MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses - C.561 Are you pretending to be me to have a good date?Mar 07, 2023

MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses

C.561 Are you pretending to be me to have a good date?Mar 07, 2023

Mu Hao returned to the room, found a gift box on the table, opened it, and found a necklace inside. She liked the style and workmanship very much. The style looked very ordinary. Exquisitely beautiful and not bad at all.

If it was normal, Mu Haohao would have happily tried it on, but now, thinking of Su Ci who was talking to her brother downstairs, and Su Ce who was waiting for her outside the community, she couldn't be happy at all— This birthday was really bad.

She didn't know what Su Ci's plan was going to be next, and she didn't dare to rashly talk to Su Ce... She always felt that Su Ci would definitely have his plans, so she should not act rashly for the time being.

Mu Hao Hao tried very hard to treat everything as an ordinary marriage of wealthy families, but...really, it's so sad.

The little girl was lying on the desk, burying her face on her arms - she really likes Su Ce.

How can I tell him to minimize the damage?

Mu Haohao thought that when she was forced to break up with her boyfriend, she should cry, and she would cry very sadly, but in fact, her mind was blank and she had no idea at all.

Even with a bit of an ostrich mentality, he wanted to hide and wanted Su to resign to solve it - he had to make the situation so bad, Su Ce is his younger brother, then he must take joint responsibility and take Su Ce's Things work out.

But this kind of thought just flashed by, and Mu Hao Hao knew that it was impossible.

The matter between her and Su Ce still has to be resolved by herself... She is destined to live up to this sincere young man.

Mu Hao Hao tightened his hands, closed his eyes, and his vision fell into darkness.

Just lying on the table, she didn't know how long it had passed when she heard a knock on the door, accompanied by Su Ci's pleasant and clear voice: "Okay, can I go in and talk to you for a while?"

Has he finished talking with his brother?

Mu Hao sat up and stayed for a few seconds, until the second knock on the door sounded outside, and she ran over to open the door.

Su Ci stood at the door, looked at her, and asked again with a smile, "Can I go in and sit for a while?"

He paused and said, "Your brother gave me fifteen minutes to say goodbye to you."

Mu Haohao: "…"

Has the brother agreed to let him come to her room to find her?

Does that mean that her brother promised her and Su Ci's marriage?

But also, after having experienced the Su family's help in solving Ji Qinglin's matter, my brother had a high degree of favorability towards Su Ci, but now they are 'in love with each other' again. From my brother's point of view, this is simply perfect.

Su Ci is really a satisfying marriage partner. After getting engaged to him, even if Ji Qinglin has the next move, but thinking about the alliance between Su and Mu, he can only avoid the edge for the time being.

So no matter what aspect he considers, Su Ci is indeed the best choice.

Mu Hao Hao's head was in a mess, thinking about a lot of things, until the boy's cold hand squeezed her face: "Okay, what are you thinking about?"

Only then did Mu Haohao return to her senses, she almost subconsciously stepped back, avoiding his somewhat intimate gestures, and seeing his hand still in the air, she coughed, with a bit of cover: "No, it's nothing, come in. ."

She turned sideways and let Su Ci come into her room.

This is the first time anyone of the opposite **** other than her brother has come into Mu Hao Hao’s bedroom. Although there are servants to clean it on weekdays, it will not be too messy, and she has always been a girl who loves life. There are many warm, lovely and delicate ornaments in the room. , looks very girly.

In a word, if outsiders come to visit, this room will never make the owner disrespectful.

But Mu Haohao was still a little uncomfortable. Seeing Su Ci visiting the room where she was very interested, her eyes swept over various small private collections that she had never shown to outsiders, this feeling is really strange!

It also made my heart beat faster for no reason.

Mu Hao Hao quickly looked for a topic and shifted his attention: "Su Ci, what did you and my brother talk about? How did he tell you?"

Su Ci put a handicraft back in its original position, and beckoned to her: "Come here."

Mu Hao Hao didn't think much about it and walked over.

Then he was wrapped around his waist, and the boy leaned over and kissed him.

Probably worried about Mu Chonglai, he just tasted it, and soon let go of the girl in his arms, and then said: "Tomorrow I will ask my parents to come up with a generous gift to propose marriage."

"I have discussed with your brother that an engagement banquet will be held next week. Our classmates, friends, and two relatives and friends will be invited to come." The teenager held her hand and leaned over to face her. Eyes: "Okay, it's time to wear the engagement ring."

"Your brother also agreed to get a license to hold the wedding as soon as we reach the age of marriage," he said.

Mu Haohao was startled by his sudden kiss, but before she could panic, she was dizzy when the bombs he dropped one after another made her dizzy. Will it be too soon?"

"It's too slow." The teenager stretched out his hand and brushed her moist lips, his eyes slightly darkened: "Okay, you don't know how impatient I am."

Mu Haohao: "…"

She didn't dare to meet eyes like this, so she staggered subconsciously. After a while, she asked in a low voice, "Then... What about Su Ce? What about Su Ce?"

We are going to talk about the engagement tomorrow, but Su Ce is still kept in the dark, and it is unfair to explain to him no matter what.

Mentioning Su Ce, Su Ci looked indifferent: "I will handle this matter, you don't need to tell him anything for the time being."

"But..." Mu Hao Hao was a little anxious.

Su Ci was about to speak when Mu Chonglai's voice came from the door: "Master Su, it's getting late, you should go back."

Fifteen minutes was the limit he could give.

If it weren't for the fact that he didn't dislike him in good words, and that he was getting engaged tomorrow, Mu Chong said that he would never let a boy who came to Mu's house for the first time into his sister's boudoir.

With his back to his future brother-in-law, Su Ci smiled helplessly, looked at Mu Hao Hao, and said, "Trust me, there will be nothing wrong with Su Ce, everything will be discussed when the elders of both sides meet tomorrow."

After explaining this sentence, Su Ci bid farewell to the Mu family brothers and sisters and left the Mu family.

He went back to the car and sat down, took out his pocket, and since he kissed and admired the phone, he basically didn't stop the vibrating mobile phone. The corner of his mouth curled slightly and clicked to connect.

Su Ce's irritable voice immediately came from there: "Su Ci! Where the **** are you?! Are you kissing well?"

His anger almost gushed out: "Are you **** sick! You actually used the excuse of going abroad to get rid of me, are you pretending to be me to have a good date?! Su Ci, I'm your uncle! You are here now What! Did the young master beat you to death!"