MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses - C.522 I'm going to have dinner tonightMar 07, 2023

MTL - I Became the Pet of the Five Bosses

C.522 I'm going to have dinner tonightMar 07, 2023

After the crowd dissipated, the few girls who were close to Shen Qingmiao in the past hesitated not far from her, and after a while, they all left.

- Shen Qingmiao made it clear that they offended the Mu family. The richest man in China is not just talking about it. In all aspects of the industry involved, if they go to trouble at this time, who can guarantee that Mu Chonglai will not bring disaster to Chiyu?

Let’s go, anyway, Shen Qingmiao is destined to be useless and it is not worth going to the Mu family to displease her.

In the blink of an eye, in front of the open space in the dormitory building, she was the only one left crying, looking really pitiful.

Chu Qin felt relieved, snorted heavily at her back, and then dragged Song Yinian back to the dormitory.


On the other side, after Mu Hao Hao, Shen Tinglan and Mu Chong came out of the campus, the time had already pointed to 10:30 in the evening, it was getting late.

And Shen Tinglan hasn't had dinner yet.

With this in mind, Mu Haohao said to Mu Chonglai, "Brother, he hasn't eaten yet."

Is this an expulsion order?

Mu Chonglai was really **** off by his sister, and at the same time, his heart was sore, his whole body was about to soak in the vinegar vat, and his voice was like a resentful woman in a cold palace: "I have come so far to support you. , you treat me like this? Mu Hao, am I still your favorite brother?!"

Mu Haohao's originally dull mood was interrupted by this, and it suddenly cleared up. She frowned and walked over to hold his arm: "Brother, what are you doing compared to this? You are different."

Mu Chonglai was still angry: "Of course it's different, how can I compare to your boyfriend's hair!"

Mu Hao died of laughter, and it took a long time to coax him into his hair. Before Mu Chong came to leave, he still looked at her with no anger, but in the end he just reached out and rubbed her hair several times, rubbing her hair. You have to be like a chicken coop, and finally you can leave smoothly.

When he left, Shen Tinglan came over and held her hand, and the two went back to the community along the road.

Passing a small supermarket on the way, Mu Hao went in and bought some ingredients before going back.

When he got home, Mu Hao Hao raised his face and looked at him: "Shen Tinglan, can I fry steak for you?"

Her cooking skills are average, and Shen Tinglan is a detail-controller. He doesn't eat takeout, and sometimes the timing is unfortunate. He would rather drink coffee than order takeout.

Mu thought about it for a while, and among the things she could make, steak barely caught his eye.

Shen Tinglan didn't speak, she pushed the person against the wall, leaned over and kissed him.

The little girl was very well behaved, standing on tiptoe and wrapping her arms around his neck in response.

The kiss was pure and did not entrain any adult desires. Until the end, Shen Tinglan held her face and whispered, "You go to sit, I'll fry, do you want to eat together?"

Mu Haohao blushed slightly, but insisted: "I'll do it, you go and rest for a while."

Shen Tinglan chuckled lightly, his eyes faintly laughing out of the shape of his own peach blossom eyes, looking at Sven and seductive.

Mu Haohao was a little uncomfortable to see, and quickly pushed him away, carrying the food bag to the kitchen.

Shen Tinglan followed, folded her arms over her chest, and leaned halfway against the kitchen door, leaning there lazily to watch the little girl get busy.

She put on a pink scarf, and if she felt anything, she looked back and saw that he was not far away, she gave him a sweet smile.

The little girl was born with red lips and white teeth, picturesque eyebrows and eyes, milky white skin that almost glowed under the light, and a pair of deer eyes that were bright and clear, which was really beautiful.

And Shen Tinglan knew that the **** the top of her heart was only eighteen years old this year, and her amorous feelings had not yet been fully revealed.

His heart swayed, and an unprecedented feeling surged up - such a girl reciprocated the same love for his heart.

In a way, when he was in control of his body, she really belonged to him completely.

And this was something he never even dared to think about in his last life.

Now, just reach out and embrace it all.

Shen Tinglan didn't have any other thoughts at first, because he knew that the little girl was still uncomfortable during this time, so he avoided them for so many days.

If it wasn't for the incident with Shen Qingmiao, he originally planned to take Mu out for a good meal and then send her back to school.

However, at this moment, he suddenly couldn't help it.

He walked over, put his arms around her waist from behind, and nibbled on the tip of her pink ear. The voice was Su, who he didn't even notice himself: "Okay, I want to add dinner tonight."

Mu Haohao was shaken by the sudden itching, and hurriedly tilted her head and rubbed it on her shoulder. After the itch was over, she turned to look at Jun face who was close at hand, and nodded: "Okay, What do you want to eat?"

If she can't do it, she will check the steps online.

Mu Hao Hao is a good young man with strong roots, and he really didn't think about other places at first, until the person who put his chin on her shoulder smiled in a low voice: "I want to eat you, okay, what else is there for dessert after dinner? You are sweeter."

Mu Haohao shivered, the broccoli flower in his hand fell into the sink, and the originally fair complexion quickly turned red, from the tip of the ear to the neck, to the collarbone and down, as long as the eye can see, All red.

"Shen, Shen Tinglan..." She stammered and called him.

The man snorted and said again: "I want to dress up the dessert myself, can I?"

Mu Haohao: "..."

She almost lost her footing, and when she spoke again, she was rather annoyed, and thrust her elbow back: "Go watch TV! How can I cook like this!"

Shen Tinglan hugged her tightly, imitating Ji Ou's tone wickedly: "Sister~~ can I dress up my dessert?"

Mu Hao explodes in place! Almost died on the spot, she almost shouted: "No! Don't even think about it!"

Shen Tinglan leaned over and kissed her face: "But I really want it, okay."

He didn't wait for her to refuse, and said again: "Why don't you ask me how I plan to dress up and deny it?"

Mu Haoke knew too much about Shen Tinglan's setting of the little yellow people from the inside to the outside, she resolutely ignored it, picked up the broccoli, washed it, and started to cut it.

However, the hand was held from behind, and the young man's clean and slender fingers wrapped her hand in, and what sounded in his ears was the superb chatting skills of a man.

Shen Tinglan is a lawyer himself, and speaking clearly is the basic operation. When he describes something, it is very easy for people to have a sense of picture.

At this moment, he whispered in her ear in the tone of the gentle and scum lawyer Shen, which was 100% consistent with the original text of "Blooming"—

"Okay, will you just wear this pink apron later, and then we'll be right here, just like I'm holding you now... how about it, eh?"

Mu Haohao was so ashamed and angry that he could no longer hold the kitchen knife in his hand, and fell on the countertop with a bang. He wanted to push him away, but he was caught by his lips, blocking all words.