MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.51Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.51Mar 07, 2023

"What Yamazaki said, what do you think of Zero?" Standing downstairs in the hospital, Zhu Fu Jingguang opened a can of drink and handed it to Jianggu Zero.

"I don't have any opinions, but I feel that Jing trusts Yamazaki very much." Rei Yugu took the drink and leaned lazily on the vending machine, "Speaking of which, we haven't seen each other for three years and haven't had much contact, right? Are you talking about such a serious topic when you first met? Anyway, give me some background information."

Zhu Fu Jingguang laughed: "It's because I didn't think about it carefully, but it's probably because I completely relaxed when I saw Zero."

"How is it, how are you doing over there in the past few years?"

"It's not bad. Nestor taught me a few dishes that helped me a lot, and it also caused a lot of trouble for the FBI. Belmode is much easier to get along with than gin."

It is indeed much easier to get along, at least it is not rare for Belmode to bring him public funds to eat and drink.

"Do your best to work for the organization, don't you allow us to eat something good?" This is Belmod's original words.

Zhu Fu Jingguang smiled and shook his head, "You really haven't changed at all from before."

The two talked about Hagihara, Matsuda, and the squad leader again. They reunited after a long absence, and both of them were very relaxed. "Matsuda said before that when you came back, he would have a good fight with you."

Although Jingguang said so, but Jiang Gu Ling dared to make a hundred oaths, Matsuda's original words would definitely be something like "I want to beat that guy Ling", but he didn't care, "If he thinks he can beat him If you can beat me, let him come, I will definitely not lose anyway."

Jing Guang smiled and shook his head again: "You."

When they were in the police academy, the two of them fought a lot, but the relationship was getting better and better, so let them go.

When the gossip is over, it's time to get down to business. When it comes to business, Zhu Fu Jingguang's expression is much more serious: "Yesterday, Ley suddenly found me and said a lot to me."

Fukutani zero is also serious, and he always has a hundred spirits to deal with things related to Akai Shuichi. Zhu Fu Jingguang briefly repeated the content of Akai's conversation with him yesterday to Jiang Gu Ling.

In the end, he concluded: "There is no need for him to lie to us, and Yamazaki's reaction today confirms what he said."

Ling Gu Ling smiled gracefully: "Let the intelligence experts leave things like intelligence." He touched his chin, "But it seems that I have a lot more trust in Yamazaki in the past few years when I'm not here."

Zhu Fu Jingguang nodded: "A person's daily habits cannot be disguised. In fact, if I hadn't known that Yamazaki grew up in the organization, I would almost think he was undercover."

If I hadn't always remembered the warning before Lei Go not to trust others too much, maybe I couldn't help questioning Yamazaki long ago. Even so, he couldn't help but test Yamazaki more.

"Although I have reservations because I don't know him very well, I'm still willing to trust Jing's judgment."

"What about the liqueur you just mentioned?"

Speaking of liqueur, Zhu Fu Jingguang is even more serious: "We are placing undercover agents in the organization, and the organization is also placing undercover agents on our side. You know this, right?"

Falling Valley Zero nodded: "Team Zero has also been paying attention, but with little success."

"The female police officer brought over by the squad leader today is the person from the organization. She used to be at the Cyber ​​Security Countermeasures Headquarters, and she was transferred recently. Her previous transfer probably has a lot to do with Yamazaki."

Down Valley Zero: "Are you sure?"

Zhu Fu Jingguang nodded: "I'm 100% sure, I met her in the organization, and her code name is Liqueur. If it wasn't for the fact that the network security department is really inconspicuous, I probably would have found her long ago."

Jiang Gu Ling put the cap on his head and waved his hand, "I see, I'm off to work."

Ling Gu Ling's cell phone rang, and it was Ayumi who called: "We found the treasure that Mr. Amuro put away! Was it the little cake that Mr. Amuro made by himself?"

Jiang Gu Ling smiled warmly: "Yes, it is Poirot's upcoming new product. You are the first to try it except the clerk. Is it delicious?"

Zhu Fu Jingguang looked at the back of Jianggu Ling's departure, looked up at the sky, really hoped that such days would pass sooner.

He has always been relieved to give it to Zero, but he also has to report the identity of the liqueur on his own side.

Orikasa Yuyoshi was leaning against the bed in a daze. He rarely had nothing to do. Organizational tasks, occasional requests from the Metropolitan Police Department, and teacher work were enough to occupy all his time.

Although not like a famous working emperor who only sleeps a few hours a day. But it also left him with almost no free time. It is really rare to be able to completely empty himself like now.

Even after a few days in the hospital after the last bombing, he didn't get much free time. After all, Belmod just came to look for him at that time, and there was Conan by his side, so he couldn't relax.

But now maybe his identity has finally been exposed, and he has been worried that what will happen will actually happen, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal, but Orikasa calmed down.

Scotland said that his computer was temporarily confiscated by Hagihara, and that he was not allowed to touch it until the injury was healed. Therefore, it is rare to be able to temporarily stay away from the mission of the organization and the Metropolitan Police Department.

People who are always busy will feel like they have nothing to do when they are free, especially for someone like Orikasa who has hardly had a rest since he can remember. He has absolutely no idea what entertainment is to pass the time.

When he was very bored, Orikasa opened the manga app again, and unexpectedly, the manga was updated again. Since he went to Jianggutian, comics have been stopped on his mobile phone for a long time.

Orikasa understands this very well. After all, Jiang Gutian no longer belongs to the world of Ke Xue in a sense.

But normally, shouldn't comics be updated only when key nodes are triggered? Wouldn't it be the boring treasure game that Bourbon played with the kids today?

It is not impossible, after all, there are protagonists, supporting roles and puzzle solving, and it is not impossible to draw a few words.

Orikasa opened the directory, and then looked down at the last update.

The last update of the manga was after the building bombing. It ended with Belmod questioning to pick up her liqueur. Orikasa scrolled down, and it didn't take long to see the Porsche 356A of Gin appearing downstairs in the hospital. .

Watching the scene of being in the hospital last time in the hospital made Orikasa feel a little bit of a time disorder, as if Gin's car was parked downstairs now. He suppressed this confusion and continued to look down.

The barrage exploded from the moment Conan heard Belmode call out the code name for the liqueur.

[Sure enough, are you going to start choosing one of three liqueurs? 】

[The candidates for one of three choices have not been collected yet, and now there is only one Jingguang]

[No, do you all default Jingguang to choose one of three? His code name is Scotland, right?]

[But Conan doesn't know either]

[Jingguang and such a sweet wine name, I'm still not used to it...]

[There is another one, you have always been ignored, that inexplicably connected with the police academy Yuyoshi Orikasa, don't you think his identity is suspicious? His past has not been revealed at all.]

[Good guy, so liqueur candidates must be found from boys? 】

[Orikasa shouldn't, didn't Matsuda and Hagihara mention that Orikasa rescued them before? 】

[And when the liqueur picked up Sister Bei, Orikasa and Jingguang were both with Conan]

[Appearing at the same time in one episode does not necessarily happen at the same time. Anyway, I think Orikasa still has a problem, he is somehow related to the police academy team]

[No, look at the injured little cutie, does it look like a black square? 】

【Not like】

【Not like 1】

Are the audience already so strong on their red square filters?

Orikasa continued to look down. Next, Conan suspected Zhu Fu Jingguang's identity. Gin and Belmod appeared in the hospital at the same time, and Haibara Ai's reaction in the building made him unable to help Zhu Fujing. Light raised his guard.

In order to draw Conan's attention to Zhu Fu Jingguang, the comics also constantly create encounters. Anyway, Zhu Fu Jingguang can always meet Conan wherever he goes.

So there is a reason why Scotland went to Jianggutian High School with him to hide from Conan?

However, there are only a few days in the middle, so there are still so many cases? Although it's not exactly a murder case, the incidence of this case is also very abnormal.

A certain case begins, and a real liqueur appears. Because it was known early on that it was time to choose one of three, the audience's vigilance was also very high. Almost from the moment when Officer Xiao Qi appeared on the stage, the words "liqueur candidate" were engraved on her forehead.

[Officer Xiaoqi is more likely to be a liqueur than everyone else. The new character, female, is obviously more suitable for the code name of liqueur.]

[But her identity is a police officer. If she is a liqueur, wouldn't the organization have already placed undercover in the police? 】

[Didn't the original work have an undercover? It's normal too]

[The situation is different, the identity of Jingguang in the original work has also been discovered. If the organization has an undercover agent in the Metropolitan Police Department, it makes no sense that Jingguang has not been exposed.]

[Will such a beautiful big sister be black? 】

【I have reservations anyway】

[Mainly, the red party's identity card was issued when they came up]

[Don't you think Black is more emotional? I have been saddened for a long time that Bourbon turned red, and it is obvious that Black has more feelings.]

[No, are you all so sure that she is liqueur? The options haven't come out yet, and have you forgotten about Teacher Judy? The more similar it is, the more likely it is not.]

Because I went to Jianggutian with Scotland, many chapters disappeared for a while. And in these chapters, not only Akai and Amuro appear. Even Belmod's new camouflage was pierced by Conan.

When I read this article, I didn't have any real feeling about the content of more than 1,000 words after only half a year. It was my turn to experience it for myself, and I realized that the progress of the plot is really going to be outrageous.

However, Toru Amuro has already appeared on the stage but Shuichi Akai has not suspended his death. Is it because the main line has begun to become more remote and farther away?

It's a pity, originally Akai Shuichi's disguised identity Okiya Subaru was a graduate student at Tohoku University, and he thought he would have the opportunity to call him a younger brother, but it seemed that there was little hope.