MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses - C.551 I kiss you, you are not angryMar 07, 2023

MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses

C.551 I kiss you, you are not angryMar 07, 2023

She quickly pulled out her hand, but was held tighter.

Su Ce looked at her with a clear smile in his eyes, and then answered the nurse's question: "I haven't seen my parents yet. I plan to wait until the college entrance examination is over, and the results will be released later."

The doctor wrapped the bandages. Hearing the answer, he couldn't hold back. He added to the topic and said with a smile, "Young people are very thoughtful."

Su Ce nodded: "Of course, we are going to get married."

The doctors and nurses all smiled kindly. Now that the children are precocious, although the two of them are wearing high school uniforms, they do seem to be very thoughtful people.

The girl was pretty and looked soft and soft, but she remained calm throughout the whole process. When I asked her anything, she answered in a clear and coherent manner.

Not to mention the boys, their attention was not on the wound at all. They kept looking at the girl holding hands, and the emotions in their eyes made them feel ashamed when they saw it.

Mu Haohao blushed and stared at Su Ce, wanting to explain, but the wound was already bandaged, and the boy led her out of the department, she could not look back and say to others seriously, "You misunderstood, we didn't dating."

I had to follow Su Ce away under the smiling and ridiculing eyes of the doctors and nurses.

After leaving the hospital, it was already late outside, and even the hospital, which was full of traffic during the day, seemed a little deserted.

Mu shook his hand away, and this time, Su Ce followed her wishes and relaxed, so that she could get her wish.

The little girl stood under the dim street lamp and tried to pretend as if nothing had happened: "It's so late, I should go back, let's part here, I will call my brother to pick me up."

Her eyes fell on his injured hand, and she remembered what she had learned during the medical treatment... When Su Ce beat someone, he hit the ground with several punches, almost hurting his bones. The doctor told him to be careful these days.

Thinking of this, Mu Hao Hao's tone softened, pursed his lips, and whispered: "Be careful when you get home, don't let the wound touch the water."

Su Ce raised his bandaged hand and shook it in front of her: "If I touch water, will you accompany me to the hospital next time?"

"You!" Mu Hao Hao choked and wanted to say something, but when he realized that he was flirting, he glared at him, a little angry: "I won't accompany you, I'm not you, what do you love? That's it, the body isn't mine anyway."

She seemed to be a little annoyed by his sloppy attitude, and when she finished speaking, she walked aside on her own accord. It seemed that she was going to cross the road, but she didn't even want to stand with him.

Su Ce looked at the little girl's annoyed expression, a little funny, and took a few steps up to hold her wrist: "Okay, I'm joking with you, okay, I'll pay attention, you can rest assured."

He paused slightly: "My hands will cook for you in the future, and there will be no sequelae."

Mu Haohao became angry: "Who asked you to cook for me! How do you like it, I don't care about you!"

She struggled a few times but failed to free her hand, and said angrily, "let go! I'm going to call my brother."

Su Ce didn't, but got closer. Before the girl was completely irritated, he said, "I don't have my cell phone, so I can't go home. Okay, you guys will do it to the end, let's go back to school, I'll get my cell phone, Then I'll give you back the cost and the fare just now, okay?"

Mu Hao Hao saw that he had come down seriously, so she calmed down slowly, and after thinking about it, she didn't really want her brother to see Su Ce, so she thought of a compromise: "Well, I'll call you a car, you Go back to school and get your phone, I won't accompany you there, I have to go home first."

It's almost eight o'clock now, if I don't go back, my brother should ask.

Su Ce said: "That won't work, I haven't paid you back yet."

Mu gave him a good look: "It didn't cost much, no need."

Just pay him back the breakfast fee some time ago, just right.

But Su Ce insisted: "No, I don't spend any girl's money."

Mu Hao said that in fact, if it was converted into breakfast fee, Su Ce might still be at a loss, so he insisted: "No need, classmates, you don't have to be so polite."

She didn't want to continue entangled in this topic, and when she finished, she quickly said, "I'll call my brother to pick me up first, and then I'll call a car for you. Wait a minute, it'll be very soon."

After not looking at Su Ce anymore, Mu Hao Hao took out his mobile phone from the pocket of his school uniform jacket, and just held it up, but his wrist was held.

The teenager trapped her again with her absolute height, grabbed her wrist and stepped back until she pressed her against the tree trunk behind him.

He leaned over, sealed her lips, and when she didn't have time to respond, when she subconsciously opened her mouth to speak, he entered, fiercely plundering.

...When he first came to this world, he wanted to do this to her. He wanted to do too much, and he has used up his strength to endure it until now.

Desire was magnified infinitely when he first came into contact with the girl. The original plan was to stop and expand the territory again and again. The girl in his arms reacted and struggled and kicked, but he couldn't shake him in the slightest.

Until Mu Hao's struggle gradually weakened, and even the ups and downs of her chest began to rush quickly, Su Ce knew that this was a sign that she was about to be unable to breathe, so she released her with a bit of reluctance, but still pressed against her forehead, breathing closely. wrapped around.

The excessively quiet atmosphere amplifies each other's heartbeats infinitely, making the boy's voice sound more pleasant: "" Mu Hao Hao, I never spend money on girls. "

He pressed her face, rubbed her ears, and his voice was hoarse: "unless you are my girlfriend—since you don't want me to pay back the money, then be my girlfriend, okay?"

Mu Hao Hao was short of breath, and it took a long time to calm down, but her body was a little weak, she leaned her back against the tree trunk and tried her best to keep her voice steady: "Then pay me back the money and wait until you get home. I'll calculate how much it cost, and I'll send you the details, just transfer it to me via WeChat."

Su Ce smiled, and pecked her moist lips: "Okay, I kiss you, are you angry?"

Mu Haohao: "..." Right.

Why is she really not angry? !

Mu Hao Hao was speechless for a moment, then met the boy's smiling eyes, and reacted with hindsight, almost burning himself with shame: "I'm not! I didn't! I'm very angry! I'm very angry. !"

She stressed: "Su Ce! I'm so angry! Let go of me quickly!"

Su Ce was so cute by her that she leaned over and kissed her again: "Then look at it now, are you still angry?"

Instead of grabbing her wrist, he released it and wrapped her arm around the back of his neck.

Night, street lights, shade of trees, the petite girl stretched her arms around the tall and straight boy's neck, kissing like no one else in the small world.

How to look how beautiful.

Su Ci stood across the road, expressionless.