MTL - Rich Devil - C.609 , wave out of the earthMar 07, 2023

MTL - Rich Devil

C.609 , wave out of the earthMar 07, 2023

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"Hey hey hey!"

Feeling unhappy in his heart, however, it didn't take long for Hu Yanshuo to laugh, with a playful look in his smile: "They stared at me, did they think I would obediently hand over the space battleship?"

"They may use other methods. In order to be able to live forever, these guys will look like lunatics."

No hesitation in the face of artificial intelligence.

Hu Yanshuo was not worried at all, and continued: "Anyway, I have made a plan, and I will leave the earth in the next few days. I will see how they find me. I have left the sea kingdom, and you are responsible for keeping those people out. Before I come back, I believe that even if they explode in a hurry, they will not act rashly!"

"That's right!"

"That's good!"

Hearing this, Hu Yanshuo did not hesitate, and made a quick decision: "I will announce it now, and I will take a spaceship to explore outer space in the past few days!"

"Aren't you worried about the dog jumping off the wall?"

Facing the teasing of artificial intelligence, Hu Yanshuo pretended not to hear him, and started to send a message to Xu Yun and others on his mobile phone. He originally thought that it would take a few days to solve this problem. After going out for another month or two, when he returned, You can participate in the national banquet chef qualification competition and eat a good meal.

As a result, just do something like this yourself!

Hu Yanshuo suppressed his dissatisfaction and began to prepare to go out on a space battleship.

After making such a decision, Hu Yanshuo came up with another idea, and quickly opened the Krypton Gold Mall, from which he produced a lot of props, and he made a biochemical man similar to a simulated robot, and then , let the artificial intelligence send these biochemical people out to collect some supplies of the earth.

Including the seeds of various plants on the earth, as long as all the materials can be bought with money, he will let the artificial intelligence arrange them, and he intends to bring these things out of the earth.

"Are you going to plant these seeds in outer space?"

Aware of Hu Yanshuo's behavior, the artificial intelligence also quickly issued a curious inquiry. For this, Hu Yanshuo does not mind answering the question of an artificial intelligence that is more and more human-like and possesses human emotions.

"Why not do it?"

Hu Yanshuo replied without any psychological pressure: "I just want to see if the seeds of the earth will take root and sprout in outer space, and what changes will happen in the environment and climate of outer space. Can they become some New resources, by the way, I also need some fish eggs, animal eggs..."

The more he talked, the smoother he felt, Hu Yanshuo felt that he wanted to let go of himself.

Hu Yanshuo understood anyway.

With his current situation, it is really not suitable for roaming around the earth, otherwise, it is really possible that people will catch the opportunity and seize him at all costs, forcing him to hand over everything.

Naturally, Hu Yanshuo didn't know that either, and he didn't feel any pressure in his heart, so he might turn a blind eye to these things.

Joke with your own life.

This kind of thing has nothing to do with Hu Yanshuo. At the same time, he doesn't want to give other people a chance to think about him. Anyway, it's not only the earth that can play, and if you can't play on the earth, you won't play with them, and go out directly. Go into space and let those people play by themselves!

The biochemical man's manufacturing space has also begun to be continuously upgraded.

Finally, it was upgraded to the same scale as the simulated robot, with a capacity of 100,000 spaces, and the authority was handed over to artificial intelligence for operation.

Since the cyborgs are similar to humans, there is no need to worry about not being able to go through customs.

Immediately after.

It is the beginning of buying all kinds of seeds and biological eggs all over the world.

All of this was handed over to artificial intelligence to control, and Hu Yanshuo only gave him a few days, and also announced the date of his departure, and he didn't care about being known to others.

a few days later.

A space battleship appeared in the sky of the sea kingdom, and a beam of light fell, pulling the materials in the center of the square and several people into the space battleship.

Then, the space battleship became invisible and disappeared from the eyes of all those who watched this scene through the live broadcast.

It left many people with deep shock and no small regret.

Then, many netizens began to discuss, what exactly does the space battleship of the sea kingdom rely on to control, and whether there are any living people on the space battleship.

If there are living people, who are the people in the space battleship, and where do they usually place the space battleship?


None of these questions can be answered.

Even satellites outside the earth cannot detect the shadow of the space battleship, and it is not known whether Hu Yanshuo and others and the space battleship have left the earth.

On the contrary, many people have guessed whether there is a space transition device on the space battleship.

It's just that the truth is not as outrageous as everyone thinks. The space battleship did not use any space transition at all. Instead, after entering the invisible state, Hu Yanshuo began to instruct the main control brain of the space battleship to simulate the earth environment. After confirming the authority, the interior of the space battleship began to simulate the earth's environment.


All things brought from the earth are sorted and placed.

Although these did not require Hu Yanshuo, they still needed him to assign them. The process took a few minutes, and after letting his women settle down, Hu Yanshuo gave the space battleship the order to leave the earth.

After the space battleship received the order, it rushed out of the earth's atmosphere, and there was no major movement in the whole process.

Just like merging into the atmosphere, it quickly left the earth's atmosphere.

The space battleship also flew quickly into the distance. In about ten minutes of earth time, the space battleship had already reached 17,000 light-years away.

The closest star here, very similar to Jupiter, orbits the center of the Milky Way and appears to be a red dwarf planet.

"Is this planet Jupiter?"

"Should be Mars!"

"The spaceship is so stable! It doesn't feel like it's floating at all, it seems to have gravity!"

"Gravity comes from the inside of the space battleship. The outside seems to be isolated, and there is no gravitational force. What kind of technology is this! I have seen many spaceship simulation rooms, which are completely different. We are not actually still on Earth, are we?"


There was a chatter in the space battleship.

Some people guess what planet is not far away, some guess it is Jupiter, and some guess it is Mars...

As to why people don't float in the space battleship, it has also sparked a There is also speculation that the space battleship is still in the earth.


If the space battleship is still on Earth, what about the planets it sees?

So, everyone's eyes fell on Hu Yanshuo. To be honest, Hu Yanshuo didn't understand this, but it didn't prevent him from having a kryptonite mall. For these astronomical knowledge, kryptonite can understand it at a glance.

"This should be Eris, 17,000 light-years away from Earth."

According to the distance of the space battleship and the knowledge in his mind, Hu Yanshuo came to this conclusion: "It's already 17,000 light-years away, and here was the planet that was farthest from the earth a few years ago, but, Now the whole discovery has been updated!"

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