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MTL - Rich Devil

C.591 ,know?Mar 07, 2023

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Played in the country for a few days.

Xu Yun and others took the lead to leave due to work reasons, and Jiu My Family's Qianyu and others also expressed their willingness to return to China, which gave Hu Yanshuo the opportunity to have fun for a few days. So the simulation robot drove a helicopter to see my family, Qianyu, and others away.

Went to YA City.

Hu Yanshuo received the news that the private jet he ordered was ready.

There is nothing to do at all, and Hu Yanshuo naturally intends to go see it in person, and he will be able to drive a thousand miles in the future.

Arriving at YA, Hu Yanshuo drove the BSKE that he had not driven for a long time, and went to the inspection site sent by the helicopter manufacturing company. taste.

Feeling extremely happy!

This time, after upgrading to LV.7, Hu Yanshuo found that he could say that everything went smoothly, and his mood was getting better and better. Through his efforts, his daily income stabilized at 144 billion yuan.


In the krypton gold mall that was ignored last time, there are also very cool things.

If nothing else, it is the "10G technology" given for free by Krypton Gold Mall, as well as the "First-Class Civilization Plan", and there are many related high-tech products, each of which is far ahead of the earth's technology for thousands of years. .

Every high-tech product is enough to make various industries reshuffle.

The first-level civilization plan, this thing is even more complicated, as long as the above plan is implemented, a country can enter the first-level civilization early.

In such a situation, who would dare to believe that even the price of buying this "first-level civilization plan" is only 100 billion yuan.

Change to any country, a slightly bold leader, will not hesitate when encountering this matter, and will win this plan at all costs.


Although he has mastered a small country, Hu Yanshuo has no interest in any first-level civilization at all.

Not even the 10G technology that Krypton Gold Mall gave away for free.

What a joke.

Do you want to come up with this epoch-making technology and let all countries focus on yourself? At that time, everyone gradually discovered the characteristics of various 'abnormal human beings' in themselves, and then put their friendly Persuasion, until lying on the operating table, to be dissected by internationally renowned experts with many titles?

Now begin to implement the purpose of being a low-key person.

Hu Yanshuo felt that this technology was temporarily put aside, and when 8G or 9G appeared, he would come up with this technology, which would be regarded as a technological breakthrough.

By that time, no one will doubt it.

If it really doesn't work.

Hu Yanshuo felt that he could secretly and anonymously transfer this technology to the state.

In a very safe way, to achieve such a friendly transfer purpose.

In such a situation, Hu Yanshuo felt very good, even if his strength did not allow him to keep a low profile, he didn't want to be high profile during this time.

As for the krypton gold mall, all kinds of terrifying technologies can only be slowly brought out to improve the national conditions.

Obviously, ordinary people in China experience it.

When the country is popularized, foreign countries will be the issues that Hu Yanshuo will consider.

In addition, Hu Yanshuo thought about the private plane that he was about to receive. Although everything in the plane was very luxurious, he felt that it was not perfect. There are many gadgets in the krypton gold mall, which can be added to the private plane. In the plane, by then, I am afraid that my car will be with me for a long time.

Even, Hu Yanshuo still thought about his own skills, and then, in the original helicopter space, a series of measures to transform.

Thinking of the high-tech transformation, Hu Yanshuo couldn't help but have a hint of expectation in his heart.

at the same time.

Hu Yanshuo also intends to acquire or create an airline.

The main research and development direction comes from outside the earth. When he left the island country, he also inadvertently learned from Kamim's mouth that the real bigwigs in the world are often the ones with aerospace technology in their hands. Companies, outside the earth are the battlegrounds of every country.

Interstellar mining rights outside the earth are very important to every country.

Think about what kind of wealth you will always have when you master the resources of a planet other than the earth, and the market of the whole earth will have violent fluctuations and changes.

Although Hu Yanshuo's ambitions are not that big, he still needs an aerospace technology company.

With such a company, he can explain where he obtained the technology that he occasionally took out, beyond the current human scientific and technological civilization.


Hu Yanshuo's car was halfway through when a phone call came.

Will be immersed in the mood of joy.

Interrupt the behavior of thinking carefully about the direction of future plan implementation.

"Mr. Hu?"

The slightly old male voice came after Hu Yanshuo was connected, and the moment he spoke, Hu Yanshuo came back to his senses, and quickly pulled the car to a stop and asked, "Who are you?"


The opposite answered a name, and the tone was quite domineering, revealing a fascinating aura.

"Oh, I have long admired the name."

Hu Yanshuo spoke quickly, and then asked, "Have we met?"

He was proud that Hu Yanshuo had been famous for himself for a long time, and there was a smile on He Mingyuan's face, but in the next second, his expression froze on his face: "You don't know me. ?"

Hu Yanshuo said in a hesitant and uncertain voice, "We, know each other?"

He Mingyuan was almost **** to death by a mouthful of old blood. When Hu Yanshuo heard the voice, he immediately began to search for the name of He Mingyuan in the bar. Then, he turned on the unforgettable special effects to dig out the memory in his mind.

After searching for relevant memories and information, Hu Yanshuo quickly turned off the special effects and said, "Oh, oh, I know you!"

"Okay, stop pretending!"

He Mingyuan naturally didn't think that Hu Yanshuo could know his information so quickly, but he just thought that he did it on purpose, that he had done so many things, and Hu Yanshuo seemed to have forgotten himself, which made He Mingyuan feel extremely uncomfortable. Irony, and his heart is secretly ruthless, we must let this young man learn a painful lesson.

Hu Yanshuo opened his mouth, but still did not say that he was not fake.

Because I heard He Mingyuan's tone, no matter what he said, no matter how much explanation, He Mingyuan was already preconceived and would not listen to what he said.

There is no need for Hu Yanshuo to explain too much.

After all, it can be said that the relationship between the two sides is not so friendly.

Hu Yanshuo's tone paused and said indifferently: "So, I don't know why Mr. He is looking for me?"

"Hand over all the properties under your name, I can be magnanimous, let go of the past, and give you one billion yuan as compensation, so that you can still live unrestrainedly..."

He Mingyuan's tone suddenly became very indifferent, very intimidating, and there was a taste of bossy in his tone.

It seems that he has become accustomed to calling the commander and does not allow anyone to argue.

"Ha ha!"

Hu Yanshuo chuckled, only feeling that He Mingyuan wanted to insult his IQ.

However, He Mingyuan seemed to have already expected that Hu Yanshuo would refuse to give in, so he indifferently threatened: "If you don't agree, don't blame me for killing you!"

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