MTL - Rich Devil - C.599 , Pave the sea with moneyMar 07, 2023

MTL - Rich Devil

C.599 , Pave the sea with moneyMar 07, 2023

"The Rich Devil (


Leave without hesitation.

Before leaving, he also swept away a trillion dollars in the interests of Wall Street.

This single, terrifying gain is enough to drive the entire Wall Street completely crazy.


They carefully studied, Hu Yanshuo's various operations in the stock market are simply unrestrained, and there is no trace.

Every action is insane.

Fighting against the Rothschild family over the air, the world-famous Rothschild family does not have the elite Wall Street trader on hand, and they have to bite off a piece of fat from him, really so Is it simple?


In the face of Hu Yanshuo's manipulation, they folded their wings several times and were beaten to the point of bruising their noses and faces.

In the end, it was severely cut off a trillion dollars of funds.

Moreover, according to internal sources, Hu Yanshuo’s investment was only 300 billion US dollars, and he was fighting against such predators as the Rothschild family. In the face of his sniping, he was able to cut down a trillion US dollars. .

How can such an operation not drive the financial elite of Wall Street crazy?

Goddess his operation...


Hu Yanshuo's behavior was also accused by the United States of sabotaging the financial management order and announced that it would refuse him to step into the United States again.

If you want to enter the country of the United States, you need to apply!

Moreover, trading in the stock market and futures market is not allowed, and the aviation town under the name is also entrusted to be auctioned off!

Leaving a financial myth belonging to Wall Street.

And the title of a 'financial devil'!

Now, Hu Yanshuo can only be on his own territory, looking lazily and boredly at the white clouds, the blue sea, listening to the gentle sea breeze, eating the fruit fed by the God of Muto and drinking Ishikawa-e **** under the coconut trees. Bubble tea.

Occasionally bored and let Taoyuan Minako dance.

Xu Yun and others also arrived at the sea kingdom early and participated in the construction of the sea kingdom to a certain extent.

After returning to the sea kingdom.

The sea kingdom began to rebuild. The whole process can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is changing with each passing day. Watching from a distance, even most satellites will detect it here.

The main reason is the Sea Kingdom, a space battleship overhead.

The space battleship opened the protective cover, which is to cover the sea kingdom, and Hu Yanshuo also took out a more mature 3D construction printer, mainly the protective cover of the space battleship, repelling sea water, and the suspended 3D construction printer. Concrete floors bridging other islands…

On the cement earth, a layer of steel juice is naturally plated.

Such a big hand.

The amount of materials is extremely large, and it is naturally impossible to obtain materials from the earth, not to mention that the import and export trade is restricted, and it will also cause market turmoil.

No country would allow such a thing to happen.


Most of Hu Yanshuo's materials are mined from outer space. This is the choice, and the cost is more expensive. Coupled with the energy consumption of space battleships, every hour is a huge sum of money.

3D construction printers are more mature than the previous civilian technology on the earth.

It also naturally solves the problems of material structure performance and process defects. It not only makes up for the immaturity of the overall research and development of 3D printing technology, but also solves the problem of huge equipment, which not only meets the construction of small houses, but also can be competent for high-rise and industrialized mass production. , as well as a complete construction industry specification, with a relatively mature system specification standard.

Whether it is material, process, precision, software, energy consumption, and the quantitative definition of seismic performance, durability, bearing capacity limit, service life, etc. of the final product, there are already extremely mature standards.

Coupled with the simulated robot, learning directly from the chip.

It completely solves the problem of manual operation.


Although it is incomparable to burn money, there are still many benefits, not to mention energy saving and environmental protection, the quality is superior, the aging time is even faster, and it has all the superior performance that does not exist in today's 3D architectural printers.

The cost will also be relatively saved, the construction is safe, not to mention, it is sturdy and durable, and its strength and service life are stronger than ordinary reinforced concrete, even reaching about 30 just now. The strength, ductility, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, impact resistance, impact resistance of the connection method, as well as the overall mechanical properties such as shear resistance, bending resistance, tensile resistance, torsion resistance, tension and compression, have reached the peak level in the world!

Such behavior!

Although it looks very high-tech, and it is convenient and fast, it has a kind of rapid change and high efficiency, giving people a sense of miracle that transcends time.


These miracles are not impossible, they just need to be piled up with extremely terrifying money.


In the eyes of most people, such an act is where the kingdom is rebuilt.

It's like paving a sea with money!

Extremely extravagant and bankrupt behavior.

All the countries concerned about the rebuilding of the Sea Kingdom couldn't help but curse inwardly as a prodigal.

But the handwriting of this prodigal son is simply crazy enough to convince people!

Not everyone has such courage.

This kind of handwriting is not comparable to reclamation and building, nor is it building a road on the sea, but intends to link the islands at the other end.

Hu Yanshuo's intentions are also very ambitious.

It is clear that he wants to directly turn that sea area into territory. Such behavior is too crazy, UU read www.uukanshu. com makes people feel that even if all one trillion dollars is invested, I am afraid it will not succeed.

at the same time.

The space battleship on the top of the sea kingdom is also something that many countries are curious to inquire about.

According to the shooting of the satellite, this space battleship appeared suddenly, which means that it may be a stealth space battleship. Moreover, how did Hu Yanshuo get such high technology?

Questions like this flood the minds of many people.

The think tanks of the bigwigs of various countries have tried to break their heads, but they have no way to understand how an ordinary person can have such technology, and all kinds of brain-opening speculations have surfaced.

Weird remarks are endless!

Some people even doubt whether Hu Yanshuo has acquired the legacy of alien civilization.


No one dares to **** it, no matter how fierce the guess is!

It is said that Hu Yanshuo learned that some countries wanted to use nuclear bombs to threaten, so he took out a nuclear bomb that was not inferior to the reserves of various countries, which made the countries madly curse the Pyramid Alliance, which is simply a group of lunatics.

Because in the current world, only the Pyramid Alliance dares to come up with the "nuclear and peaceful weapons" to sell.

Since Hu Yanshuo's sea kingdom also mastered the foundation of 'nuclear peace', everyone had scruples, and no one dared to use such a weapon first, so they began to adopt a gentle way of visiting.

However, at present, the Sea Kingdom has announced that during the reconstruction of the Kingdom, it will refuse to contact any forces!

Originally, everyone was very dissatisfied with this statement!

I feel that the statement of the kingdom of the sea is a bit blunt, and it will make people resentful if it refuses to be thousands of miles away.

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