MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.61 -Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.61 -Mar 07, 2023

Gin had to observe the attitudes of Liqueur and Orikasa. Naturally, it would not delay for a long time. The task came quickly, and it was not difficult. It was to clean up the traitors in the organization.

It makes perfect sense that after all these years, no one but Ley and Shirley has escaped the pursuit of the organization.

Orikasa was still in charge of support and logistics in this mission. Originally, he didn't have to go to the scene. But because Gin ordered to keep an eye on the liqueur, he came to the scene despite some reluctance.

The mission target was in the old place, the Geddon Hotel. Orikasa almost wondered if the police could find a few criminals by scanning the Geddon Hotel. Bourbon solved Tanuma Kazuki in Geddon, and Scotland solved Srpion in Geddon. Now the target of this mission is in Geddon again... Can't you change your hotel accommodation?

But given the rising crime rate in Cornflower, perhaps the same is true for other hotels.

Infiltrating is what Liqueur has to do, and Orikasa is only responsible for the collection of preliminary data, the process of the task and the collection and processing of monitoring after the end. As for the traces on the scene, Liqueur will handle it.

To be honest, after knowing the identity of Liqueur, Orikasa also wondered whether her mission would be paddling, or that, like Scotland or Bourbon, some of the mission objectives were directly handed over to the police.

What's more, the target of this mission is an undercover organization organized by a certain country's organization. Even in fellow undercover or traitor friendships, maybe liqueur will keep him safe.

But Orikasa obviously got it wrong. The liqueur did not show any abnormality during the whole process. She accepted the task calmly, and carried out the task calmly, as if she had never thought of the past.

As long as you don't run into Conan, most of the cases handled by the organization will become unsolved. Today, Conan was obviously trapped in an explosion and couldn't get out of it, so the liqueur's escape was also very smooth.

Orikasa was sitting on the rooftop of the building opposite the hotel, reporting the location to avoid surveillance to liqueur through earphones. There were two computers. One computer was the surveillance screen of the densely packed hotel, and the other was knocking on the gin for gin. report email.

I don't know if it was a coincidence or something, but the inside of the room where the task target was located was also monitored by someone.

The camera was probably installed at the location of the smoke alarm on the ceiling, and the process of liqueur's mission was clearly photographed.

The target of the mission probably also knew that he might have been exposed, and he was still alert. He kept pulling the curtains to prevent sniping from outside. In densely populated places, the organization will be as low-key as possible.

As long as he endures for another day, someone will come and pick him up, this is what Orikasa read from the surveillance.

But as long as you are a person, you can't do without three meals a day, although he has been very careful to only order food delivery from the hotel. But it couldn't bear the liqueur that replaced the original service staff.

Although it doesn't have the superb disguising techniques like Belmod or Kuroba Kaito. But you can still wear a wig and make-up so that others can't recognize your liqueur at a glance.

What's more, even if a frontal photo was actually taken, it would still be handled by Orikasa, so there was absolutely no need to worry.

Orikasa watched the mission target take his lunch, and it didn't take long for him to start twitching, clutching his heart and falling down.

Orikasa clearly knew what the reaction was - aptx4869, obviously not everyone could have the luck of Kudo or Shirley to escape from the drug.

After waiting for the liqueur to end the mission and meet with Orikasa on the rooftop, the mission target who fell on the bed had no other reaction, and it was obviously cold.

Orikasa typed the last sentence: "Confirm that the mission target is dead." Click the send button.

The liqueur simply saved him a lot of effort. At least he didn't have to worry about whether to report it to Gin. It took a lot of effort to hide his Scottish identity when his identity was not suspected.

With the current liqueur, Orikasa had absolutely no way to save her while he was able to get out. After all, what he had to face was the killer gin in the organization.

Liqueur doesn't seem to be in a good mood, and normal people shouldn't feel much better after killing people. Although Orikasa didn't know whether she was a normal person or not.

After the liqueur was on the rooftop, she didn't speak. She had changed back to her clothes, but her hair was still in a high ponytail, and she looked a bit like the police academy Orikasa saw in the photo.

Just when Orikasa thought that the Liqueur Club would remain so silent and was already preparing to pack up and go back, Liqueur spoke up. She seemed to have hesitated for a long time: "I heard that you are the last person to see him."

Although he didn't say it clearly, Orikasa knew who she was talking about. He paused, stopped packing his things, and nodded slowly.

"What did he say at the end?" Liqueur asked with a self-deprecating smile on his face. "He's undercover, what else can he say?"

Orikasa remembered Tennessee's last calm smile, and shook his head: "He said a lot."

He talked about why he became an undercover agent, and about his wife and daughter, but he was still very few. Even though he knew that Orikasa was a member of the organization, he still told him "You will be a good boy".

Time had passed so long that Orikasa could only remember a rough outline. He couldn't remember the specific words of Tennessee at the time, but he could remember the wind blowing the white window screens, and the blue sky outside the window was much clearer than today. , In retrospect, it was a rare time to feel quiet in the organization.

Liqueur listened to Zhe Li's stumbling remarks, turned his head slightly, and wiped the sparkle from the corner of his eyes: "Is that so."

She smiled and said to Orikasa, "I trust his judgment."

It is difficult to describe her current expression in words. She is clearly smiling, but she can see the sadness in her eyes at a glance. Orikasa is not a person who is good at comforting people, so she can only be silent in the face of such a situation.

Liqueur's arms rested on the guardrail, across from the building of the Gordon Hotel. Today is a cloudy day, the weather is not very good, the roof is windy, the breeze blows her hair, and the liqueur gathers the broken hair behind her ears: "You should know that I prescribed medicine to solve the task goal, Do you know what he'll feel after taking the medicine?"

How do you feel when you take the medicine? Orikasa had never experienced it firsthand, but he had seen others being given medicine, curled up like shrimp, trying to struggle but seemed to have no strength, and if he wanted to roar, he might not be able to make a sound. Perhaps life is better than death. Yes, but take this medicine. Except for a few lucky ones, they were going to heaven soon.

"I haven't taken this medicine, but I can guess," Liqueur said slowly, and she closed her eyes as if caught in a memory, "Every inch of muscle seems to be scorched on fire, every bone seems to be Interrupted, you can't live, you can't die, the pain is enough to make you forget everything."

Orikasa tilted her head and looked at her. She seemed to be talking about her past experiences. From the missing girl to the code member, the experience between liqueurs, you don't need to think about how bumpy and twisty it will be.

"Have you ever wondered if I would hand over the mission target to the police?"

Before Orikasa could answer, Liqueur continued: "If it was me before, I probably would, no, maybe I didn't have to make such a choice before."

"I checked your information." Liqueur continued, "You are one of the few people in the organization who has never had blood on your hands. You are very lucky, and you have such a position in the organization."

Liqueur is not wrong, Orikasa's position in the organization determines that he doesn't need to do many tasks.

Even if the tasks are accepted, most of them are only auxiliary or finishing roles. The tasks that are really handled are actually only two or three.

Tanuma Ikki is the hand of Bourbon, the zoo itself is a vicious person, Tennessee was seriously injured while avoiding the arrest of the organization, and Kawashima-senpai fell from the building by himself. After all, although Orikasa has witnessed the death of many people , after all, he really did not handle it.

But Orikasa didn't think that his hands were not stained with blood, as Liqueur said, and that his accomplices were also murderers, just as no snowflake was innocent during an avalanche. But he didn't interrupt Liqueur's words, and continued to listen quietly.

"Guess, how many lives did you save Scotland's hands? It's impossible for him to hand over all the mission targets to the police, as well as Bourbon and Ley, who have almost no blood on their hands in the organization. It's impossible."

"I have killed a lot of people, some good people, some bad people, and even a policeman died at my hands. Maybe, he would have been my colleague."

Liqueur turned around and leaned against the railing: "I can't go back."

Orikasa was silent. He understood the current situation of liqueur. No matter what the reason was, if he did it, he did it. The dead will not be resurrected. After dawn, they are all sinners who will be judged.

Liqueur leaned against the railing: "I accidentally talked too much, tell me about you, Yamazaki, have you ever thought about how you got into the organization?"

"Me?" Orikasa was puzzled. He had been in the organization since he was born. To him, this question was as naive as asking a child how your parents could be your parents. here.

"I found some..." Liqueur's words were interrupted by the sound of Orikasa's cell phone. It was the alarm clock that Orikasa had set in advance. The alarm sounded to mean that he had to leave. For Hagihara and Matsuda, he didn't want them to worry about him. .

Liqueur shook his head, "Forget it, let's talk about it next time. The evidence I have here is not very sufficient, and you may not believe it. Anyway, there must be more than one task. Let's talk about it next time."