MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses - C.541 I am the father of the queenMar 07, 2023

MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses

C.541 I am the father of the queenMar 07, 2023

Chapter 541 I am the father of the empress

The stewards and entourage didn't want to be put in jail, but they wouldn't have a good life if they confessed to Bai Shining.

Just when they hesitated, a few strong locals next to them pointed to the noses of the stewards and entourages and said, "Go to jail and see that I won't let my brothers kill you!"

Lu Ye immediately reprimanded, "Don't talk nonsense!"

The steward and his entourage were still in pain, and they looked at them with a pair of fierce lights like tigers and wolves, thinking that they really dared to kill them in prison.

Immediately, he was cowardly.

The steward and his entourage put their heads on the ground and snorted hard, "General, spare your life. Our master told us to do it. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the guts to harass that girl."

Bai Shining's face suddenly turned green, "Nonsense! Diao slave deliberately framed me and ruined my innocence!"

It was already recruited anyway, and the steward hurriedly said, "General, the villain dare not, the gold is all in charge of the master himself. If he doesn't give us gold, we can't get twenty taels of gold."

"If you don't believe me, General, you can ask and check carefully. Since we entered the southern border, we only have a few pieces of silver on us, and we can't use it in the southern border."

"The gold that the master gave us was mortgaged and exchanged at the bank in the name of the envoy."

The steward remembered something, and hurriedly said: "If the general doesn't believe it, you can look at the mark on the gold, and the national emblem of your Xiaoyao Kingdom."

Bai Shining was furious, "He must have stolen this gold from outside!"

Lu Ye said with a smile, "Since he stole it, why would he spend 22 taels of gold for you at one time."

Bai Shining quibble, "So he deliberately wanted to frame me!"

The steward turned pale in shock, "No, no small ones!"

Father Ziya said fiercely, "How dare you do something old, General Lu, sentence him to a few more years!"

Bai Shining panicked and stammered, "Bold, I am the envoy from Ling Guo, or you, the biological father of your empress!"

He can't go to the prison, he is in the prison, how can Chu Mingxuan's antidote be given to him.

Once in prison, he will surely die.

As soon as these words came out, the scene was quiet for a moment.

followed, and there was a huge roar of laughter.

"Just like your grandson, you pretend to be the father of our empress!"

"Bah, the Empress has been in bad luck for eight lifetimes before she was hooked on something disgusting like you."

"Hahaha, it's not good to talk to anyone. If you talk to the Empress, you'll have to laugh at us."

"Dare to insult our empress, the crime is one more class, and he must be locked up until the end of the world!"

There were only a few soldiers from the Ling Kingdom, whispering in a low voice, "The surname of the female emperor of the Southern Border is Bai, and the governor of Bai is also surnamed Bai, isn't it true?"

"The Queen of Southern Borders is in Southern Borders, and how could it have anything to do with the people of Southern Borders who worship her so much."

"That's right, that Governor White can really talk big."

"Would he really be locked up? He was locked up. We Ling Guo lost face and were not allowed to fight?"

"Who knows!"

The soldiers were talking, but Zeng Sanshui and Qu Yuanxian's faces became embarrassed.

Bai Wutong's identity was unknown before he came to Southern Border. Emperor Ling Hui knew that Chu Tianbao was his real eldest son, yet he let the eldest prince's side concubine follow him on an envoy, which inevitably made people suspicious.

Now, Bai Shining blurted out that he was the father of the Southern Border Empress.

Qu Yuanxian's complexion suddenly changed, maybe, is it true?

Emperor Ling Hui sent them here in order to make Bai Shining persuade Bai Wutong to return to the country of Ling and return to the court together with Chu Tianbao.

Lu Ye didn't have a good impression of the Bai family, and Bai Shining dared to keep saying that he was the empress' father.

's face suddenly sank, and he said without hesitation, "Lock them all up and detain them in the southern prison!"

Bai Shining struggled desperately, "I'm her biological father, if you dare to treat me like this, I'll make you run away!"

Bai Nishui didn't want Bai Wutong to really be the empress of the Southern Border, nor did he want the person she married to be the real eldest prince.

But, right now, I can't help but take advantage of her power, "Whoever dares to pull my father away, I will let Bai Wutong destroy you!"

It was a bandit who pushed Bai Wutong down the mountain, and there was no evidence. Even if Bai Wutong suspected anything, they could refuse to admit it.

Bai Yanshui called the Empress by her name, and Lu Ye's face darkened.

He never believed that the Empress would have such an inferior family, "Pull it away!"

The soldiers pulled the man away, and Bai Nishui stomped his feet, "Wait for me!"

Lu Ye wasn't afraid of them. With dark eyes, he went to the communication room of the post station and dialed the number of the Empress' Mansion.

Chu Tianbao picked up the phone, and Lu Ye hurriedly reported the situation here to Chu Tianbao.

Chu Tianbao's expression suddenly cooled down, "Lock them all up!"

Lu Ye was startled, "Including the eldest prince's concubine?"

Chu Tianbao hummed in a low voice and hung up the phone, obviously full of anger.

Lu Ye couldn't help but wonder, could it be that these people in the Bai family are really related to the Empress?

However, looking at Chu Tianbao's attitude, even if it is related, it is not a good relationship.

Lu Ye immediately arrested the entire Bai family.

Bai Nishui widened his eyes angrily, "Why do you arrest me?"

Jia Yuqin hid behind the maid and shouted to Zeng Sanshui and the others who ran out, "The people of Xiaoyao people just arrest people, do you just allow us to be bullied?"

Zeng Sanshui looked at Lu Ye with a sullen face, "About Bai Shining, you still have a reason to arrest their female relatives, what's the matter?"

Lu Ye said coldly, "They know in their hearts that what they have done, they should let the Empress personally intervene!"

Zeng Sanshui and Qu Yuanxian glanced at each other, thinking of the previous guess, and their hearts suddenly shuddered.

Even so, Zeng Sanshui insisted: "Those who want to capture our Lingguo must give legitimate reasons."

Lu Ye raised the corners of his mouth, "Reason, pretending to be the relatives of the empress, to damage the reputation of our empress, is a serious crime in our country!"

Zeng Sanshui is undeniable, but he can only watch Bai Yanshui and Jia Yuqin being taken away.

The soldiers who were passing through were all muttering, "We are too cowardly!"

"Shh~ don't let the general hear you."

Zeng Sanshui also felt very aggrieved. The dignified and small country took them seriously.

However, both Chu Tianbao and the Queen of Southern Borders have given birth to a child, and it is also theirs to round up the territory of Xiaoyao Kingdom.

Zeng Sanshui's mood suddenly improved again, and after seeing Chu Tianbao, he told him that he must popularize the use of electricity before their Lingguo!

At that time, his desk lamp can also be used.

The phone is also installed, anytime, anywhere, call whoever you want to call!

Buy another ice machine, put it in his house in summer, freeze a lot of watermelons, eat them in turns, and hold a frozen watermelon party, especially for those old guys.

Bai Mishui and Jia Yuqin looked at each other after they were locked in the cell, and became scared, "Mother, shouldn't she find something?"

(end of this chapter)