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Chapter 487 is too dog

Bai Wutong smiled, "Everyone has worked hard, go back, it's too late."

Everyone was reluctant to disperse, but Bai Wutong and Chu Tianbao could only take a pack of wolves and pass through everyone's eager and excited eyes.

Zhao Erwa shouted: "Xiao Bai, you are so handsome!!"

Everyone also shouted: "Xiao Bai is very handsome!"

Niu Jun shouted out, "You are so beautiful, Xiaolu!!"

In order not to disappoint A Chun A Xia A Qiu A Dong, everyone shouted in unison, "Summer, spring, autumn and winter are beautiful!!" It was like a scene where fans cheered for various idols.

Bai Wutong looked at Chu Tianbao and showed a really good smile of his own child.

Chu Tianbao looked at Xiaobai and pulled the stinky expression on the sky. Excellent is excellent, but it is too dog.

When he got home, Xiaobai's expression was swept away, like a wild horse that ran off its rein, rushing out, and like a tornado rushing over, with a huge rice bowl in his mouth, slamming it like an uncle. On the ground, as if to say, hurry up and give Lao Tzu a meal.

It did this, and they all learned from it in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Xiaobai raised his head arrogantly, and they also raised their heads in unison, and the cute little expressions were passed down from generation to generation.

In contrast, Little Green is much more stable.

Like a trainer, he squatted in front of Bai Wutong.

Chu Tianbao taught Xiaobai, "Take the lead in throwing the rice bowl, it's rude, and buckle a chicken leg."

Xiaobai was dumbfounded in an instant, and in an instant, he squinted his eyebrows like Erha, expressing his dissatisfaction, and his claws were still clasping the rice bowl, making noises.

Chu Tianbao picked up the rice bowl, with a threatening expression on his face that both chicken legs were going to disappear, Xiaobai immediately complained to Bai Wutong, with watery blue eyes, whoever looked at it would bear it.

Bai Wutong patted Xiaobai's pitiful hairy head, like an old mother with no bottom line, "Xiaobai has made a great contribution today. What's wrong with a chicken leg, then a chicken leg."

Xiaobai nodded, realized something was wrong, widened his eyes again, and strongly condemned Bai Wutong, you don't love me anymore.

Bai Wutong was so happy that he was amused, and finally gave them two chicken legs as a reward.

The two drumsticks seemed to be stuck between his teeth, Xiaobai was not satisfied, and poked their eyes secretly as if planning to ask for a few more drumsticks next time.

Drilling around in the forest, they were all dirty and had a lot of sticky hair on their hair. Bai Wutong asked them to take a bath, and after they came out, they fed them a pot of chicken.

The next day, Bai Wutong and Chu Tianbao woke up, opened the curtains, and saw a large group of ordinary people in front of the Empress Palace.

Some led pigs, some led sheep, and some led chickens. They were probably all here to thank Xiaobai's family.

Bai Wutong let Qingfeng take Xiaobai's family for a walk. For the sake of Xiaobai's health, they not only confiscated the people's things, but also told the people not to feed them at will.

Xiaobai looked at the roasted chicken, drooling, but he couldn't eat it. When he came back, he would tear down the house and tear down the wolf's den. As a result, it rained, and the whole family became a wolf in soup, and Xiaolu bit it. Pi didn't let go, and Xiao Bai, who was in pain, scurried around.

Bai Wutong hugged Tuan Tuan and looked down, amused Tuan Tuan giggled.

Gao Leng's round little finger stretched out, and Xiaobai suddenly floated out of thin air for a few seconds.

In just a few seconds, Xiaobai was running, Bai Wutong didn't pay attention, Yuanyuan looked at her little hand in surprise, wondering why it suddenly worked again.

In the dead of night, he tried again, but the vase in the distance did not fall.

This made him very puzzled, so he tried again, and a few small flames suddenly flew up the curtains.

Yuanyuan was startled and glanced at her sleeping sister next to her. She tried her best, her face flushed red, and the small flame was only extinguished by water.

Mother Wang entered the room and smelled a burning smell. She was shocked and looked around.

After checking, I saw that there was a hole in the curtain, and there were traces of being poured out on the hole. There was no one in the room, which was really weird.

Mother Wang quickly informed Chu Tianbao and Bai Wutong.

Bai Wutong and Chu Tianbao also found it strange that no one could sneak into the Empress Mansion for no reason. How could there be a hole in the top of the curtain of the baby room.

To say that the light is too strong, but it is night, and it is impossible.

Yuanyuan looked worried at Shang Baiwutong, and hid her little finger in a guilty conscience.

The reason has never been found out. Inexplicably, Bai Wutong and Chu Tianbao were a little scared, so they changed rooms for Yuanyuan and Tuantuan.

Yuanyuan didn't dare to try the ability again.

Xu Fei'e came to southern Xinjiang with her husband. Her husband stayed at the local jade mine in Syria to mine. She did not have a suitable job, so she came to Xiaoyao City with the army.

Who would have thought that Happy City could choose from more jobs and better benefits.

Even if she is only a fish drying worker in a food factory, she can earn two taels of silver a month, and the cafeteria even packs a meal at noon. She lives in a four-person room. After deducting the most basic expenses, she can save at least one or two or five dollars a month. silver.

During the festivals, she can also receive gifts from the food factory. When she retires, she still has basic monthly money to take. This is a life she never dreamed of before.

Now not only has it been realized, but every silver in the bank can also generate money. Thinking of the children at home, she hated why she didn't grit her teeth and brought them here too.

The current situation of Xiaoyao Kingdom and Ling Kingdom is not good, and they may fight at any time.

Let's not talk about the far, the nearest, and asked an adult to help his husband transfer posts. Xu Fei'e asked several times, but the answer was the same. There is no position that needs to be transferred. He can only resign and come back again Find work.

If you come here at the very beginning, the able-bodied husband will surely find a good job.

But now, everyone is crazy about the good work of Happy City, and they are racking their brains to think about it.

It's really not easy to find another suitable job.

The jade mining factory is a little tired, but the monthly money is high, and you can also learn all kinds of knowledge and skills about jade, go to the abandoned riverbed to find materials, and resell for a lot of money.

Her husband didn't really want to come here either, so Xu Fei'e could only ask someone to give him something that was only available in Happy City.

Looking forward to the end of the year, the couple will meet.

She asked Chen Hong again. He went to Syria to transport oil, and he could help her bring things to her husband along the way.

Unexpectedly, when Chen Hong raised his hand, he doubled the price he said earlier, and said, "There are so many people asking me to help with things, eldest sister, how can you count!"

One penny, Xu Fei'e was already very painful, and she still needed two penny, and there were not many things to bring.

Xu Fei'e said angrily, "You are too unreputable."

Chen Hong raised his eyelids, "Eldest sister, is credibility for food?"

just attacked him with this attitude, Xu Fei'e didn't want to take him with him, and turned to look for others. As a result, the price was higher than the other, and she deliberately helped Chen Hong to bully Xu Fei'e.

Xu Fei Mo was very angry, and turned her head back with her things in her arms, and a woman grabbed her wrist, "Moth, I remember that your husband was in Syria, and there was a post office in front of him, specializing in sending things, if you need it, You can ask."

(end of this chapter)