MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses - C.582 full moonMar 07, 2023


Mu Chonglai squeezed her palm: "Okay, don't be angry."

As an older brother, he has helped Su Ci to this point, and he believes that he has done his best. If the other party can't seize this opportunity, he will not continue to manage it.

Look, I'm so angry that I cry, and if I continue to help, I'm afraid that my sister will even be angry with him.

Mu Chong came to the point to stop.

Su Ce's eyes first met Mu's. Seeing the stubbornness in her eyes, knowing that she was not joking, he then looked at the night scene outside the floor-to-ceiling window.

The moon bent like a boat.

He frowned slightly, and after a few seconds, his eyes brightened slightly, and he said to Mu Hao Hao: "Wait for me for two hours! Alright, wait for me here!"

When the words fell, he turned and left.

The speed was so fast that Mu Hao Hao was stunned, and before he could react, his figure had disappeared.

In the blink of an eye, only the Mu family brothers and sisters remained in the living room.

Mu Chonglai saw the faint look of worry on his sister's face, and smiled and stroked her hair: "Okay, now you can tell me what happened, and you can make my cute and sensible little princess so angry. ?"

Mu Hao Hao came back to his senses and puffed out his cheeks, but he just turned his face angrily: "I don't understand even if you say it, brother."

Mu Chonglai burst into laughter, recognizing that the young couple was arguing, and felt a little relieved.

On the other side, Su Ce drove on the road and called Ji Ou.

It was quickly connected over there, and the tone was a little surprised: "Hello?"

Su Ce didn't talk nonsense: "Where are you now?"

"This side of the manor." Ji Ou said.

"I remember that I saw an AI glasses on your side before. Is there a holographic starry sky panorama in it?" Su Ce said in a hurry: "That one is not with you now, can you add a full moon to me? I need it urgently. ."

When I went abroad a few years ago. He has met Ji Ou abroad, and the other party is also a ruthless person. In the past few years, he has been prosperous in foreign countries, and his hands are not less bloody, and it is difficult for him to continue to pretend to be a milk dog in front of good.

Ji Ou snorted, his tone a little lazy: "I have such a beautiful starry sky scene, I have the opportunity to give it to my sister, what taste do you have, what is the full moon? No, no."

"It's a good thing. She's going to see the full moon now." Su Ce was very direct: "Can you do it? If you can't do it, I'll ask my company's team to do it."

His company develops holographic games, and it happens to have this team. Maybe he can make one after working overtime temporarily. After all, the idea is ready-made, but the results are definitely not as good as the one in Ji Ou's hands.

When Ji Ou heard that Mu Hao wanted it, he was silent for a moment, but he didn't refuse again: "Come and get it."

Only then did Su Ce put down half of the heart that he had been holding, and thank Ji Ou solemnly, then hung up the phone and hurried over.



There was a lot of wind and dust. When Su Ce returned to Mu's house again, two and a half hours had passed, and he ran in all the way. Seeing that Mu Haohao was still there, he was relieved visibly.

Mu Hao Hao pointed out the window with a cold face: "Two hours have passed, and the moon has not become round."

Su Ce seemed to want to go up and lead him, but he didn't know what to think. He stopped abruptly and just stood there and said, "Okay, let's go out to the terrace. I have a way to let you see the full moon."

Mu Hao Hao didn't look at him anymore, but still got up and walked out to the terrace not far away.

Su Ce followed behind her, and Mu Chonglai also got up. Without the cover of the coffee table, he saw that there was blood on the floor where the boy was standing.

His face changed slightly, but was stopped by Su Ce.

The young man made a silent gesture, indicating that he was fine, and it was the most important thing to coax him well first.