MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses - C.517 Congrats on making historyMar 07, 2023

MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses

C.517 Congrats on making historyMar 07, 2023

Chapter 517 Congratulations on making history

Chu Tianbao pointed to the glass window of the scientific research room, "It's not enough to use glass, that kind of glass that can be lowered with a single press."

The glass that can be lowered with a single press is quite difficult for the current technology.

Zhao Yunning added with a smile, "The glass that can be lowered by pressing is not good, the glass that can be lowered by shaking it by hand."

Zhao Yuan's eyes lit up, and he hurriedly wrote it down again, hoping that Chu Tianbao would continue to ask questions, and what areas could be improved.

Chu Tianbao really wanted to drive a modern version of the car, and said: "You can only drive a tricycle by yourself, and you can only travel alone. If it is a family, don't the family have to buy a car, and then Learning to drive?"

"Anyway, you want to design the carriage. You can sit next to you and a few people behind you, and arrange soft seats."

"Oh, a carriage can be designed at the back, and there is also a place to put pork when going to the farm."

Zhao Yuan drew the prototype of the car on the drawings according to Chu Tianbao's vision and description.

Chu Tianbao said again: "This kind of car is used to carry people, and only a family of three can be planted. You can also think about it, a car with dozens of people, hundreds of people, can be planted at one time."

Zhao Yuan's eyes widened, he couldn't imagine it, but he wanted to grasp the point, and hurriedly asked: "My lord, what do you think the car with dozens of people is like?"

Chu Tianbao recalled the bus, "It's like a big square box, with four big wheels, there are many seats, people can sit on the bus, there are lights, and there are horns, the driver is right there. Drive ahead, get in and out of the car, go in, go out."

Chu Tianbao said more and more in detail, he almost didn't mention the name of the bus.

Fortunately, everyone's acceptance is so high now that they didn't think about it. How could Chu Tianbao have seen it with his own eyes?

Zhao Yuan was also amazed, praising Chu Tianbao for giving him a great inspiration.

He asked again: "The car with hundreds of people shouldn't be able to carry it on four wheels, right?"

Chu Tianbao thought about the train and said, "You can connect countless carriages."

Zhao Yuan was startled, with an expression like how long this car is and how can it be driven.

Bai Wutong added to Chu Tianbao, "It's not impossible, you can build a lane for this kind of car, only for this kind of car."


Bai Wutong smiled and said, "Perhaps, we can design a two-headed car that can drive on both sides."

Zhao Yuan suddenly had an expression on his face that his head was too small, and couldn't help but ask: "But, will it be too resource-intensive to build a road specifically for one car?"

Bai Wutong shook his head, "You can also have multiple cars." She took out a pen and paper and drew a temporary parking lane on the map. When the train in front left, the next train could enter the normal track.

Zhao Yuan suddenly realized that it was still possible.

said with excitement and joy: "If you can plant hundreds or thousands of people at a time, it will be very convenient."

Chu Tianbao also said: "You can also deliver goods."

Zhao Yuan hurriedly recorded, on the other hand, Costin also got a lot of inspiration based on the words of Chu Tianbao and Bai Wutong. How to fly to the sky?"

Chu Tianbao couldn't help thinking of the rocket that Bai Wutong showed him, and blurted out, "Shoot to the sky."

Bai Wutong burst out laughing, Hai Dongli was also embarrassed, he also wanted to fly into the sky with a swish.

But he wanted to know exactly how to fly to the sky.

Bai Wutong felt that the generation of engines, now that there are cars, and the appearance of planes earlier, should not be too surprising.

She picked up the pen again and drew a simple structure diagram of the first aircraft in the 1990s on paper, saying: "I imagine that the aircraft that can fly into the sky is like this, with two elevators in the front, and two rudders and rudders in the back. Two propulsion propellers, and the control cable is centrally connected to the control handle."

"When the same mass of air passes through the upper and lower surfaces of the wing at the same time, different flow rates will be formed above and below the wing. When the air passes through the upper surface of the wing, the flow rate is large and the pressure is small, and the flow rate is small and the pressure is small when passing through the lower surface. Therefore, at this time, the aircraft will have an upward resultant force, that is, upward lift, and due to the existence of lift, the aircraft can leave the ground and fly in the air.”

Bai Wutong said it in such detail, as if he had personally participated in the design of the aircraft.

Or, this is already a mature design in itself.

Hai Dongli looked at Bai Wutong, full of admiration like a god.

He firmly believed that Bai Wutong had the ability to design such an aircraft.

If it wasn't for her to be in charge of the entire Xiaoyao Kingdom, with her excellent personal ability, she could completely crush the entire research room.

No, she created the entire research room, and she organized all the mathematical, physical and chemical knowledge inductions.

Haidongli wrote a promise on the paper, "The first flying machine of human beings will definitely live up to the expectations of the Empress."

Bai Wutong affirmed them, and on the same day, they plunged into the laboratory with a dozen of their assistants.

Aunt Yang hasn't seen her second son for a whole month. She finds the eldest son and asks him every day. Zhao Sheng is also so busy that he has no time to ask the second brother.

Three sons, two of them are research madmen, and one is out to repair the asphalt road.

Even the village chief Zhao, for the crops in the field, can grow better and have better harvests, he also studies grafting, deworming, spraying medicine, and genetic research every day.

Aunt Yang couldn't help sighing: "It really is father and son."

Zhao Yuan's research and improvement day and night, Chu Tianbao will check the progress from time to time, and put forward some opinions. After the first oil tricycle, the real four-wheeled vehicle has finally been grandly completed.

Aside from speed and some aspects of performance, there is a huge difference between modern cars, but basically, all the basic features are up to a reasonable standard.

Chu Tianbao personally tested the car, and everyone was so excited.

The entire research room came to watch.

If they can succeed, it means that their Happy City will enter a new generation.


Chu Tianbao started the engine, the noise was a bit loud, but not too loud.

The moment    gripped the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator, Chu Tianbao was also excited.


The oil four-wheeled vehicle rushed out, and in an instant, the crowd cheered deafeningly.

succeeded and ran.

Chu Tianbao ran two laps in a row, faster than a horse.

He tried reversing the car again, and even turned the steering wheel. It was very good. It was not as smooth as in the movie, and the response was not too slow.

He tried the brakes again and again, and it was not bad, because the maximum speed of the car would not exceed 20 kilometers per hour, so this level of braking was already considered very timely.

The moment   Chu Tianbao stopped the car, it was as if the researchers on trial heard an unforgettable sentence: "Congratulations for making history."

(end of this chapter)