MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses - C.493 What are you pretending to be!Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Farm Gate Escape: There is Room For Full-level Bosses

C.493 What are you pretending to be!Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 493 What kind of uncle!

Mother Zhao was stunned: "What is a vegetable wholesaler?"

Zhao Erwa raised her chin, and the old **** explained on the ground, "Vegetable wholesalers buy large quantities of vegetables from farmers and wholesale them to small traders at low prices, with small profits but quick turnover!"

Mother Zhao was stunned for a moment, and then said: "Who is short of vegetables, that is, winter, summer, there are vegetables everywhere, can't make much money, don't bother."

Zhao Erwa shook her head, "Mother, you won't eat the fireworks of this world. Many people who have moved here have no land. Even in summer, the demand for fruits and vegetables is huge."

"Don't look at the small profit of selling vegetables, but everyone has to eat. If you sell hundreds of thousands of catties of vegetables a day, even if you earn a copper plate, how much money can you make?"

Zhao's mother is an incredible astronomical figure.

But where did Zhao Erwa grow so many vegetables, and what should I do if this vegetable cannot be sold?

Zhao Erwa confidently said: "I can let others plant, and then sign a purchase contract with them, designate them to grow different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and then market them according to the season and everyone's needs."

As he said, the prototype of a vegetable and fruit supermarket was formed in his mind.

Just like the maternity and baby store opened by Mrs. You, targeted products are readily available throughout the year.

The population of Xiaoyao City, both markets are small now, and many people have to travel a long way to buy vegetables. In order to save time and effort, everyone will buy a lot at one time and stock up.

It is fine in winter, but it is easy to break in summer.

In addition to the wholesale large-scale vegetable and fruit supermarkets, he can also open several small ones throughout Xiaoyao City as a vegetable retail point to provide convenience for everyone.

It wasn’t long before I came to Xiaoyao City last year, and everyone was very poor. This year, everyone has money on hand, so naturally they won’t be harsh on themselves in basic life.

Besides, a large amount of fruits and vegetables can also be provided to the canteens of the mining farm units of the workshop college, and sold to food factories for further processing into various pickled products, which can be stored for a longer time and sold to other places.

Mother Zhao's eyes widened, "You designate someone to plant it, so you have to give someone a deposit, right? What if you can't sell it?"

Zhao Erwa said with a smile: "Master Sheng said that as long as you fully understand the market demand and formulate accurate forecast reports, it is difficult to lose money."

Mother Zhao's eyes widened, "How much money do you get for your bullshit, let me tell you, don't go to your sister Huo Huo, it's not easy for your sister to earn some money."

Zhao Lanzhi can't get married now, so she hopes to find a good husband for the sake of family business in the future.

Zhao Erwa wanted to borrow it from Zhao Lanzhi before, but now, he has a new idea.

He can go to pull investment, ask the big sister to invest, but it is not a loan.

He can also use the white wolf with empty gloves, use the vegetables to be planted, trade in advance with major partners, and then pay the deposit to the farmers.

The more Zhao Erwa thought about it, the more delighted she felt. Seeing him with a smirk, Mother Zhao grabbed his ear, "I can warn you, even if you want to do these things, you must not stop reading!"

The family is all in business, but none of them are officials. Mother Zhao is very guilty.

Zhao Erwa covered her ears in pain, "I'm sure to read, you let me go first!" He also wants to accompany Xiao Taozi to college, how could he not read.

And Shanda said that a steady stream of talent and knowledge is an immortal wealth.

He doesn't ask for a steady stream, so he can't be worse than the little peach brothers.

With his words, Mother Zhao was satisfied to let go.

Zhao Hongyun saw the growth of vegetables in the greenhouse with his own eyes, looked at the transparent greenhouse film for a while, and found the village chief Zhao privately, "Can I plant twenty acres?"

Zhao Village Chief smiled and said, "You can find someone to work with you to plant 100 acres." That means 20 acres will not work.

Zhao Hongyun has a quirky personality, and his family can't get along with him, so don't expect to contract with others.

He thought for a while and then asked: "Then I'll buy some materials myself, can you give me instructions to build it?"

Village Chief Zhao said with a smile: "It's not that I don't want to point you, it's that the materials are all given by the court. If you want to buy materials to build, you have to buy them."

Zhao Hongyun looked at him, lowered his face and begged: "Then you can help me ask if it will work? If it's all from Zhao Farm, you can help me. If you want me to plant the land and earn money, I will buy a sheep to thank you. "

Village Chief Zhao shook his head, "You don't need the sheep. I'll ask you for help. I can't guarantee the decision above. You can wait for the news first."

Zhao Hongyun said excitedly: "Thank you, thank you." Then he quickly said: "A acre of greenhouse materials will do!"

If you plant only one mu of strawberries, you can earn dozens of taels in that year.

Zhao village chief found Lin Qingcai, who developed the shed film, and asked if he could allow farmers to buy some shed film alone.

Lin Qingcai worked hard to develop plastic film on the basis of plastic barrels, and under the instructions of the empress, he made a greenhouse film.

He is only responsible for making inventions. Whether it can be used by farmers or not depends on the meaning of the empress.

After all, the female emperor has the priority to dispose of all scientific research products developed by researchers who have entered the research institute.

The village chief Zhao conveyed Zhao Hongyun's wishes to Bai Wutong's ears through Cui Shi Ze.

In addition to the role of a greenhouse, the shed film can also create a moisturizing, disaster-resistant, sunny and friendly environment for crops.

In the 20th century, the use of greenhouse film in the agricultural field has become very common.

Agriculture is the foundation of a country's basic food security. Effectively improving the shed film to help crops grow must be popularized to thousands of households.

Bai Wutong smiled and said: "The basic contracting system of 100 mu is for the development of large-scale agriculture. It is natural for people to use greenhouses for planting in private. When the production volume of greenhouse film and greenhouse steel is reached, they will be supplied to the people. they buy."

Village Chief Zhao happily said: "Thank you, Empress, I'll go back and tell everyone."

Zhao Hongyun was very happy after learning that the court would sell greenhouse building materials in the future. After thinking about it, he asked again, "Can I purchase greenhouse building materials from the court and sell them elsewhere."

It is expensive to build a greenhouse by the sea, because there is a typhoon, but there is no typhoon in other places. You only need to buy a greenhouse, which is cheaper.

The common people could spend a tael of silver to build a one-and-a-half-acre greenhouse. If he sold the building materials for the greenhouse, he would definitely make a lot of money.

The village chief Zhao thought he was thinking about farming, but he didn't expect to come up with this idea.

"When the building materials are produced, you can ask."

Zhao Hongyun said cheekily: "Brother, you have a good relationship with your boss, just help me and ask again."

Zhao Village Chief raised his face solemnly, "The court is not my relatives, it's not that you can do whatever you want. I still have something to do, so I won't accompany you."

The village chief Zhao was not happy, and Zhao Hongyun stomped his feet in place, "What are you pretending to be, uncle!"

If the village chief Zhao had a good relationship with the empress from the beginning, how could there be such a great fortune.

If you take advantage of yourself, you will bury others.

"Bah, shameless!"

(end of this chapter)