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Chapter 538 Annunciator

Lu Ye smiled and said, "Plastic bottle."

Zeng Sanshui is like a hundred thousand why, "What material is that made of?"

Plastic bottles are refined and processed from petroleum, which is not a secret in southern Xinjiang.

Even if Zeng Sanshui was taught science, he would not understand.

Lu Ye didn't want to bother, because Zeng Sanshui had too many questions.

If    is answered, there must be another question.

He didn't want to answer, but when he saw Qu Yuanxian others, he looked at him with a curious look.

Lu Ye remembered that they were envoys, and it was necessary to promote the proud achievements of their country to them.

squeezed the plastic bottle and said, "This is a plastic bottle made of black gold water."

"Black Gold Water?"

As soon as these words came out, everyone showed a look of disbelief.

The black gold water is black, oily and smelly, and can only be used as a burner. How could it be possible to make such a beautiful bottle?

However, Lu Ye said: "There is a special substance in the black gold water, we call it naphtha, which is the main raw material for making plastics. It is extracted from the black gold water and processed to become plastic. Our Xiaoyao Kingdom is very common, you will often see food, medical packaging, and daily necessities are all plastic products."

What Lu Ye said, they could understand every word, and when they were put together, it was strange and puzzling.

Zeng Sanshui stared at the plastic bottle in his hand, with a look on his face, this thing is really made of black gold water.

He really couldn't imagine how the people of Xiaoyao made the black gold water like this.

But I have to say that the minds of Xiaoyao people are too good.

Just such a plastic bottle, he wanted to bring it back to China and put it at home as an offering to his ancestors.

Xiaoyao Kingdom is not surprised.

Zeng Sanshui once again felt the gap between Southern Border and their Ling Kingdom.

Lu Ye knew such a detailed production process, Qu Yuanxian was curious, "Has General Lu seen plastic production with his own eyes?"

Lu Ye laughed and said: "When this thing first came out, we were also confused. As usual, the imperial court will send a special person to popularize the advantages and disadvantages of plastic, and we all know it."

Qu Yuanxian couldn't help but wonder, "Is there any harm?"

In his view, this thing is all good.

It is convenient to carry, beautiful, and has good performance. It can perfectly seal food, medicine bottles, cosmetics, etc.

Lu Yedao: "When it burns, it will produce gas that pollutes the environment. Therefore, we have a policy in Xiaoyao state that plastics cannot be burned at will, and must be recycled and reused. We will collect plastic bottles like this and take them to garbage disposal. plant for degradation and separation.”

Qu Yuanxian was stunned, a feeling that he felt like he had been out of the world came to his mind not long after he left.

After everyone drank the water, Lu Ye's soldiers consciously trampled the bottle flat and put it into a special recycling box.

Zeng Sanshui and the others followed suit, but felt it was a pity, and asked Lu Ye, "Can we bring the plastic bottle back to Ling country?"

Lu Yedao: "As long as you don't litter anywhere." Thinking of something, he told them, "In our Xiaoyao Kingdom, if you are found littering and throwing garbage not according to the classification, you will not only face fines, but also let you do it. Volunteers, fully understand the importance of protecting the environment, don't get caught in our capital, the punishment will be more severe."

Zeng Sanshui had seen the freedom of the people of Xiaoyao Kingdom, but he never thought that the environment would be so harsh.

Seeing Shang Luye's joking eyes, Zeng Sanshui hurriedly nodded, and then gave careful instructions to his subordinates.

Suddenly, Qu Yuanxian saw some simplified characters on the poster on the wall.

When he left, Zhao Yunning didn't have the simplified Chinese characters for popular science, so he asked Lu Ye, "Is this character your local character?"

Luye explained: "It's a simplified Chinese character that says selling ice water, mineral water, instant noodles, ham sausage, mustard greens."

Qu Yuanxian suddenly realized, no wonder some characters, he looked familiar, turned out to be simplified Chinese characters.

Writing like this is indeed a lot easier.

But Bai Shining sneered: "You dare to change the things left by our ancestors!"

Lu Ye looked at him and replied, "That's better than a country that is completely illiterate."

Bai Shining stared, "A bunch of reckless people, it's useless to learn."

Lu Ye was about to get angry, Qu Yuanxian hurriedly dragged Bai Shining away, Zeng Sanshui also diverted Lu Ye's attention and asked him, "There is actually ice water here, I want a bottle."

Lu Ye's expression softened a little, and said to the proprietress, "Give him a bottle of ice water."

The proprietress quickly took out a bottle of frozen hard mineral water from a large iron box at the back and recorded it in the ledger.

Zeng Sanshui thought that the proprietress would take some ice out of the cellar, but as a result, he directly gave him a bottle of frozen mineral water.

He was dumbfounded, "How is this done?"

Lu Ye said with a smile: "We have ice making machines, it's not difficult."

Ice making machine, isn't it that you can make ice at any time as much as you want.

Zeng Sanshui once again doubted that he was actually having a bizarre dream.

If it weren't for a dream, how far apart they are from Xiaoyao Kingdom.

Even ordinary people with flat heads can use ice cubes in this desert.

Zeng Sanshui was very curious about the ice-making machine, "Can I go and see that machine?"

Lu Ye nodded, "Yes."

Zeng Sanshui went into the house and looked up and down carefully around the large refrigerator.

I really can't figure out how to make ice with just such a few boxes.

The proprietress opened the refrigerator, and he stuck his head in, feeling the chill, which was especially cool.

Zeng Sanshui saw that the proprietress had frozen a watermelon in the refrigerator, looking at the fresh watermelon, he couldn't help but get jealous.

The proprietress glanced at him, "It's not for sale, we eat it ourselves."

Zeng Sanshui showed a trace of regret, he also really wanted to eat iced watermelon, these people are too good at enjoying it.

He was at the level of a general, in charge of hundreds of thousands of troops, and he didn't enjoy it as much as they did.

Lu Ye saw what he was thinking, "Let's go out of Syria and arrive in Baye, you can eat as many melons as you want."

Zeng Sanshui showed a hint of happiness, then looked at the refrigerator and asked, "How does it make ice?"

Lu Ye didn't understand everything, so he casually said: "I have to use electricity, go, and the horses will be fed by the station."

The team arrived at the station before dark. Zeng Sanshui looked from a distance and saw a lot of huge telephone poles on the road ahead.

In their yard, there are still people doing renovations.

Zeng Sanshui looked at the wires on the man and asked curiously, "What are you doing?"

A man looked up at him, "Install an annunciator."


is another strange word.

Zeng Sanshui just wanted to ask what the signal device was, when he heard the man say excitedly: "It's connected, it's connected! Let's see if the phone works."

(end of this chapter)