MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.63Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.63Mar 07, 2023

Orikasa was silent for a long time, until the mission target was about to enter the sniper range before he asked, "Mission, what are you going to do?"

Liqueur didn't expect that he would come up to ask about the mission after knowing the past, and was a little surprised: "You don't want to ask anything else?"

Orikasa shook his head, he would check the others himself.

Liqueur sighed: "Akai Shuichi is in ambush not far away, I will snipe as planned, and then he will take action to sabotage."

Sure enough, the mission must be performed and must fail, so the only way to find someone to intervene in the mission process, but even this may not be able to hide the gin.

Liqueur pointed to himself again: "I will shoot myself, seriously injured but not fatal, this is the best way I can think of."

Bittersweet? Orikasa was still thinking about it, but the sound of footsteps came from the stairwell, interrupting the conversation between Orikasa and Liqueur.

Ale put one hand in his pocket and walked over with a gun in the other: "Gin asked me to stare at you, and sure enough, I found something good."

Orikasa noticed Liqueur and glanced back, probably where Akai Shuichi was ambush, and Malt also obviously noticed, and stopped in the dead end of the sniper.

"Yamazaki, I've been staring at you for a long time. You don't think your little actions can fool everyone, do you? It's just that I didn't expect a mouse to be here. Sure enough, the guy with his brain can't be trusted." Malt liquor pointed a gun at Orikasa, But in no hurry, he said slowly.

"You found out, what?" Orikasa frowned. So far, except for Gin who warned him three years ago because of his close relationship with the police, everyone who pointed out his identity was based on his protection of his Scottish identity. recognized.

And being aware of Scotland's anomaly can be followed by inferences about what's wrong with recent liqueur behavior. But malt wine has just learned about liqueur, so where else is there a flaw?

The malt liquor slowly spit out four words: "Kudou Shinichi."

"Shinichi Kudo didn't actually die, but he became a primary school student under the pseudonym Edogawa Conan. You should know all this, right?"

Liqueur didn't know about this, she had heard of Kudo Shinichi. After all, after staying in the Metropolitan Police Department for so long, I have more or less heard the title of "the savior of the Japanese police", but when she was transferred to the search section, Kudo hadn't shown up for a long time. Thinking that he was actually involved with the organization.

And... can this really happen in reality? But thinking about the organization's experiments, it seems that everything is back to normal.

Orikasa frowned. He never imagined that something would go wrong with Kudo. Was the identity of the male protagonist so easily seen by pure black?

He completely ignored that he was half black when he picked up Kudo.

Malt Wine is still proud: "Bourbon has been investigating such a simple thing for so long and can't find it, but it is normal. After all, he is only an intelligence officer, and he does not know much about the organization's experiments."

Orikasa was silent, there were too many flaws, and this complacent tone was like that of a primary school student, as if he was showing off who was more favored by the teacher. Even Mrs. Yuan would not do such a thing.

And Bourbon... Orikasa shook his head, forget it, just be happy.

"I guess it's not because you went to Didan that you feel that you have a half-hearted teacher-student friendship with Kudo, right?"

Malt Wine snorted disdainfully, "Sure enough, organizing to raise you is raising a group of white-eyed wolves."

Orikasa tilted his head and looked at the malt wine: "Are you still right, are you still worried about what happened back then?"

No matter how you look at him, it looks like he hasn't come out of the past. Whether it's a high-profile statement that he hates civilian staff, hates Yamazaki, or deliberately emphasizes his abilities.

But why? He was the one who was bullied and suffered injustice back then. If it hadn't happened to happen by chance, he would have been pushed down by him, and Zikasa was puzzled.

Malt Liquor was fried like a cat whose tail was stepped on: "Why should I be so brooding about what happened back then? Even if I couldn't compare to you in the training camp, I'm still more capable now, and you— Going to see God soon."

"But your performance is clearly not what you said." Liqueur scrutinized the ale, the shirt that was ironed without a wrinkle, the plain gold-rimmed glasses that looked polite but purely decorative, and The temperament of an elite intellectual he tried to pretend.

He was clearly trying his best to imitate the characteristics of a civilian.

Malt Wine's eyes are red: "What do you know?"

"Why is he so weak, just because he knows some messy things, he can be picked out in advance, and he doesn't have to train hard like us."

"Why can he simply get the code name and be appreciated by the boss just by moving his finger, and I can only become a peripheral even if I try my best."

"When I was bullied in the orphanage, he didn't have to worry about food and clothing in the organization."

"What am I doing when he can get a lot of money at the fingertips of the organization? I'm fighting for the code name. Do you know what I've been through for this code name?"

"A weak chicken like him doesn't deserve to live, and the weak chicken should stay where the weak chicken is."

Hearing the roar of the malt wine, Orikasa was stunned for a moment, but he did not expect that he would look like this in the eyes of the malt wine.

It was obvious that he trained hard to avoid being eliminated, but after he got the 49th place, he was judged by the instructor that his potential was not enough, and 51st was on top.

Malt wine hated him for eating and drinking in the organization, but he would rather be born in an orphanage than have to worry about raising him for so long by the organization.

Malt Wine suddenly remembered something, and a cruel smile appeared on his face again: "By the way, I just heard that Subject No. 141 is your mother? It just so happened that I have seen her experimental data."

"Want to know what she's been through? Let me tell you one by one."

"Do you know what an electric shock is like? They'll put electrodes on your hands, feet, and feet, and the current will increase little by little. Until you can't take it any more, your heart is about to stop and stop. But next time your highest The load may be able to increase. So next time, you have to carry more current than this time.”

"It's just the best thing to do."

Liqueur had already covered her ears and didn't want to recall the past, but Orikasa said slowly, "This is also what you have experienced."

"I didn't!" The malt liquor denied it.

"You said, working hard is also a peripheral. For you, getting a code name is a fantasy, unless you become an experimental body and survive." Orikasa glanced at Liqueur, "Just like her."

"Even if that's the case, I've already got the code name and gained Rum's appreciation. I can make another contribution in the organization by exposing you and her identities. Killing Kudo Shinichi is also credit, one by one. Accumulation, one day, I can surpass the status of gin!"

First of all, it's impossible to kill Kudo, and even if it happens, Belmod won't let you go. As for surpassing gin... it's still faster to daydream.

Even Akai's ambush in the organization for so long is only enough to keep up with the status of Gin...

Malt Wine turned the gun on the insurance: "I originally wanted to capture you alive and let you have a good taste of how I spent these years, but now it seems that I can only deal with you on the spot, I'm really not reconciled, let you To die so happily."

He slowly pulled the trigger.

However, the liqueur's reaction was quicker, and the bullet pierced the ale's shoulder instantly.

Malt Wine covered the wound in disbelief: "How is it possible, my physical fitness has obviously improved a lot after the experiment, how can you be faster than me?"

Liqueur sneered: "Is it really a simple mind and developed limbs? No, limbs are not developed, have you forgotten what you just said? I also survived the experiment."

"But you're obviously just a trash clerk." Malt Liquor was still unbelievable.

"Waste civil servants? Forgot to tell you, before I was kidnapped to the winery, I almost became the chief of the police academy. Also, do you think I'm only responsible for passing news in the organization? The people I have killed may be more than You go through a lot of experiments."

She casually glanced at the malt wine again: "I already have a lot of lives in my hands, and I don't mind more of you."

A shot rang out, right between the eyebrows.

Orikasa walked over, pulled out the cell phone of the ale, and shook the head of the liqueur: "He hasn't reported yet."

Perhaps it was the shadow that Orikasa had cast on him too deep, so that he couldn't wait to catch Orikasa to make meritorious deeds after discovering what Orikasa was doing. Instead, he didn't report to the organization, which saved him a lot of effort.

Liqueur put away the gun: "I thought you would be scared."

Orikasa shook his head. Because of the recent encounters with Conan, thanks to Conan, he saw many strange corpses, and he was almost immune. What's more, the one who died was the malt liquor that he had not dealt with since he was a child, so it was nothing.

Liqueur put away the mounted sniper rifle: "The hand/gun is not silenced, maybe the police are rushing here, we have to leave earlier."

"Thanks to him, the mission can be terminated logically, and I don't have to be shot in vain."

Orikasa glanced at Liqueur: "How do you explain to Jinjiu?"

Originally, Jinjiu had already begun to suspect the two of them, but now Maltjiu happened to die at the scene of their mission, so it was suspicious.

But now it seems that Gin's sudden suspicion of him may be caused by malt wine.

Liqueur shrugged: "It's not easy, he has attracted the fbi by his own actions, it's good that we can escape, how can we still have time to carry out the task?"

As you please.

Orikasa put the computer on his back and was about to leave, but suddenly noticed an inexplicable bulge in his trouser pocket on the side of the ale. He stepped forward and took out one.

"It seems that he also prepared with both hands."

If it weren't for the anger that carried away, perhaps the ale would not have died so easily.

At least there are bombs as a threat of death, and liqueur will be more scruples.

The gunshots had already aroused the alarm of the congressman. Akai Shuichi sent a message to Liqueur, and the police had already arrived in their direction. Orikasa hurriedly found the bomb and left in a hurry after confirming that the detonator was the only way to detonate.

After confirming it was safe, he sent Hagihara a message explaining the location and model of the bomb.

After hesitating for a long time, he added, "I have something to tell you tonight."