MTL - I’m Real Wine - C.45Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I’m Real Wine

C.45Mar 07, 2023

Not long after Orikasa and Jingguang arrived at Jianggutian High School, Jianggutian High School ushered in the annual campus festival, learning activities were suspended, and the entire campus was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

The program voted by the students of class B was a stage performance, and in order to allow the students to participate in the performance as much as possible, the program they finally chose to rehearse was—

"Nakamori Police Department VS Kaito Kid", needless to say, this is naturally another proposal by Nakamori Aoko.

The reason given by Nakamori Aoko is also very good, because arresting Kidd requires a lot of police, so it is natural to assign a suitable role to each classmate.

When the name of the show was announced, Kuroba Kuito was sitting by the window, looking at the classmates in a speechless expression, and even yawned. The guy who sent out the notice in his name a few days ago has not been caught. Find out, he's been busy with it these days. I don't know why Kuroha Kuito always felt a little uneasy in his heart.

"Isn't the Kaito-san played the Kaito-kun Kid very good before? Why don't you let Kuito-san play the role this time?" Keiko Momoi raised her hand.

"I agree."

"I agree."

"Indeed, if you fight fast, you will be able to do magic." Nakamori Aoko said.

"Kaidou-kun still often pays attention to Kidd's news. To say that the classmate who knows Kidd best is either White Horse or Kuaidou."

"I refuse. It's better to leave such a troublesome thing to perform. White horse is good."

Kuroba Kaito walked out of the classroom after throwing such a sentence. These days, he stayed up all night to track down the person who pretended to be his identity. Kuroba Kaito was really lacking in sleep and had to find a place to make up for it.

Nakamori Qingzi tilted his head and thought for a moment: "Hakuba seems to be pretty good too? Probably the one who knows Kidd best in our class is Hakuba. After all, he is the detective who hunted Kidd."

Bai Ma touched his chin: "Do you play the role of a monster thief? It seems interesting."

Occasionally switching identities seems fine too? And is it possible to better figure out the motive of Kuroba Kaito?

The classmates of class B even invited Orikasa to join their class's performance.

"Our class's goal - not one of them should be able to perform on stage!"

"Since Mr. Orikasa has come to our class so many times, even if he is a member of our class, of course he cannot be absent."

"And it's just a background police officer, very simple."

All in all, despite the enthusiasm of class B classmates, Orikasa agreed. They even invited Zhu Fu Jingguang who came to exchange with them to participate.

In the end, the performers of this stage play can be described as bizarre. The detective plays the strange thief, the strange thief plays the policeman, and there is also a black-clothed organization member and a public security officer who is temporarily undercover in the organization... who can reverse so many roles at the same time. The camp is really not easy.

As for the other protagonist, the Nakamori Police Department, it is played by Koizumi Koizumi. Koizumi Koizumi agreed very positively. If the phantom thief cannot be captured temporarily in real life, it seems good to arrest him in the stage play. The only regret is probably That is, the phantom thief is not played by himself.

And Nakamori Aoko - she and Momoi Keiko are responsible for the writing and rehearsal of the script together.

Aoko Nakamori supervises everyone's rehearsal with energy every day. Fortunately, the role of the background board police is exactly as the students said, just need to be a background board with peace of mind, and walk from the left side of the stage to the right side of the stage when necessary. That's it, it's a very worry-free character.

Kuroba Kaito rarely appears these days, and even if he does appear occasionally, he seems to be absent-minded. If it wasn't for the fact that he hadn't sent a notice recently, Orikasa would have almost thought he was doing a spot-on job.

After a few days of leisurely days in Egutian, Orikasa received a mission from the organization, and the mission target was an old rival—the zoo organization that Orikasa had destroyed in the Tokyo base.

The news from the organization is that the zoo is trying to win over the peripheral members that the organization has prepared to absorb. In order to kill the chickens and show the monkeys, it is necessary to get rid of that member and give the zoo an appropriate blow.

Orikasa was very speechless when he received the task. He was obviously the villain on Kidd's side, so what's the point of letting himself take action.

But the task had to be done. Fortunately, this time he did not need to go into battle in person, but only needed to be responsible for information tracking behind the scenes. The real one was Scotland.

This time, Orikasa did not make a big wave like three years ago, and honestly followed the tradition of the organization, checked the whereabouts of a person who is said to be in contact with that outer member, and handed it over to Scotland, and the rest will be left to Scotland handled it themselves.

As long as it wasn't about him, Orikasa never cared much.

The day of Scotland's hands-on was also the day of the second-year class B's performance. The students in class B were very disappointed to hear that Mr. Green Chuan might not be able to come.

"I'll try my best to come back, but it's nothing if there are so many people without me." Zhu Fujingguang said.

"Of course there's something, but it's a matter of whether all the staff are on the stage." The classmates in class B resigned, making it seem that Zhu Fu Jingguang was the teacher of their class.

The backstage of the performance was a mess. Everyone mixed together to change clothes, put on makeup, and recite the last lines. Orikasa's computer was running on the side.

It has to be said that the organization's requirements for recruiting members are not low, but such a newly selected peripheral member is as cunning as a mouse, and Orikasa caught him several times, but he slipped away.

It was Orikasa, a computer expert on a par with himself, who judged that.

Perhaps it was because there were several famous characters in the school, such as Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Detective, and Koizumi Koizumi, so the program of Class B was arranged to appear last.

Kuroba Kaito was very bored waiting, so he sneaked out from the backstage alone, and Orikasa followed. Even though the attack on the zoo was an organizational task, it could be considered a favor for him, and he had to get some interest back.

Kuroba Kuito slipped up to the rooftop by himself, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and lay down on the ground. He knew that someone was following him, but how dangerous could it be in the school? Probably a classmate who was just as bored as he was waiting.

Orikasa and Kuroba Kaito had already changed into performance clothes at this time. The quality of the clothes ordered online was not much better. There were threads everywhere, and the fabrics were very prone to wrinkling. However, some people are able to improve their clothes abruptly by themselves.

I don't know if it's because the camouflage often needs to play the role of a policeman, but this shoddy police uniform does have a bit of flavor on Kuroba Kuito.

Orikasa looked at Kuroba Kuito who was lying on the ground. He wondered if he was busy with something recently, which made him a little tired. Underneath his languid appearance, there was an edge that had not been restrained. Mr. Monster Thief is somewhat similar.

No one else followed, there were only the two of them on the rooftop, Orikasa was standing, and Kuroba was lying down.

"Phantom Thief Kidd." Orikasa said after a moment of silence.

Kuroba Kaito opened his eyes almost instantly, and his sharp eyes were immediately covered by him: "Is the teacher practicing lines? Our background board only needs to pretend to shout a few times, no need to practice. Bar."

Orikasa shook his head: "You are, Kaitou Kid, right?"

This isn't the first time Kuroba has heard someone reveal his identity. As before, he still intends to play stupid and fool the past. Anyway, he will not admit it if he is not caught. Even if he is caught, there will always be a way to escape, but he does not know how this new teacher knows his identity. of. Could it be that he was the one who sent the invitation letter under his name a few days ago?

Kuroba Kaito smiled skillfully: "Did the teacher listen to what that guy Hakuba said, he is cos Sherlock Holmes is fascinated and suspicious every day, his father is the police chief. If I really are Kaito Kidd, right? He should have been caught by his father long ago."

"Snake." Orikasa said again, "You and him, let's fight."

Snake is the little boss of the zoo who slipped away from the Metropolitan Police three years ago.

Of course Kuroba Kaito remembers snake, after all, it was from him that he learned the truth about his father's death many years ago. But how could this teacher know, does he really know something?

But this is a school after all, and Kuroba Kuito has always distinguished his two identities clearly, so he skillfully pretended to be stupid: "That... teacher, I suddenly remembered that Aoko had something to do with me before, so I will first Let's go." After saying that, he slipped away.

Orikasa looked at the empty rooftop in a blink of an eye, and sighed, as expected of the phantom thief Kidd, who had full of escape skills, slipped so fast.

However, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get the expected response.

Zhu Fu Jingguang sent a message that the target has been solved. And he had some extra gains from the target, which he also gave to Orikasa.

Orikasa browsed the information, which should be enough to find out who that person is, the one who was listed as a peripheral member of the organization but secretly contacted other organizations, perhaps the one who sent the notice in the name of the phantom thief Kidd.

Orikasa didn't stay on the rooftop anymore, turned around and went back to the backstage, where his computer was still there.

On the other side, Matsuda looked at Hagihara: "Isn't it through yet?"

Hagihara shook his head: "Oori Kasa didn't answer, maybe he's busy."

Matsuda leaned on the back of the chair: "What else can he be busy with? Isn't Jianggutian High School a cultural festival recently? He should be quite free, really, running over there is like forgetting us, and there is no one for a few days. information."

Hagihara laughed: "Xiaojinping, you are just thinking about Oorikasa. If you always talk like this, you will be misunderstood."

Matsuda put on his sunglasses and remained silent.

Hagihara twisted the key and started the car: "If it doesn't work, it's fine. Anyway, I have to pass. If I can't get through, I might be able to send a surprise."