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Chapter 499 Concubine

Emperor Ling Hui did not tell Chu Mingxuan whether he should send Bai Shining to the southern border. Instead, he asked in a deep voice, "I heard that you have taken eight concubines recently?"

Chu Mingxuan didn't expect that Emperor Ling Hui would care about his backyard, and was even more shocked that Emperor Ling Hui would find out that he would not do it, and he was afraid that Emperor Ling Hui would urge him to have children, so he lowered his head in cold sweat and said: "There are eight concubines, all of them They gave it to Erchen."

He accepted these concubines, firstly to hide from the public and to prove that he was very good, and secondly to win over the ministers in the court.

At this moment, when he met Emperor Ling Hui's deep eyes, he regretted it for a while.

Emperor Ling Hui had not had another heir for so many years, so he might have long understood that there was something wrong with his own health, and he was counting on him to carry on the lineage.

If he had so many concubines and failed to give birth to a son and a half daughter, it would definitely arouse the suspicion of Emperor Ling Hui.

Chu Mingxuan was thinking about dealing with Emperor Ling Hui and later asked himself why he had not had children for many years, when he heard Emperor Ling Hui suddenly get angry: "Your mother's body is ill, you have never been worried, but you are patronizing and playing with your daughter, look at you, Where does it look half serious!"

Chu Mingxuan hurriedly knelt down and wanted to refute that he was thinking of the court just now, and proposed to send Bai Shining to the frontier to persuade Bai Wutong to surrender. , go to me in the seventy-nine years of observation, turn out your heart and intestines, dry it, wash it, and clean it up!"

Chu Mingxuan was shocked. Could it be that Emperor Ling Hui already knew that the whole family sent people to hunt down Chu Tianbao and Concubine Ling Gui, and deliberately punished him.

If he knew that he sent someone to assassinate Concubine Ling and Chu Tianbao, but only sent him to go to the Qixun Temple to think about it, it seems that Emperor Ling Hui was not only ruthless towards his son.

Chu Mingxuan respectfully took the order, "My son knows that he is wrong, and he will definitely reflect on his life in the seventies, pray for his father and mother day and night, and bless the peace and prosperity of the country and the country."

Emperor Ling Hui waved his hand, "Get out!"

Chu Mingxuan rolled away, and Emperor Ling Hui sneered, "It's not Lao Tzu's seed after all, a coward."

Emperor Ling Hui thought for a moment, then summoned Eunuch Fu and threw him an imperial decree.

Eunuch Fu picked it up, walked out of the imperial study, opened it, and was immediately stunned that Emperor Ling Hui had even been conferred the title of Princess Chu, and she was still the second only imperial concubine after the empress.

Could it be that after Concubine Ling fell out of favor, did Concubine Chu regain her favor again?

If he regained the favor, why didn't Emperor Ling Hui bestow the palace or lift the ban of Princess Chu, and he was so disgusted by the gaze of the imperial decree.

Eunuch Fu thought about it carefully, and he had to wait and see for a while. If he held the wrong thigh and provokes Emperor Ling Hui's inverse scale, then it would be over.

He led the crowd into the Hanxiao Hall cautiously. When she saw it, she immediately ran into the room and exclaimed, "Princess, princess, Eunuch Fu is here with the imperial decree, and there are also court clothes!"

Wearing court clothes, it must be that Hu Meizi has completely fallen out of favor, and Emperor Ling Hui is about to confer the title of Princess Chu.

Everyone in the entire Hanxiao Hall showed a happy smile.

They finally got through.

Quan Qiaorong rarely showed a smile, and said to himself: Chu Shixiong is still a bit conscientious.

She cupped her hair and temples proudly and asked Mammy Xu, "What color is the court dress?"

Mother Xu didn't take a closer look just now, it was generally yellow, she smiled and said, "Miss, this old slave just took a look, it's yellow."

The curvature of the corner of Quan Qiaorong's mouth could not be concealed immediately, she knew that Chu Shixiong had only one son, and that the position of the queen would be hers sooner or later.

She raised her chin arrogantly, which is bound to surprise those who read her jokes.

Eunuch Fu announced the imperial decree, and she knelt down to receive the decree.

"Fengtian, the emperor's edict said, the whole family is virtuous and virtuous, and it is specially designated as the imperial concubine."

When he heard that the imperial concubine was still an untitled imperial concubine, Quan Qiaorong stood up suddenly, asking why she was not the queen.

Eunuch Fu doesn't care so much, "Emperor, concubine, please give thanks."

Quan Qiaorong's complexion darkened, looking at the jade seal in the tray, thinking that the imperial concubine is already in the palace, except for the queen's highest rank, she has the qualification to be in charge of the harem.

As long as her son is healthy and she manages the harem properly, after a while, someone will naturally ask her to be named queen.

Quan Qiaorong figured it out, and knelt down to receive the imperial edict.

As soon as Eunuch Fu left, she couldn't wait to change into the imperial concubine's court clothes.

The steady yellow color, wearing a heavy crown on her body, is only six points of color, and three points more luxurious.

Mother Xu and the servants shouted in unison: "Congratulations to the imperial concubine, congratulations to the imperial concubine, Hexi, the imperial concubine, the imperial concubine, I am blessed and safe!"

Quan Qiaorong lifted the armor and raised the corner of his mouth, "Prepare a sedan chair for this palace and go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation."

Mammy Xu sent someone to call the sedan chair, but the servant came back shortly after, but his face turned pale and said: "Mammy, they said...there is no sedan chair for the goddess, the only one is for Concubine Ling."

Quan Qiaorong heard it in the room, and slammed a box of good rouge, "Presumptuous, this palace is an imperial concubine, how could it be worse than a slut!"

The servant shivered and dared not say another word.

Quan Qiaorong stood up, "Bengong go in person!"

Quan Qiaorong angrily walked out of the Hanxiao Palace, and as soon as he arrived at the door, he was stopped by the guards, "Niangniang can't leave the Hanxiao Palace!"

Quan Qiaorong slapped her backhand, "Bengong is the imperial concubine, do you want me to live in the cold palace? Go away!"

No matter how big the imperial concubine is, she is no bigger than the emperor, and the guards were slapped in the face without being moved, and they stopped her.

Quan Qiaorong couldn't get past it several times, but finally saw it clearly.

Emperor Ling Hui named her the imperial concubine, just to block the world's lingering public, and had no intention of handing over the harem to her.

Quan Qiaorong tore off his crown and slammed to the ground, "Chu Shixiong, you bastard!"

Quan Qiaorong scolded him at the palace gate. When Emperor Ling Hui heard the report, not only did he not get angry, he also asked Eunuch Fu, "What do the people say now?"

Eunuch Fu hurriedly said, "The people all feel that you have a lot of love for the imperial concubine."

Emperor Ling Hui raised his eyebrows again, "What else?"

Eunuch Fu's neck was stiff, so he had to tell the truth, "It is also said that you have no regrets for your concubine Linggui, and even if you have no children, you must dote on her alone." The name of the imperial concubine.

Emperor Ling Hui smiled suddenly, and it was the kind of sincere smile.

"Very good!" After a while, when Chu Tianbao and the others come back, they will be able to let Quan Qiaorong go where they really should go.

Eunuch Fu only felt that Emperor Ling Hui was unfathomable and terrible.

For so many years, the bedside person had to end up under house arrest in the harem.

Bai Shining thought that a daughter marrying the eldest prince as a side concubine was the greatest fortune of the Bai family.

Unexpectedly, the eldest daughter not only married Chu Tianbao of royal blood, but also became the Queen of Southern Borders.

was still in shock, when Chu Mingxuan poured poison through his intestines.

This is the secret medicine used by the royal family to control the dark guards before the Yan Kingdom was destroyed.

(end of this chapter)