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Chapter 555 You are not far away

The thin Chu Mingxuan appeared in the hall of Song and Dance Shengping. The ministers greeted him, but they wondered if Chu Mingxuan was seriously ill.

Why, it looks like there are only bones left.

Emperor Ling Hui's already meager heir is in danger.

Emperor Ling Hui didn't have any siblings yet, so he just wanted to pick one from the sideline, but there was no way.

"The Emperor is coming—"

The eunuch's sharp voice came, everyone restrained their thoughts and knelt down quickly.

"Long live the emperor! Long live!"

Emperor Ling Hui was dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe and had a majestic and domineering mature man's handsome face, which formed a sharp contrast with Chu Mingxuan.

Emperor Ling Hui was sitting high, obviously the emperor, but there was no one around.

The most beloved concubine Linggui did not appear.

This inevitably makes people suspect that the rumor that Concubine Ling has absconded from the palace and eloped with someone is true.

When everyone's thoughts were different, Chu Mingxuan stood up generously, picked up the glass and said: "My son, I wish the father and the emperor a long life, the country is prosperous and the people are safe. Every year has today, and every year has today."

Emperor Ling Hui picked up the wine glass, glanced at Eunuch Li, who was pouring the wine, and laughed, "It's a good year, there is today, and every year has this day."

Looking at Emperor Ling Hui's unfathomable eyes, Chu Mingxuan's heart skipped a beat, maybe he had been discovered.

Emperor Ling Hui drank the wine glass in a flash, and Chu Mingxuan put his heart into his stomach.

In a short while, Emperor Ling Hui will die, and he will be the emperor.

Chu Mingxuan couldn't contain his joy, but unexpectedly, a sudden pain came from his stomach.

His face was pale, but he saw Quan Kyushu smiling at him.

Chu Mingxuan's eyes widened in disbelief.

how so! ?


Emperor Ling Hui covered his stomach and shouted, "There are assassins!" The food on the table was also swept to the ground.

Everyone was in a panic, and hurriedly shouted for the imperial doctor. The guards came from all directions, and everyone was waiting.

When they saw clearly that Ming Xuan was even paler than Emperor Ling Hui, they couldn't help but feel terrified.

The emperor and the only legitimate heir are dead, so who will inherit the throne?

The severe pain gradually spread to the limbs and bones. Chu Mingxuan did not want to die. He used all his strength to grab the sleeves of Quan Jiuzhou, "Save me! Uncle!"

Quan Kyushu's always indifferent eyes showed a strong yin, "All of you Chu family should be damned!"

Chu Mingxuan's eyes widened in disbelief, and in a panic, he let out a scream, "Why?!"

Everyone's attention shifted to all Kyushu in an instant.

Quan Kyushu was probably ready to die a long time ago, proudly like an independent pine on a cliff, spit out a few cold words, "Because you are an idiot!"

"Murdering his father and brother, he has no brain at all. If he wants to die or lose the face of our whole family, it is no wonder that Emperor Ling Hui wants Gu Junyan to inherit the throne."

As soon as these words came out, the whole room was shocked.

What are all Kyushu saying?

Emperor Ling Hui wants Gu Junyan to inherit the throne?

Isn't he Gu Chilie's son?

And, isn't he dead?

Everyone's faces were full of doubts, and they heard Chu Mingxuan's roar like a trapped beast, "What are you, you are just a waste person who takes advantage of people's dangers!"

Quan Kyushu froze his face and coughed twice, as if to confirm what Chu Mingxuan said.


Before he finished speaking, the Cloud Piercing Arrow shot straight into the chest of Quan Kyushu.

He lowered his head and glanced, without anger or cursing, but with a mysterious smile, he said to Emperor Ling Hui who sat up at some unknown time in the Golden Palace, "You are not far away."

(end of this chapter)