MTL - Rich Devil - C.584 , just met youMar 07, 2023

MTL - Rich Devil

C.584 , just met youMar 07, 2023


Changed several batches.

During the whole process, some people will naturally miss breakfast, some people miss lunch, and some people miss dinner. Don't ask why, just because I happened to meet you!

Such crazy behavior.

Very confusing, Hu Yanshuo just explained a little to see what level of his physical fitness.

Such an explanation would naturally satisfy everyone.

Even during this process, he was very considerate and gentle and actively cooperated with Hu Yanshuo's test.

With their active cooperation.

Hu Yanshuo can be said to be even more crazy, and he forced the time to test his physical fitness until the morning of the third day...

Facing the dawn of the morning.

Staying alone in the hot spring pool, Hu Yanshuo still felt extremely energetic.

Secretly summed up the test situation.

There are many deficiencies in this test and there are many areas that can be improved. Combined with the state of the whole process, Hu Yanshuo feels that although it is very cool, he is very satisfied!

However, it also exposed a shortcoming, that is, there are still too few people.

This problem is actually quite serious!

At least in terms of performance, Hu Yanshuo felt that he was affected. Although they have actively cooperated, their physical state cannot keep up with the rhythm, which is also an inevitable result.

Originally, the values ​​of physical attribute points were quite different.

Even if they tried their best to cooperate, they still could not achieve the effect of testing Hu Yanshuo's true physical fitness limit.

This is the downside of whim, whim.

Not enough preparation.

Another point is that the facilities and environment are not perfect. The area of ​​a hot spring in Beppu is only a small area. Although there are many places that can be visited, every corner has been visited, and the psychological aspect is inevitably a little boring.

For the most perfect physical exertion, there is a little bit of hindrance!

Taking out his mobile phone, Hu Yanshuo sent a few messages to Hardy.

The main thing is to arrange some work after Hadi, private island matters, Hadi's energy can not meet Hu Yanshuo's requirements, even if he needs to have it completely, the requirement of mastering the whole small country is proposed by him temporarily. However, Hadi's personal connections If he couldn't do this, it explained his energy problem to some extent.


Although Hardy's energy did not meet Hu Yanshuo's expectations.

But it still does not prevent him from continuing to arrange some work for this economic consultant, because Hu Yanshuo is destined to not want to have too much contact with institutions in other countries, so he can only use people like Hadi to deal with national institutions!

I believe Hardy has now felt a hint of crisis.

Now Hu Yanshuo has sent Hardy several tasks, he should do his best to arrange them properly, and these tasks are not beyond Hardy's ability.

It's up to Kamim to come forward and buy Braincrawl, no matter if this is successful or not!

Hu Yanshuo believed that Kamim would give him a satisfactory explanation, especially Hu Yanshuo also took the initiative to relax the conditions, and the islands of the small countries nearby could also be bought together.

In short, after buying these places, it is natural to need to engage in a major project.

Take the brain-head country as an example, the construction problem, as well as daily life equipment, drinking water and other things, the problem of power stations, the network and other factors are all a huge project.

And after buying the brain skull country, can it be remodeled, and what will it look like in the end?

All these questions are worth thinking about.

Hu Yanshuo also needs Hardy to arrange some people to go to Brainhead Country and other places for inspection. After the design is planned, he can't buy a private island of his own, but as a result, it is left vacant there.

The waves are not wasted, in fact, for Hu Yanshuo, it is not too important.

He just thought that in the future, he would go fishing in the Pacific Ocean in his spare time, and at least have a place to rest.

Humaid bin Rashid, this guy has been beckoning him to play with him every day, not inviting him to go hunting, playing sports cars, or fishing in Alaska.

Although I think this kind of life is too boring.

However, Hu Yanshuo felt that this guy, Hu Maide, had been inviting him all the time, but he was unwilling to go even once, which was too unreasonable.


He was going to take the time to go there and arrange for Hardy to find some designers with him. He just stopped by to see if he could give himself a satisfactory plan. In the future, he would go to the Pacific Ocean to fish for salmon, and he would not come back.

Fishing is enough.

If you are tired from playing on the yacht, you can rest on your own private island!

The plan went on, and Hu Yanshuo began to wait for Kamim and others to surprise him.

Although he accidentally eavesdropped on the news through a simulated robot.

Knowing that Kamim plans to settle the Brain Skull Kingdom within three days, but Hu Yanshuo doesn't know where Kamim's confidence comes from, so he just waits quietly, after all other upgrade conditions have been resolved. .

There is only the question of a private island Once successful, the characters can be upgraded to LV.7, the Krypton Gold Mall will also open the permissions, and the on-hook plug-ins can also be improved to a higher level. Let yourself go through hard work, how much does it cost to hang up a day?

Just thinking about it makes Hu Yanshuo feel very cool!

I ate a little fruit at random for breakfast. I don't know where the peaches and cherries were airlifted, and they tasted pretty good.

The entrance is very fresh!

At noon, an island country's tonkotsu ramen master came to the door. Of course, this so-called master was not rated very high in the certification of star chef, and only reached the rating of a five-star hotel.

It's just that he is good at a craft, that is, making ramen with pork bones, which is extremely delicious!

In the choice of lunch, Hu Yanshuo naturally continued to ask for more than a dozen puffer fish. Anyway, there was a little toxin, which could not help him at all. The fresh pork bones that were cut out were handed over to the master to make pork bone ramen.

Ramen and other materials are brought by the master.

In addition, he also brought an assistant to assist. Fortunately, this master's subordinates have all undergone professional training. Although he was shocked at the beginning of the hot spring Beppu, there is a woman who is more beautiful than an island idol hidden. Bianhuazhixiu's gaffe performance is so soulless as soon as they meet.

The tonkotsu ramen master is also very good, and after a while, he made a delicious ramen meal.

At this time, several luxury cars appeared outside the courtyard. Kamim, Cobalon, and a few people they didn't know all appeared outside the courtyard. It seemed that they planned to have a meal here. looks like.

Hu Yanshuo could only let the tonkotsu ramen master continue to make enough ramen for lunch.

The simulated robot brought out about three or four puffer fish...

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