MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.7Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.7Mar 07, 2023

The tutor felt very guilty for giving Orikasa a ticket but let him encounter such a thing, and took the initiative to give him a vacation.

Kasa, one of the initiators of the Origami problem, accepted the vacation without any guilt. He could just take advantage of this time to learn how to defuse bombs with Matsuda.

Although the hand is slightly injured, it is not a big problem, and it will be fine after two days.

It's just that he didn't expect that the place where Matsuda taught him how to disarm the bomb was actually... the disposal team, inside the Metropolitan Police Department.

"Otherwise, where do you think it is?" Matsuda Zhen asked.

Anywhere is fine, but I don't want to go to the Metropolitan Police Department.

As a member of a criminal organization, Orikasa has a natural resistance to the Metropolitan Police Department.

"I don't want to go." Orikasa Yuyoshi said.

"If you don't want to go, you have to give it to me. How can I promise to go back on my word." Matsuda Jinping dragged Yuyoshi Orikasa by the back collar and carried Yuyoshi Orikasa into the car like a cat.

"Hagi, let's drive."

Orikasa resisted to no avail, and could only sit in the car honestly.

Unbelievable, he not only has two police neighbors, but he is about to face a large group of police.

Big crowd, police.

Although I was taken to the Metropolitan Police Department for the last time I made a transcript, the transcript was only faced with a few people. And this time, he is probably facing the members of the entire explosion group.

It's a suffocating scene.

When the three of Orikasa went to the downstairs of the Metropolitan Police Department, Sato and Takagi happened to be going out, and a few people met downstairs.

Matsuda gave them a slight nod.

Sato looked at Orikasa in surprise, "Isn't that the one that day?"

Hagihara smiled and hugged Orikasa's shoulders, "Yes, it was me and Kojinpei's little saviour, and it was only after we moved that we found out that we happened to be neighbors."

"It's really a coincidence. Takagi and I have something to go out. When we get back, we invite you to dinner. You helped a lot last time." Sato hurriedly said.

Seeing the backs of Sato and Takagi leaving, Hagihara bumped into Matsuda's shoulder, "Try not to chase? Is she the type you like?"

Matsuda Jinhei took out the sunglasses from his pocket and put them on, "If I had a girlfriend, Hagi wouldn't cry secretly in any corner, right?"

"Am I actually that kind of person in Xiaojinping's heart?" Hagihara Kenji said, "Although I may be a little disappointed, I am more happy to find happiness for my good friends."

"Hey, what are you talking about me behind your back? I seem to have heard my name just now?" A thick male voice came from behind.

Orikasa Yuyi turned around and looked at him, startled, how high!

Although I have seen it in the comics, the comics are completely different from the reality. In reality, seeing such a tall height is simply oppressive.

"Don't say anything, how are you and Natalie recently?"

Date Hang scratched his head, "I plan to propose to Natalie, but Natalie said that marriage and love feel completely different, and she wants to get married in another two years."

Hagihara Kenji nodded, "Indeed, girls will be more worried about marriage."

"But that's fine. I can save for another two years and hold a beautiful wedding at that time."

Date Hang approached, "Is this kid you brought here to learn how to defuse bombs?"

Hagihara Kenji nodded, "Yes, if it weren't for him, Xiao Jinping and I might not be able to stand here properly."

Date Hang slammed Orikasa Yuyoshi's shoulder, "Thank you, little guy."

So, I'm really eighteen, not too young.

"Didn't you bring that kid?" Matsuda Jinping walked behind and asked Date Hang.

"Who?" Date Air didn't respond.

"Just the one next to Sato just now."

"You said Takagi, he was indeed brought by me, but didn't you say that you brought a child here, so I'll ask Sato to help me take him for a day." He raised his eyebrows at Matsuda.

"Why, you are also interested in Sato? She is a flower in our search class. People who want to chase her can line up to the door of the Metropolitan Police Department."

Matsuda Jinpei did not speak.

Hagihara Kenji is worthy of being the max affinity. He was greeted by policewomen all the way when he entered the Metropolitan Police Department. He was still able to distinguish everyone's name and appearance.

What's even more amazing is that the male police officers have not been dissatisfied with the fact that so many female police officers clearly expressed their goodwill.

I probably won't be able to do this kind of skill in my entire life, Orikasa Yuyoshi thought.

The explosion group would do exercises on a daily basis, and Matsuda Jinhei used a personal relationship to stuff Orikasa Yuyoshi into this group of people.

The superior didn't agree, but after hearing about Orikasa's age and education, he gave the green light all the way, "Matsuda, you and Hagihara work hard and try to keep people. We really need such talents."


If Orikasa wanted to, he wouldn't stop him, but he wouldn't deliberately persuade him either.

He knew better than anyone about the dangers of the bombing team. Even those who studied bomb theory in the rear might be assigned to the front line to defuse bombs when they were understaffed. not to mention…

Matsuda Jinhei lit a cigarette for himself, remembering the situation when he went to search a class and listened to the prisoner's confession.

According to the inmate, four years ago, his companion was in a panic and died in a car accident while fleeing.

He blamed it all on the police, and wanted to restart the bomb that had stopped, even if he could take one more policeman. But I don't know what went wrong and the bomb didn't detonate successfully.

The prisoner was very emotional at that time and yelled at them, "It's all your fault!"

Matsuda Jinping was more excited than him, he didn't answer the prisoner's words, and directly beat him up.

They came home two hours late last Friday. They didn't do any file sorting at all, but because he beat the prisoner in violation of the rules, he was left behind for punishment.

Although he was punished, Matsuda Jinping didn't regret it at all.

Four years ago, the bomb that Hagihara went to defuse without wearing an explosion-proof suit failed to detonate because of an accident.

If it wasn't for such a little luck, Hagihara would have been bombed to death without a whole body. He was in the center of the explosion and didn't wear an explosion-proof suit, and there would not be a trace of it left after the explosion.

There were also other colleagues in the explosion group, and there were at least a dozen people at the scene at that time. Once the bomb explodes, because the distance is too close, even if you wear explosion-proof clothing, it will only leave the whole body behind.

Therefore, Orikasa decided that they would not interfere.

But it was impossible for him and Hagihara to persuade Orikasa to stay here.

As a novice, Matsuda Jinhei and Hagihara Kenji certainly couldn't let Orikasa Yuyoshi get started directly. Not even the dummy bullets that the blasting team used to practice.

First of all, of course, theoretical teaching, distinguishing the types of bombs, analyzing the principle of each type of bomb, understanding different agencies, what changes will occur when each agency is combined, how to identify traps, and how to deal with unexpected situations...

All in all, it is definitely a huge and complicated content.

But I didn't expect Orikasa Yuyoshi to learn everything in just a few days.

"You, no, is that so?" Yuyoshi Orikasa asked, looking at the two officers who were obviously surprised.

"Well, our situation is different."

The two of them did learn the theory very quickly at the beginning, but it was based on the fact that they had harmed a lot of things since they were young, and they had mastered it on the basis of practice.

But Orikasa... It doesn't look like they are doing something wrong like them. That is, he learned so well on a purely theoretical basis.

Maybe the superior is right, he is really suitable for the explosive team.

Although they thought so, neither of them said it.

"Also, I learned to pack bombs." Yuyoshi Orikasa walked to the actual playground where the explosion group practiced, and picked up the components that had been dismantled by the practicing members.

Of course it's impossible to put a bomb back together, but the combination of components—

"New bomb." Yuyoshi Orikasa showed the bomb made of scraps to Matsuda Jinhei and Hagihara Kenji. Although the tone is still flat, but inexplicably revealed a kind of bragging.

The theory of bomb disposal and assembly is of course interoperable, and they also have related courses on assembly and bomb making. But they didn't plan to give Orikasa lessons in bomb-making at all.

And before this, no one has been able to draw parallels so quickly... Or, very few people have taken the initiative to think of using the knowledge of bomb disposal to make bombs. After all, what I study here is either the police or the police reserve.

Hagihara Kenji and Matsuda Jinhei looked at each other and taught Orikasa to defuse the bomb. Is it really right?

Why do you feel more and more punished?