MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses - C.557 As long as you and I are engagedMar 07, 2023

MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses

C.557 As long as you and I are engagedMar 07, 2023

Mu Hao picked up the phone, clicked on Su Ci's avatar at the bottom of the list, hesitated for a long time, but couldn't get out that question.

The screen went dark, turned it on again, turned it on again, kept turning it on, and repeated this action over and over again, until there was a knock on the door, accompanied by my brother's gentle voice: "Okay, are you asleep?"

Mu Hao Hao quickly got up and ran over to open the door: "Brother."

Seeing that she was still so energetic, Mu Chonglai raised his hand and rubbed her hair: "It's almost eleven o'clock, why haven't you slept yet?"

Mu Hao Hao raised his face to look at him, and said in an obedient voice, "I almost didn't finish my homework."

Mu Chonglai sighed, knowing that the third year of high school is heavy, so he didn't talk much, just told her to finish the work quickly and take a rest, she really can't finish it, and she will make up when she goes to school tomorrow morning.

Mu Hao Hao responded one by one, stood at the door and watched Mu Chonglai leave. Looking at her brother's slender and straight back, she squeezed her hands down by her side, thinking that she just wanted a number, what the **** was she being hypocritical!

She has the idea of ​​marrying Su Ce. When they get the certificate, she will be Su Ci's younger brother and sister. Just asking for a number is not difficult for a strongman, right?

After closing the door, she picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Su Ci: "Su Ci, are you there?"

Before she could feel anxious, she received a reply from the teenager: "Yes."

Mu Haohao typed quickly: "I'm sorry to bother you so late, I have something I want to trouble you with."

Su Ci sent a sentence: "No trouble, what's the matter?"

"Do you have Ji Qinglin's contact information? Can you give me one?" Mu edited the content and clicked send.

This time, after about ten seconds, Su Ci replied with a question mark: "?"

Mu Haohao bit his lip unconsciously and typed: "I have some personal matters related to Ji Qinglin."

This time, Su Ci didn't reply for a long time. The chat window showed that he was typing, and then he canceled it. After repeating this two or three times, he finally came up with a sentence: "Are you convenient now?"

Mu Haohao replied: "Convenient."

The next second, a voice call popped up, her heartbeat suddenly became a little faster, and even her fingers trembled slightly. After a while, the voice was connected, and she whispered: "Hello."

Su Ci went straight to the point: "What are you looking for with Ji Qinglin, can you tell me easily?"

Mu Hao Hao was silent for a moment, and said, "I'm sorry, it's a little personal matter of mine."

Su Ci didn't speak, and the atmosphere became inexplicable for a while. It was the boy who had chased after her and her boyfriend's brother. Mu Haohao always felt that it was quiet in the middle of the night, so it was not appropriate to talk to Su Ci, so he wanted to hang up: "If you If you find it troublesome, then pretend that I didn't find you today, I'm really sorry."

She paused, remembered one thing, and quickly said, "Please don't tell Su Ce that I have found you."

Her boyfriend is very jealous, especially in the face of his twin brother, if he is a little bit on the side, he is very keen, he will hold her and question her constantly, Mu Hao Hao doesn't want to cause more trouble.

Su Ci heard Su Ce's name over there, and suddenly laughed: "Okay, you are very happy with Su Ce."

When he saw Su Ce's new screensaver, it was a selfie of him and Mu Haohao. The two of them were face to face, smiling brightly at the camera. In their eyes was the wanton youth that Su Ci had never seen before.

In front of him, it is always better to let go in front of Su Ce. When he first entered this world, he thought, when he is with Hao Hao in the future, he must change this, so that Hao Hao will also act like a spoiled child with him. Bullshit.

Well, now is the chance.

When the little girl didn't know how to answer his question, he broke the silence: "Did you find Ji Qinglin because of his recent sniping at your brother?"

Mu Haohao's heart skipped a beat, but he cautiously did not agree, just remained silent.

Su Ci laughed at her vigilance, and said: "This matter is not a secret in the market, and the business fields of Ji's and Mu's do not overlap much, so many people are now watching this incident. , everyone is guessing what Ji Qinglin's purpose is."

Mu Haohao: "…"

She could tell that the young man was probably annoyed by her attitude of treating the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain, so he didn't dare to say a word for a while.

Su Ci said: "Originally, I couldn't guess what Ji Qinglin's purpose was, but now I can probably guess it."

He paused slightly and said, "It has something to do with you."

Although it was a guess, his tone was certain: "You are still underage, and you have always been well-behaved, so you will definitely not offend Ji Qinglin. I guess he took so much trouble to deal with your brother. Haoduo, because he knew that he would follow the normal pursuit route, your brother could not agree to him, so he simply came."

"Mr. Mu should be cornered now, but he still hasn't compromised. You accidentally learned the news and wanted to talk to Ji Qinglin to see if he can change his mind. Okay, am I right?"

Mu Haohao breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously, and became more and more convinced of Su Ci's aura of learning **** - as expected, he is a **** of a dimension higher than mortals, just because she sent him a few messages, he didn't know the truth. A bad deduction came.

She was shocked speechless.

The little girl's shocked and panicked expression seemed to be visible through the phone, Su Ci chuckled, stretched out her hand, and traced the little girl's facial features in the air: "It's useless for you to call him, okay, Ji Qinglin is very purposeful. , spending several months sniping at your brother means that he is bound to win over you, and it is impossible to change his mind just because of your phone call."

"When you contact him, it will only make him deduce that your brother has come to an end, and then increase the sniper force until the goal is achieved."

The analysis from the gods made Mu Hao's chest cold, and she asked subconsciously, "Then what should I do?"

"Find someone to cooperate with your brother, and the helper's strength should be comparable to your Mu family's. When the two sides are superimposed, even Ji Qinglin has to avoid the edge for a while." Su Ci's tone was calm.

"But..." Su Ce also said this assumption, but he also said that now Ji Qinglin is in the limelight, as long as he is not a fool, no one will rush to offend him.

Facing Ji Qinglin's Satan-like opponent, Mu Haohao almost became desperate.

After taking so long, Su Ci promised to return to reality, and gave Ji Qinglin the time he spent with him for two months. Only then did the other party finally let go of his willingness to help him in the game. Now that everything is ready, just wait for the fish to bite the hook. Even Su Ci, finally couldn't hold back the steady pace of the past.

"The Su family can help," he said.

While the little girl was stunned, he repeated: "Okay, the Su family can help, and they are willing to help."

"As long as you and I are engaged."