MTL - Rich Devil - C.593 , assassinationMar 07, 2023

MTL - Rich Devil

C.593 , assassinationMar 07, 2023

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"Hu Yanshuo, you have been recruited, you can refuse."

A voice came from the other end of the phone, and Hu Yanshuo said without hesitation, "I refuse!"

Wei Wei paused, and the other end continued: "Your mission is to go to the Alliance to serve as an undercover agent for us..."

Hu Yanshuo spoke again and said, "I said it, I refuse!"

"Pass the news for us, you will be expelled from the country as a traitor..."

Listening to the other end, he continued to speak without any hesitation, Hu Yanshuo shouted angrily: "Fuck, I said, I refused, are you deaf?"

After Hu Yanshuo's angry scolding, the other end broke out immediately and yelled loudly: "Who are you talking about, I'm a mud horse, how did you swear, how did your parents teach you, you are so uneducated, you apologize to me!"

"Aren't you deaf?"

After Hu Yanshuo roared, the whole person began to calm down and said.

"Do you apologize for the uneducated thing?" The other side still said.

You are going to die, and before I can scold me, Hu Yanshuo resisted his anger and said, "I'm sorry!"

"Louder, I didn't hear!"

The other party still shouted reluctantly, Hu Yanshuo's eyes flickered, and he shouted loudly: "I'm sorry!"

"Fuck mud horse, shouting so loudly, I almost deafened my ears!"

The other side smiled happily, and then continued: "You will be expelled from your nationality as a traitor, and all your actions in the future will have nothing to do with our country. Whatever happens, it is your personal behavior. everything of…"

"I said, I refuse!"

Hu Yanshuo said indifferently: "What kind of task, don't care about my business!"

"Are you going to betray the country?"

There was an angry threat from the opposite side, which made Hu Yanshuo stunned for a while, and then fell into a dead silence.

Another voice said very tenderly: "Hu Yanshuo, you must know that the country needs you to recruit you, and you happen to be a member of this organization!"

"You send someone else!"

At this time, Hu Yanshuo's voice was extremely flat, and he said, "I can pay to let your people infiltrate the alliance organization, but don't ask me, I can't handle this task!"

"Is a national call-up something you can bargain for?"

The voice of evil words came from the other end again, Hu Yanshuo calmly analyzed this voice: "The confidentiality of this mission is not reliable at all, if I go, I will die, in this case, you still Do you need to find me for this?"

"Also, I haven't joined the alliance member problem you mentioned, so there is no way to satisfy what you want."

"In addition, I believe that my country will not force me to die, and it is not enough to require me to die."

"You have no right to refuse!"

The man who spoke viciously from the beginning to the end gave a smug laugh and said, "You have been given leniency for treason, you are only expelled from your nationality, and all your property will be confiscated, even if you do not agree, or Honestly act as an undercover agent, or you will die, everything about you has nothing to do with our country... Haha!"

"If you want my property, tell me directly, and I will donate it as a donation, but you shouldn't cheat me like this!"

Hu Yanshuo continued.

"You are so calm that I hate it, you should go undercover honestly!"

The man who spoke viciously, his voice suddenly cold, said, "I forgot to tell you, if you don't leave now, I'm afraid you won't be able to leave."

Hu Yanshuo's heart gradually calmed down. Although this world was different from the previous life, how could a country's officials be so unscrupulous, he didn't quite believe it.

Involuntarily, Hu Yanshuo suspected that the people who talked to him were actually liars.

thought of here.

Hu Yanshuo's heart comforted himself a little, if it was a liar, it would make sense, but these liars are so hateful, it's terrible to deceive people!


At this moment, a phone call came in, and Hu Yanshuo saw a familiar number.

His heart was slightly relieved, the caller was the mother of this life, he quickly connected, and then heard the other end, a shrill cry: "Impossible, impossible, my son can't betray. Country..." The clear cry came into Hu Yanshuo's ears, causing his heart to sink slightly, as if frozen, extremely cold and desperate.

It's actually true!

Hu Yanshuo quickly comforted the other end: "Mom, don't listen to people's nonsense about this matter, let me handle it!"

"I didn't listen to anyone talking nonsense. This news is spread on TV and the Internet. It is the news sent by government departments. How do you deal with it? Did you do something outside..."

The voice of his parents came from the other end, which made Hu Yanshuo sigh slightly, and even his parents didn't believe that it was a dead end.

Immediately afterwards, Hu Yanshuo heard his parents say, "The clan elder has something to tell you."

Hu Yanshuo agreed, and heard an old voice. He vaguely remembered that after he donated money during the ancestor worship, the clan elder laughed happily, full of longing for the prosperity of the family.

"Xiao Shuo, what did you do?"

Hu Yanshuo said to the clan elder: "No, they asked me to go undercover. If I don't do it, they will use this method to kill me completely. Clan elder, what can you do on your side?"

"We have discussed it here, and we will expel you from the family tree. I hope you can understand!" The clan elder said in a heavy tone.


Hearing the clan elder say such heavy words, Hu Yanshuo didn't have the slightest hatred in his heart, he nodded and said, "I understand that doing this will not involve the family, so that's it! Clan elder, tell everyone Sigh, I am not involved in the family, but the family will have nothing to do with me in the future."

The other end was silent for a moment, surprised by Hu Yanshuo's calmness, but as the clan elder of the clan, he knew the clan rules very well.

So he said, "Okay!"

After hanging up the phone, Hu Yanshuo felt a lot of heavy heart inexplicably. Just when he was extremely dazed, a sharp sound of breaking air came from his ears, and then, with a bang, Hu Yanshuo felt that the BSKE he was riding in flew directly into the sky, and then, fell from the sky...

The car fell to the ground, and there were loud noises from the glass. Hu Yanshuo was in shock. After a while, he realized that he had been assassinated with a bazooka.

Thinking of those words before, Hu Yanshuo's heart was awe-inspiring.

Through the cracked window.

Hu Yanshuo saw a far away place, there was a man with a bazooka, his heart was chilling, he hurriedly summoned a simulated robot and attacked in the distance.

Watching the assassin flee, Hu Yanshuo's heart was indifferent, and he quickly bought a helicopter from the Krypton Gold Mall.

A helicopter with stealth function and extremely fast speed exceeding the limit speed.

The lingering fears in my Hu Yanshuo directly let the simulated robot stand in the helicopter and left the country. He tried his best to suppress the killing intent. He thought that the other party was a liar. Threatening him, if he can't leave if he doesn't leave, will naturally make Hu Yanshuo think of it.

It's not enough to try to force yourself to death!

To actually kill himself, Hu Yanshuo tried his best to restrain himself and did not let his emotions go crazy.

Trembling fingers, suppressing...

Restrained to directly use the krypton gold mall to buy that extremely terrifying weapon - two-way foil.

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