MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses - C.547 Emperor Ling Hui was his grandfatherMar 07, 2023

MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses

C.547 Emperor Ling Hui was his grandfatherMar 07, 2023

Lu Ye smiled and said, "Our empress is in the car."

Zeng Sanshui was confused again: "What is a car?"

Zeng Sanshui has heard of bicycles, tricycles, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycles, but he has never heard of any cars.

Lu Ye's eyes fell on the black car that Bai Wutong was riding, and said to Zeng Sanshui, "You will know soon."

Since the research institute developed automobiles, automobile manufacturing has developed rapidly.

The Queen's Mansion has gathered several cars of different colors. Yu Suisheng led the team to continuously conquer the car technology provided by the scientific research institute, and gradually manufacture car engines.

In a few days, car sales can be put on the agenda.

The small amount of trucks and automobiles produced by the imperial court are mostly supplied to the army, arsenal, scientific research units, and high-ranking units.

Whoever can see the car pick-up can know who has a high status in Xiaoyao Kingdom.

The steel monster in Zeng Sanshui's eyes stopped when the gongs and drums stopped.

Across the front window, he could see that there seemed to be someone inside.

Suddenly, the door of the car was opened by the breeze that jumped off the horse, and a young, beautiful and imposing woman walked out of the steel monster.

Zeng Sanshui has seen many beauties, several of them, with the same appearance as the woman in front of him.

But, she has a unique temperament, dazzling like the bright moon in the sky, making people unable to take their eyes off her.

Just when Zeng Sanshui praised the amazing appearance of this woman, the next second, he was stunned.

Because, on the other side of the steel monster, Chu Tianbao came down!

This guy has made countless military exploits since he was sixteen years old, and his reputation has completely overshadowed him at the age of twenty, becoming a major general that everyone admires.

He appeared with this woman, doesn't it mean that this young and beautiful woman is the Queen of Southern Borders.

Is this a matter of maintenance skills, or is the Southern Border Empress just like this.

Chu Tianbao is too profitable!

I heard that the Queen of Southern Borders only had his husband, and she also gave birth to a pair of children for him.

Bai Wutong and Chu Tianbao appeared, and the atmosphere at the scene reached an unprecedented climax.

The people cheered excitedly, "See the empress, join the king's husband!"

Bai Wutong waved to them, but the cheers of the people grew louder, showing that the people loved Bai Wutong from the bottom of their hearts.

Looking at the radiant Bai Wutong, Chu Tianbao, and Qu Yuanxian, the smile on the corner of his mouth faded a lot when he thought of his eyes on this trip.

What reason did he have to persuade such a good country to submit to Emperor Ling Hui?

Qu Yuanxian thought of his relatives far away in the imperial city of Ling Kingdom, and was very entangled.

Perhaps, Bai Wutong could not be persuaded to surrender, so Chu Tianbao could write a letter to Emperor Ling Hui. After Emperor Ling Hui was appeased, he would not attack his wives and children.

Bai Shining learned from Chu Mingxuan that when the Southern Border Empress was his daughter, he didn't believe it at all.

Even now, seeing the appearance of the Southern Border Empress, he is still a little dazed.

Could it be a mistake.

There are many people who look very similar in this world, and how could the noble aura of the Queen of Southern Borders be the same as his timid eldest daughter.

Jia Yuqin and Bai Yanshui's faces were even more shocked than his.

Really, Bai Wutong is still alive, and she has become the Queen of Southern Borders that everyone admires.

The man who stood closely with her was handsome and extraordinary, like an exiled immortal. He was the biological son of Emperor Ling Hui and Concubine Ling, the real first prince, and he looked like Emperor Ling Hui eight points. No one would know if he was not his own. letter.

Bai Nishui bit her lip and shivered, afraid that Bai Wutong had already known the truth of her falling off the cliff, and she was jealous that she had such a great fortune after falling off the cliff.

On the other hand, she said that she was the concubine of the eldest prince, but she was not as good as a servant.

And, before Chu Tianbao became the eldest prince, he was still the major general of the Gu family whom everyone admired!

Bai Wutong is not as good as himself in every way, why is there such a great fortune!

But now, they had to recognize the situation, and they had to quickly recognize Bai Wutong and Bai Shining.

Otherwise, neither Chu Mingxuan nor Emperor Ling Hui's anger could bear it.

The moment Bai Shining stretched out his hand to shout at Bai Wutong, the soldiers who had taken precautions quickly sealed his mouth, leaving him speechless.

Bai Yanshui saw that Bai Shining was covering his mouth, for fear of being taken into the cell, he would have no chance, and hurriedly cast a look of help at Qu Yuanxian.

They were at the back, and Qu Yuanxian turned his back to them again.

Qu Yuanxian didn't see it at all, and even if he saw it, he couldn't interfere with Bai Wutong's decision for them.

The voices of    were full of people, and Bai Wutong walked to the team, but Bai Shining's family was detained and sent to the Sky Prison alone.

Qu Yuanxian took the lead and paid tribute to the white phoenix tree.

The    team also saluted Bai Wutong, "I have seen the Queen of Southern Borders."

Ling Guo came to envoy and took the initiative to salute their empress. The people of Xiaoyao City suddenly felt a strong sense of pride, and they became more welcoming to Qu Yuanxian and their visit.

Zeng Sanshui greeted Chu Tianbao casually, "Major General." Then he asked, "Where's Marshal Gu?"

The news of Gu Chilie's rebellion was suppressed by Emperor Ling Hui.

Zeng Sanshui always thought that Gu Chilie would stay in the southern border and enjoy all day long.

As soon as these words came out, the originally peaceful atmosphere suddenly froze.

Qu Yuanxian immediately gave Zeng Sanshui a wink, don't ask any more questions.

If you don't ask, don't ask, he's too lazy to ask.

What is it? Bai Wutong has prepared a grand banquet for them.

While eating delicious food, listen to local dance songs.

Looking at the sumptuous food on the table, Zeng Sanshui rubbed his stomach and laughed at Bai Wutong: "There are so many delicacies in southern Xinjiang, and I have become fatter now."

Bai Wutong smiled and said, "General Zeng is satisfied, and his trip to the southern border is not in vain."

"Dong Dong Dong—"

The bell of the Drum Tower rang suddenly, and everyone looked up in the direction of the bell.

"Bang bang bang—"

The fireworks that suddenly rise are gorgeous and colorful, and the night view of the entire Happy City is like an ancient castle only in mythology.

Everyone raised their mouths involuntarily, admiring the ever-changing fireworks scene.

Zeng Sanshui drank a lot of fine wine at the dinner table, and was carried back to the single-family villa specially arranged for them by his subordinates.

Qu Yuanxian came to Yang Quanzi.

Yang Quanzi looked at him, and he was happy. He should have asked, "Why did Emperor Ling Hui send you to our Xiaoyao Kingdom?"

Our Happy Country is like excluding him.

Qu Yuanxian couldn't help but flash a trace of loss in his eyes, "Teacher, Emperor Ling Hui asked me to convince the empress to return to the country of Ling, and to ask Chu Tianbao to bring the children back to the country of Ling."

Yang Quanzi frowned suddenly, his tone filled with anger: "He wants our princess and prince to stay in Ling country as a proton?"

Qu Yuanxian shook his head quickly, "No, Emperor Ling Hui is their grandfather, and it is impossible for them to be disadvantaged."

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