it is a krypton gold game...

Hu Yanshuo can clearly say that in this game, his level of krypton gold is unique, and the level of fun of the game makes him still have the urge to continue playing!

The technology he masters now can be completed even if he prolongs his life for hundreds of years.


When Hu Yanshuo penetrated the first layer of defense of the final conditions of the upgrade, and listened to the sound of the prompt to reach the upgrade conditions, the whole person was still extremely happy.

In the most simple words, it is happy to die...


Even with a little unease in his heart, Hu Yanshuo decided to continue to upgrade.

I'm still looking forward to it, after upgrading to LV.10.

Exactly what kind of changes have you made? Can you still become stronger with kryptonite? If you are already strong to this point, what will it look like if you continue to become stronger?

Vaguely, Hu Yanshuo felt that he was not actually telling a big lie. Judging from some information on several interstellar travels, it is very likely that there will be some life races in the universe, and their attributes can exceed the value of 100, definitely can also become more powerful.

Thinking of this, Hu Yanshuo's eyes burst into a ray of light, his mind moved, and his heart started to upgrade with great anticipation.


Hu Yanshuo's eyes passed through darkness, and the whole person seemed to have been drained of all his strength.

A gloom of death struck.

Aware of this, inexplicable thoughts surfaced in his heart that he was going to die.

Before dying, Hu Yanshuo felt a little panic in his heart, he couldn't help but shouted unwillingly in his heart, I don't want to die, I haven't lived enough, I haven't experienced life at LV10 level...

The eyelids were heavy, as if they were stuck, ruthlessly crushing the movement of raising the eyelids.


Suddenly, a strong 'rustling' broadcast sound like signal interference came, Hu Yanshuo felt that there was a light in front of him, the light hit his eyes, and subconsciously, there was a voice, speaking to himself. Said, my life is still very long, and I don't want to die like this. Then, all of a sudden, he opened his eyes, the whole person also stood up, and his eyes were still confused...

Looking at the surrounding environment, unfamiliar and familiar, Hu Yanshuo's mind inexplicably came up with a sentence: "I, am I not dead?"

Along with this idea, Hu Yanshuo remembered more and more things.

Memories keep popping up.

However, the more things he remembered, the more confused Hu Yanshuo was when he looked at the environment in front of him, as if from a lifetime, doubting that everything he had experienced was just a very long dream.

Especially when he saw the surrounding environment clearly, his heart was immediately filled with shock.

Everything in front of you is unfamiliar and familiar!

Hu Yanshuo was stunned, he was not on the throne of the earth, the earth, the sea, the federation, the state, the highest, the right, the profit, the core, nor the sea kingdom, or even the interstellar portal. on the other side of the planet.

He is now on a campus, a campus with an inexplicable sense of familiarity...

The eyes are a little blurry, like myopia. This feeling has been cured since Hu Yanshuo bought it and upgraded the exploration glasses.

Even his eyes are as sharp as eagle eyes...


Now... what the **** is going on?

In my ears, the intermittent words seemed to open the gate of memory...


Disputes, time probes...

Suddenly, Hu Yanshuo's body shook, thinking of the time in a corner of his memory, he was on campus, and everything happened in the past, what happened?


Forcibly suppressing the inner waves, Hu Yanshuo began to call his own system, mall, plug-in...

A piece of data appeared in front of him.

Seeing the slowly unfolding data in front of him, a happy smile appeared at the corner of Hu Yanshuo's mouth, and his eyes were filled with a warm smile, as if he was greeting an old friend, low pressure on the system, long time no see!


The calm and calm eyes froze slightly, and his eyes stared at the name of the system: the rich devil.

Don't panic!

Probably because Ergouzi suddenly changed his name.

Looking at the data of the plug-in, I immediately felt inexplicably peaceful, and it was still the diligent line of working hard to make money.


His heart just stabilized for a second, but in the next instant, the words of the broadcast were chained together in Hu Yanshuo's mind. Suddenly, his face stiffened quickly, and he pricked up his ears and listened to the broadcast carefully several times, repeatedly. Make sure you heard it right!

Spirit! Qi! Recovery! Su!

This is definitely a misunderstanding, how can it become a spiritual recovery?

Are you kidding me?

What kind of aura revival style are you doing well, are you trolling me?

He pinched his thighs, the corners of his mouth twitched constantly, and Hu Yanshuo, whose eyes were dumbfounded, was about to shout to God, the spiritual energy was revived, what's the use of me hanging up to make money?!

This mentality is broken!

(End of the book)

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