MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses - C.539 i want to protect youMar 07, 2023

MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses

C.539 i want to protect youMar 07, 2023

After dinner, Mu Hao went back to his room to do his homework. As soon as he took out the paper, the phone vibrated. It was an unfamiliar number.

Mu Haohao connected: "Hello?"

A youthful voice came from over there: "Okay, it's me."

Mu Haohao heard Su Ce's voice at once, her hand holding the phone clenched tightly, and she didn't speak.

The teenager didn't get a response, but what he wanted to say was not blocked in the slightest. His tone was light and he could hear that he was in a good mood: "Have you been in the rain? Did you ask someone to cook **** soup for you when you got home? Remember to take a shower first. clothes..."

The familiarity in the tone is as if they have known each other for a long time.

Mu Hao Hao couldn't hold back, interrupted him, and asked, "Student Su Ce, did we... know each other before?"

This sentence made the teenager on the mobile phone stop, and his breathing became heavier, as if he was holding back his emotions.

Mu Haohao was silent for a while.

Then the youthful words came again: "Don't you know each other now? Mu Hao Hao, I'm Su Ce, a junior high school student. I play basketball very well. My current academic performance may not be very good, but I will soon. catch up."

"By the way, I can also cook, and I can also cook desserts and cakes. I can cook the little cakes you like, sago, and Xue Meiniang..."

Mu Hao Hao hurriedly interrupted him: "Su Ce, you don't need to tell me this, we don't know each other..."

Her heartbeat was a little faster, and she vaguely realized something—she had actually received confessions from many boys before, but they were basically implicit and obscure.

No one has ever been like Su Ce, who was so enthusiastic, brilliant and grand as soon as he came up.

He was so if they would end up together in the end.

Mu Haohao couldn't explain the feeling in her heart, so she felt very flustered. She didn't know how to deal with it, she just wanted him to stop talking.

Su Ce paused, then laughed, with a clear and pleasant voice, he said, "Why don't I tell you? Well, I learned this for you."

"I learned to cook, I learned to make desserts, I learned to control my bad temper, just to like you. I am full of joy for you, and I can't hide it. I want you to know, what's wrong with it?"

Mu Haohao's body tensed unconsciously, and it took a long time before he stumbled and said, "I...I didn't learn this, you can't, you can't kidnap me morally."

The teenager seemed to be amused by her reaction: "Mu Haohao, why are you still so cowardly?"

He sighed softly: "If you don't find a better boyfriend, what will you do in the future? You will definitely be bullied by many people."

Mu Haohao just wanted to say that she would not. She has a brother, and she is not a little girl who is bullied. She knows how to reason and fight back.

But she couldn't say a word of these words, and she heard the young man over there say seriously: "Mu Hao, be my girlfriend, and I will protect you in the future."

Mu Haohao blushed: "I don't need your protection."

"Well, let's put it another way." Su Ce said: "Mu Hao, I want to protect you, okay?"

Mu Haohao: "…"

She felt that her whole body was about to burn: "You...we...we only talked for the first time today. Don't you think you are so, so frustrating..."

Su Ce: "Where is Meng Lang, I like you, I want to be with you, why is it Meng Lang? I still dislike it for being too slow, otherwise I'll carry you directly to the car after school without letting your shoes go. You get wet."

Mu Haohao: " stop talking!"

"Then you promised to be my girlfriend, didn't you?" Su Ce asked.

"I didn't!" Mu Hao Hao was a little anxious, not sure why the conversation turned into what it is now.

"Why haven't you agreed yet?" Su Ce asked again, "Are you dissatisfied with something about me? Then tell me, I'll change it right away."

In reality, his two years were not for nothing, and he learned a lot from Ji Qinglin, such as the conversation skills at this time - he has always been in control of the initiative, and the situation is dominated by him.

Mu Hao held it for a long time, but he couldn't say anything. After a long time, he said, "My brother won't allow me to fall in love early."

"Then let's secretly fall in love first, and then tell your brother when you're an adult, so it's not a puppy love." Su Ce said.

Mu Haohao: "…"

Before she could find the rhythm, Su Ce closed it when she saw it: "Then it's decided, girlfriend, go ahead and do it, I'll bring you breakfast tomorrow, I'll make it myself, then you can see if you like it or not. like."

Before Mu Haohao could speak, the teenager gave her a very loud kiss through the phone, and then hung up.

Mu Haohao: "…"

She touched her ear unconsciously, feeling that the boy's kiss seemed to be printed on her ear, which made people panic.

The phone that was still in her hand heard the arrival of a message. Her face was flushed, almost embarrassed. She quickly opened WeChat with a bit of cover, and found that it was a friend verification message—girlfriend, hurry up. pass.

It's Su Ce.

She blushed at the words of her girlfriend, her thoughts were floating in the sky, and she couldn't touch the ground.

He looks so good. Did he use this trick often on girls before?

Mu Hao bit his lower lip, told himself to calm down, and clicked reject - he looked like a bad boy, riding a motorcycle, not wearing a school uniform properly, skipping classes, and fighting with people from other schools on the basketball court.

There are too many rumors about the twins' school draft in the school, and there is almost nothing good about Su Ce.

He was flamboyant and enthusiastic, reckless and reckless.

She and her are two different worlds.

What's more, they had only had their first conversation today. With such a character, how could he tell her just because she learned to cook?

After a brief analysis, Mu Hao Hao calmed down slowly. She turned off her phone and started to do her homework.

On the other hand, after Su Ce's friend request was rejected, he called his little fiancee, and it showed that it was turned off.

He was stunned for a moment, then smiled: "As expected of my family, this vigilance is awesome."

Then he smiled slightly: "But even my husband can't recognize it, and I don't feel it at all."

Or does she prefer Su Ci's seriousness?

The boy narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a low voice, "Okay, I'm going to be angry."

Standing in the supermarket, the shopping cart beside him was full of various ingredients. While he was in a bad mood, he continued to choose the ingredients according to the taste of his little fiancee.

Shu Yao, who was shopping for snacks not far away, was surprised when she saw Su Ce, and confirmed with the system in the sea of ​​knowledge: "Is that Su Ce?"

Isn't Su Ce the most grumpy among the five male protagonists? How can someone come to the supermarket to buy something?

And what he chooses are eggs, low-gluten flour, butter and other ingredients. According to the data, he is a young master who does not touch the spring water. What do you do when you buy these ingredients that need to be processed?

The point is why is he so skilled at buying such a thing? !