MTL - Fairy Tale - C.716 Extra 2-3 Those days when they were gods 3Mar 06, 2023

MTL - Fairy Tale

C.716 Extra 2-3 Those days when they were gods 3Mar 06, 2023

Beside the Resurrection Pond, it is still the same as the past, the gloomy and dark underworld, the tranquility of tens of thousands of years.

However, unlike the past, there is a small grass hut next to the resurrection pool, which is the residence of traceability.

said that he was guarding the sky and the book of life and death, and when they woke up, tracing the source did it.

sensed that someone was coming, Suyuan greeted him early, and he felt the breath of Lianyi.

In fact, since the demise of the Immortal Realm, apart from the first few hundred years, Lianyi’s days of retreat and healing cannot come from time to time. After that, Lianyi has to come here at least two or three times a year.

Lian Yi also saw Suyuan, she smiled at Suyuan, her figure flashed, and she turned into a light green leaf floating above the resurrection pool.

After coming, it is also a habit of Lianyi to go to see the sky and the book of life and death for the first time.

The green leaf seemed light, but it was extremely fast. It was not afraid of the protective formation on the resurrection pool. After a while, it swayed across the pool and found where she was looking.

That place is naturally the boundary where Peeping Heaven and the Book of Life and Death are located.

At this time, in the pool, the boundary area seemed relatively empty, and the surroundings seemed to have sensed the approaching people. There were deep and light green patterns in the pool. The environment in which Tianhe Book of Life and Death is located is more peaceful, and is not disturbed by other undead.

I saw that there, the prototype of a mirror and a book was looming, especially the mirror. Above the traces of work and shattering, there was a little more subtle aura than the previous one, and Lian Yi's face was delighted. Fu turned his attention to the book of life and death.

Compared with the brokenness of the sky, the situation of the book of life and death is said to be much better than that of the mirror. However, it has been speculated before that the book of life and death should have used some secret method to tie itself and the mirror to achieve the same situation. The effect of life and death.

Therefore, although the entire life and death book seems to be complete, the aura that can be displayed is actually similar to that of the broken sky-seeing mirror.

Back then, when Lian Yi first heard about this, he was really embarrassed. How arrogant and arrogant was the life and death book? She has been in the underworld for tens of thousands of years, and the book of life and death has never given her a look at her. She never imagined that such a cold-hearted artifact could still be so affectionate and righteous.

Thinking about it, it is still a blessing to see the sky. After it has cut off its kindness with Wuji Tianzun, it has gained such a relationship, how precious and lucky.

For this person who is also a teacher, a teacher and a friend, I sincerely hope that from the day when I come out of the Resurrection Pond, I can return to my original heart, no longer be troubled by the past, and walk out a new path of my own.

After all, Wuji Tianzun has all been reincarnated, and peeping at the sky is equivalent to giving everything, everything has been ended, and everyone should start again after that.

After reading Peeping the Sky and the Book of Life and Death, Lian Yi returned to the thatched cottage that traced the origin.

Su Yuan was sitting in the grass hut, playing with chess pieces in his hand, without raising his head, and he didn't mention the matter of re-condensing the aura from the Heaven and Death Book. Anyway, this matter is obvious, since Lian Yi has gone to see it, he can see it naturally. , he only said:

"Why are you so free today?"

It’s been less than a month since the last time Lianyi came here, and Su Yuan’s acuteness felt a little strange.

Lian Yi smiled and said only: "It's nothing, I have to meet an old friend today, I remembered many good things in the past, so I came to see."

The chess piece in Suyuan's hand paused for a while, and then placed it on the chessboard again. Knowing Lianyi is like Suyuan. Just by what Lianyi said, you can guess who this old man is.

He suddenly raised his head, also with a smile on his face: "What does it mean to meet an old friend, I see, this old man was found by you by doing everything possible and digging three feet out of the ground, right?"

Although it is a question, it is very sure.

In front of an old friend, especially this old friend of two lifetimes, Lian Yi felt that she had nothing to say, and she readily admitted:

"What's the matter? No way? You are allowed to have a happy birthday here, and I'm not allowed to think of a way to live a happy life?"

She also had a lot of connections with Master Liaoyuan. The old monk didn't know where he had gone recently, but it didn't prevent Lian Yi from prying out all the facts from his mouth.

It turns out that there should be two things that the Wuji Tianzun buried to save the immortal world and the life-saving straw for the common people. Time and space are indispensable.

In other words, apart from her Lianyi, traceability couldn't escape the relationship!

But, now? It can't be said that Suyuan did not contribute to the survival of the immortal world, but the unbalanced thing in Lianyi's heart is that this person wisely hid himself. Living in a bungalow, at ease.

On the other hand, although she is quite happy in Ling Xiaozong, it is not always someone who wants to visit her.

Even if she used her own nature as an excuse, she would refuse most of the visits from others, but there were always things she couldn't refuse. After all, she was born in the world of the mortal world, and she always had something to worry about.

Not only that, but when I looked at Yuan again, he wandered around, without any grief, and without a trace, he developed disciples of his Demon Sect everywhere, even Tiandao and Dandan escaped, and even the other eight of Jiuxing Lianzhu. People are also wandering wanderers, and they are all free and easy to practice. They have their own place. It seems that she is a little restrained?

She obviously hates being restrained, okay? Especially with comparisons.

Lianyi's mind flashed the face of that little brat, she snorted coldly, and she had already calculated in her heart: at most a thousand years, after a thousand years, regardless of whether he is happy or not, this Guangmei Star Region, Plug it to him too.

Seeing that Lian Yi was looking at himself in the wrong way, and he wanted to vent his anger more and more, Su Yuan quickly waved to Lian Yi: "Look at my new chessboard and pieces."

When Lianyi killed Li Zun and Wufeng, he got Wufeng's relic in Shenleiyuan. Although Wufeng is extremely shameless, selfish and cruel, and his heart is higher than the sky, he is superior in time and space, especially time. deep.

When Ranyin Mountain killed the Earth Demon, the ultimate magic weapon in the hands of the Earth Demon was the space-time chessboard made by Wufeng.

If it is said that Suyuan is a genius above the way of time, then Wufeng’s victory over Suyuan is based on time, experience and the depth of cultivation.

Therefore, such a character, although he is an unforgivable bad guy, can not let go of the benefits he can learn.

Then, all of these things were given to Suyuan by Lianyi. It’s only been a few years now that Suyuan can actually create a space-time chessboard and chess pieces!

Lianyi was really attracted. She leaned forward and picked up a chess piece. In an instant, the green spiritual energy on it was entwined and disappeared.

After a long while, Lian Yi affirmed: "You baby is well made, and it catches up with the one that Wu Feng gave to Shimo Yuanzun."

No matter how old you are, when you face close friends, there are always times when you don’t hide it.

Hearing Lianyi's compliment, Su Yuan's eyebrows immediately became proud:

"Really? It's not a great honor for Xiaosheng to be praised by Fuji Xian."

This interruption completely dispelled the idea of ​​Lianyi's use of the topic and wanted to find Suyuan, so he simply sat opposite Suyuan and asked for drinks unceremoniously:

"The last time I had a good drink with you, how about some more?"

Tracing the source and resigning, took out a pot of wine, and that's all, save money and avoid disaster.

Lian Yi took out a plate of peanuts by himself, and drank beside Suyuan, but Suyuan ignored him and continued to play with his own chessboard.

Lian Yi took a few sips of wine and suddenly thought: "By the way, where's the little pig Polong? Why didn't I see it?"