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Chapter 534 Export Tax

Zeng Sanshui has also lived in many inns and hotels, but he has never seen such a arrogant one.

Glittering, almost blinding his eyes.

What kind of hotel is this, and these crystals on the head can be sold at a sky-high price if you get them to Ling Guo.

Lu Ye said disapprovingly, "It's all artificial glass, and it's not very expensive."

Zeng Sanshui was even more shocked!

The people behind him were dumbfounded and said, "How could such a beautiful gem be artificial?"

Zeng Sanshui immediately asked: "Then can I also buy a lot to take home?"

Bringing back such sparkling glass, his wife and concubines will surely be happy.

Lu Ye nodded, "You can buy it, but well"

Zeng Sanshui anxiously asked: "But what?" Hesitating, it sounded like there was no good thing, so it was possible to limit purchases.

Lu Ye then said: "Even if you are messengers, if you spend more than 1,000 taels, you will have to pay taxes if you bring things back to Ling."

Zeng Sanshui's eyes widened, "Taxation? Isn't Lao Tzu from your country?"

Lu Ye smiled and said, "Our country's products are all supplied to the citizens of Xiaoyao Country, and you are not in Xiaoyao Country, contributing to our Xiaoyao Country, buying a lot of products to bring back, naturally you will be charged a high tax. "

"Our empress knows how much our things are worth in Ling country."

"It is entirely because you are envoys that you can spend 1,000 taels to pay taxes. If ordinary people enter our Xiaoyao Kingdom and want to bring things back, if the total amount exceeds 10 taels, they will be classified according to different commodities. tax."

Zeng Sanshui was very angry, he still planned to buy a lot of things, "Why didn't you say it before?"

Lu Ye raised his eyebrows, "I didn't expect that one thousand taels would not be enough for you to buy?"

Zeng Sanshui was speechless, he didn't think he could spend so much money in Xiaoyao Country.

Moreover, most of the money he bought for the bicycle was from Lu Ye on credit.

Because, Xiaoyao Kingdom only accepts gold and paper money.

He only had Lingguo’s bank notes and some pieces of silver, so he could only exchange the banknotes in the nearest town of Lingguo when he returned to the border of Xiaoyao Kingdom.

He had a hunch that he would definitely spend a lot of money, so he bargained with Lu Ye, "The visitor is a guest, this is the first time, what kind of tax should I pay, if we buy it from you, won't we contribute to your Xiaoyao Kingdom? ."

Lu Ye said with a smile: "There is no need to pay taxes. As long as General Zeng joins our Xiaoyao Kingdom and becomes a member of our Xiaoyao Kingdom, there will be no problem."

How could Zeng Sanshui join Xiaoyao Kingdom! Without thinking about it, he gave Lu Ye a big white eye, "You are dreaming!"

Lu Ye was not angry either, Shi Shiran said, "Generals who lead troops well are qualified to join our Xiaoyao Kingdom. Now, those who want to join our Xiaoyao Kingdom, in addition to the relatives of the people, must be talented people. Those who can pass our Xiaoyaoguo assessment will be approved for immigration.”

Although some things about Xiaoyao Kingdom have been approved by him, Xiaoyao Kingdom is just a small country.

A small country, what can be worth living for a long time, and it is specially reviewed before entering.

Zeng Sanshui has ten million unbelievers, who would give up everything and move to Xiaoyao Country. When he saw the stone booth outside, he couldn't wait to change the subject, "Can we go pick stones?"

Lu Ye nodded, "Write down your own room number and you can go."

Zeng Sanshui was startled, "Aren't you going?"

face, he doesn't go, how do I choose the expression.

Lu Ye spreads his hands, "I don't know how to pick stones, I just buy them."

Xiaoyao Country has a population of less than one million, so jade is not a necessity.

However, smart businessmen know that sooner or later, their happy country will become the place that everyone in the world yearns for.

Especially the jade mines in the Black Dragon Mountains are of good quality. At this time, if you save more good jade, whether they sell them now or sell them later, they can make a lot of money.

Zeng Sanshui couldn't help but ask: "Is the stone out of it expensive?"

Lu Ye thought for a while, "There are expensive ones and some inexpensive ones. Anyway, it must be much cheaper than Ling Guo."

Zeng Sanshui's eyes lit up immediately, "Then you take me and Lord Qu to see it together?"

Lu Ye had something to deal with, so he called Lan Jingbai to take them there.

Bai Shining didn't want to go with them, but he also wanted to go shopping, so he took Bai Yanshui and Jia Yuqin to the opposite direction.

Walking past the stone stalls, Lan Jingbai brought them into the stone product market.

The newly cut stones are placed on the display board one by one.

Anyone who likes a piece of material can ask the boss to cut it, whether it is a jade bracelet or a jade necklace.

Bai Shining saw a piece of material, it was very green, very moist, and the light was very transparent on it.

The boss introduced to him, "This is the best hanging green material, please take a look, there is no cotton at all here, and the texture is quite good."

This piece of stone has a whole surface, more than one meter long and half a meter wide, and the material in the middle is the best.

The    green is transparent and the color is positive. Although it is a little worse than the imperial green, it has enough water for planting.

The boss hit it with a flashlight, and the light penetrated, very beautiful.

Zeng Sanshui was immediately moved, "How much is the green circle?"

The boss smiled cheerfully, "This piece of material makes a bracelet, and a bracelet heart is given, and the price is two hundred taels."

Zeng Sanshui glared, "Two hundred taels!! This is too expensive!!"

Xiao Bing bought a very good rough stone, and it only cost five taels of silver.

The boss quickly said, "Guest officer, don't look at how good this material is. Even if you visit the entire Black Dragon Mountain, you can't find a few pieces."

Two hundred taels is a bit more expensive, but the material is really good, and it will definitely be more expensive in Ling country.

After all, it is a material that has already been opened, and it is risky to buy rough stones like a soldier.

Zeng Sanshui hesitated, and Lan Jingbai next to him asked him, "Do you want to buy it?"

Zeng San nodded subconsciously, and the next second, he heard Lan Jingbai say to the boss, "Twenty taels."

Zeng Sanshui and Qu Yuanxian were also stunned. For such a good material, Lan Jingbai countered twenty?

The boss responded very strongly, "Master, what are you kidding me? How dare you sell it to you for twenty taels. If the master likes it, you can consider the material without green next to it. It's as beautiful as water."

Lan Jingbai looked at his expression, and reluctantly increased the price, "As long as this piece is 50 taels, it's fine if you don't buy it."

The boss said bitterly, "Master, if you add a little more, this price really can't come out!"

Lan Jingbai winked at Zeng Sanshui and Qu Yuan, signaling them to leave quickly.

As soon as he took two steps forward, the boss gritted his teeth and said with a painful expression, "Okay! Then I'll give it to you!"

Zeng Sanshui watched the boss take down the stone, and immediately looked excited to pick up the leak and make a lot of money.

(end of this chapter)