MTL - Fairy Tale - C.713 Extra 1-2Mar 06, 2023

MTL - Fairy Tale

C.713 Extra 1-2Mar 06, 2023

Chapter 713 Fanwai 1-2

Lianyi's heart is like a mirror, if it's just Tiandao's own business, Eggy won't come over at this juncture on purpose.

Eggy, she's smart. Besides, when she came back from an injury, she wanted to reminisce, and she wouldn't run over to disturb her when she was not well.

Therefore, Eggy must have something to ask for.

After the question of Lianyi was left behind, Eggy didn't respond yet, but Tiandao was the first to respond.

It was obviously stunned for a moment, and then looked at Eggy with a look of disbelief, as if Eggy was some kind of unscrupulous person.

Lianyi: "..." I can't believe that the Heavenly Dao in the Guangmei Star Region is so stupid that it can't even see through the balls.

Eggy was a little uncomfortable, it gave Lianyi a resentful look, this little idea is still such a bad temper, it originally wanted to tell her in private, why bother to expose it in front of Tiandao.

"...I have nothing to hide, isn't it... Now, under the leadership of Xiaoyi, the entire Guangmei Star Region has entered a stable state, so, don't I have nothing to do?"

Eggy knows very well that when you have something to ask for, you must compliment others.

But a compliment is a compliment, and the facts are in front of you.

Eggy thinks that it is different from the way of heaven.

The way of heaven is to be rotten, that is to be lazy, and that is to go out and play.

And it is really useless.

Now that the Guangmei Star Region has been upgraded, it has become the most powerful existence in this world, and it is the fairyland of this world.

Even the tenth realm has automatically derived a channel that connects with the Guangmei realm.

In this case, what else can it do as a once-ascending tower?

Originally, it was a passage that replaced the former ascension passage and connected the Guangmei Star Field with the Immortal Realm. Now, the Immortal Realm is gone, and it is no longer useful.

However, useless is useless, Eggy is not the same as the Heart Refining Tribulation Formation with an immortal heart.

It's fun.

It doesn't want to carry heavy shackles, it doesn't understand what the Heart Refinement Tribulation Formation thinks, anyway, it is still a congenital spirit, and it can be called the same life as heaven and earth, so why keep holding on to the glory of the past. not going?

This is something that Eggy cannot understand.

However, Eggy knows very well: Taos are different, and they do not work together.

It is these spirits that do not belong to human beings and demons, and their temperaments are also different.

Like the Heart Refinement Tribulation Array, it suffers by itself, and it doesn't interfere with others, so let it be.

Besides, because both it and Tiandao want to pick people and leave, then only the Heart Refinement Tribulation Formation is left to stick to the same place, and there is nothing wrong with this.

It has nothing to watch over here, but the way of heaven is running, although it is smooth, it is better to have a living creature watching than no one is there.

This point, Tiandao also thought of it, so when he was suffering from the heart robbery formation, Tiandao and its eggs did not mean to comfort it...

The purpose is naturally to keep it to watch the door...

However, these things do not need to be explained clearly with Xiaoyao.

After all, the Heart Refinement Tribulation Formation has a different meaning to the people of the High Heaven Sect. It used to be a bridge of worship and accompanied the disciples of the High Heaven Sect for 50,000 years.

Even Yi didn't even lift her eyelids. She didn't need to look at it. She was talking flatteringly, and her eyes flickered inadvertently. She knew that there must be a ghost.

Seeing that Tiandao and Dandan are here, and Baishanqiao is the only one missing, she actually knew it in her heart.

It’s one thing to understand, and I don’t even plan to say it.

That is between the three of them, what is she involved in?

Egg looked at Lianyi but didn't speak, as if waiting for it to pull out the flowers, it could only bite the bullet and continue:

"Then you say, I have nothing to do, should I go out for a walk?"

It always has an ominous premonition in its heart, and it always feels that no matter how legitimate the reason is, there is a premonition that something will change.

Lian Yi raised his eyes and glanced at it lightly, then suddenly smiled.

Eggy and Tiandao have no reason, and their hearts are thundering.

Rao is the breakdown of trust between the two who have been running in for many years, and they also have the same feeling.

what happened? I feel bad, I feel bad all over.

Lian Yi didn't care what they thought, after laughing, she nodded, very cheerful:

"Actually, there's nothing wrong with me agreeing to your two requests."

Just when the two of them were smiling at the same time, she suddenly changed her tone: "However,"

Seeing the faces of the two suddenly changed, she was in a good mood:

"You also have to promise me one thing before I can promise you."

Tian Dao was anxious: "Wait a minute, why... why are there additional conditions?"

Although it didn't dare to say anything, it offended Lian Yi at such a critical moment, but the accusations were written all over its eyes.

Lian Yi shrugged, his rogue appearance reappeared, and he did not have the temperament of a powerful cultivator at all.

Although she didn't say anything, she was just arrogant like "What can you do to me?"

Tian Dao gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, what if he really wanted to beat her? It felt that it had been deceived by Lianyi.

Also, the heir that Wuji Tianzun likes, can be a good person, doesn't he belong to the same kind of person?

The same old cunning and cunning, the same swearing to never give up.

It was so naive, how could he believe her back then.

It's all her fault for deceiving it with her hypocritical and pure appearance!

Eggy closed his eyes, he had no intention of resisting, and accepted his fate very quickly.

With its understanding of Lianyi, if it does not meet the requirements of Lianyi, it will not want to go out.

So, why resist? That is futile.

This is not its epiphany, it is the experience that has been with Lianyi for many years, and has been admonished by countless lessons.

It pulled a hand of Heaven and spoke first: "Tell me, what is it?"

Lian Yi glanced at Eggy with approval: Eggy is more advanced than Tiandao.

In exchange for Eggy's white eyes, she didn't care, and said in a very good mood:

"You two should know better about the demise of Wuji Tianzun, right?"

Seeing the two nod their heads in approval, she felt that she had enough foreshadowing, and said happily:

"The request I made today is related to Heavenly Venerate Wuji."

"A big man like Wuji Tianzun, even if he perishes, he will still have a trace of his soul left behind."

"A big man like Wuji Tianzun has a heart for the common people. Although I am considered his heir by the world, only I know that my cultivation is still shallow and not enough to take on heavy responsibilities."

Eggy's heart began to sink.

Tian Dao laughed. He didn't know what medicine was sold in Lianyi Gourd, but he didn't think it was a good medicine.

Sure enough, this fellow came to a conclusion:

"So, after thinking about it, I decided to return the Guangmei Star Territory to Wuji Tianzun! Where is the Si Yuanling, I will trouble you two to help me find it."

"Until the day this silk essence is found, the two of you can go wherever you want, and I will never stop me!"

Tian Dao: "!"

Egg: "!"

(end of this chapter)