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MTL - Fairy Tale

C.709 turn onMar 06, 2023

Chapter 709 Open

Speaking of the disciple and grandson, it is like stepping on Lianyi's tail, which makes Lianyi extremely regret that his brain was broken a few years ago, so he would recommend Supreme Master Uncle to this Leng Xiaoxiao.

Speaking of this, there are some other origins.

Since the Twelve Oyster Clan went to the Guangmei Star Territory and started such a war of destruction in the Guangmei Star Territory, the situation in the Immortal Realm, and even the situation in the Guangmei Star Territory, is already in front of the world. Nothing to hide anymore.

Not to mention the cultivator, that's a three-year-old Huangkou child who knows that the sky is about to fall, and their Guangmei Star Territory is about to become the next fairyland.

The large space composed of chaotic vitality that Lian Yi opened back then has now become a realm connected to the Guangmei Realm, but this realm is not the original Guangmei Realm, it is above the Guangmei Realm. Above, only one of the corridors is connected, and that corridor took a hundred years after the formation of this realm, and it automatically condensed a corridor connected to the Guangmei realm. Dye Yin Mountain.

This world is called the tenth world by everyone in the Guangmei Star Region.

And because of the existence of the Tenth Realm, the pattern of the entire Guangmei Star Region has undergone tremendous changes.

In the tenth world, there is no Heavenly Dao suppression for cultivation.

Gradually, the suppression of the other Nine Realms of Heaven in the Guangmei Star Region is also weakening or even disappearing.

Up to now, the Guangmei Star Territory has evolved and developed for more than 3,000 years. In fact, the entire Guangmei world has been able to accommodate monks with Jinxian cultivation, and the tenth world, if you take 10,000 steps back, even if it is not as good as today's fairy world, but It is estimated that the level of cultivation that can be accommodated is also evolving at an extremely fast speed.

Lianyi knows that the entire Guangmei Star Region is evolving at a high speed.

In time, it will become the next fairyland.

And the tenth realm that Lianyi accidentally created back then is the key to speeding up this evolution.

Since the Guangmei Star Region has developed like this, naturally there is no need to ascend to the Immortal Realm anymore.

The fairyland is shaky and dilapidated, so what's the point of soaring in the past.

Lianyi doesn't think it's anything.

It is human nature and life is at stake, so why do people know that there are tigers in the mountains, so they prefer to travel in the mountains?

Even if everyone knows that the Immortal Realm does not exist, and the Guangmei Star Territory will not be able to obtain benefits, but the ants are still alive, even if they can live a little longer, it is good.

However, what moved Lian Yi was that her best friends in the Guangmei Star Region basically chose to fly up and fight side by side with her.

In addition to being close friends, there are also monks from the Lingxiao Sect, especially her master's generation, her generation, and her next generation of monks, who will choose to ascend to fight together with her.

This greatly enriched Lian Yi's manpower, so that Lian Yi would not be unavailable for the construction of oyster walls and starships.

They have a deep friendship, and Lian Yi naturally follows each other bravely. Leng Xiaoxiao is such a brilliant first artifact master in the fairy world, and a master craftsman who can create an immortal prison. How could Lian Yi let go.

Besides, Leng Xiaoxiao also needs manpower, doesn't it?

Therefore, Lian Yi introduced his family's uncle's line of affairs and the line of Supreme Master Uncle to Leng Xiaoxiao.

As a result, it seemed as if the woman had caught something, and instantly began to call herself her elder? !

is simply mad at her.

Leng Xiaoxiao carefully admired the pufferfish-like appearance that was even more angry, and his heart was instantly satisfied.

She dried up the pomegranate juice in one gulp, raised her hand, and another glass of pomegranate juice appeared in her hand:

"Here, here it is, don't say I didn't invite you to drink!"

Lianyi: "..." Is she such a spineless person?

I thought about it, what happened to her drinking her glass of pomegranate juice?

Leng Xiaoxiao used to be a quasi-sage cultivation base. Even though it has been ten years and his cultivation has not recovered, he is still a golden immortal. However, the pomegranate juice from the fruit of his family is still a quasi-sage cultivation base, which is simply a treasure.

She couldn't let such a precious thing slip away from her no matter what.

So, she took the pomegranate juice without changing her face and drank it all in one gulp.

Feeling the pure and pure aura of the wood roaming her whole body, including the sea of ​​​​consciousness.

On top of all the discomfort and some faint wounds left in her practice or fighting, it was as if something cool was brushing over her and slowly dissipating, making her feel so comfortable that she almost sighed.

This is a good thing, and naturally it's not easy to show your face. So Lian Yi quickly eased his face.

Leng Xiaoxiao curled the corners of her mouth, Virtue, she knows too well what kind of temper this guy is.

Leng Xiaoxiao took the Immortal Sac from Lian Yi's hand, checked the quality of the oyster shell, and said with a smile:

"Enough is enough, let's go back this time, the matter of the Oyster Wall and the starship will be over!"

She looked up at the thick gray-black vortex in the sky, and took a long breath:

"It's time to end it."

even agreed to look up at the sky with her:

"Don't worry, evil won't prevail, we will win!"

Thousands of generations have made plans, and countless generations have passed on their efforts. Even their will can’t work. They can’t overcome the difficulties in front of them.

is the sky, and they can cross it hand in hand.

Immortal world is long, time goes on and on, another year has passed.

The difference is that today's fairyland, in the midst of despair and depression, has many different things.

That was strong morale.

everything's ready.

There are nine starships lined up around the mountain.

On top of the original black and simple appearance, today there is a faint black light that cannot be ignored. The beast that had been dormant for many years finally opened its eyes and revealed its fangs.

Of these nine star ships, three of them are quite different.

The shape of the    is roughly the same, but these three ships are even larger, and the lines on them are ridges and ridges, and there are shallow ravines one after another, which seems a bit deliberate.

These three starships are made of oyster shells of the oyster tribe. Lian Yi deciphered its memory through the little pig Polong, and learned how to make starships from oyster shells. experience, and finally got these three ships.

Don’t look at the fact that there are only three ships, but these three ships can accommodate 70% of the people in the Immortal World today.

This is all because of the beauty of oyster shells. Otherwise, it would be impossible for so many oyster tribes to cross the sky with a starship and have the confidence to fly in the entire universe.

The other six are starships built by Lianyi in the Guangmei Star Region. However, Lianyi also brought people to dismantle them. In addition to the scintillating ore, there are also oyster shells. In this way, this starship is better than before. Regardless of whether it can accommodate the number of people, or the level of stability, the ability to resist the wind and the ghosts in the sky has been greatly improved.

And today, these nine ships are about to set off, leaving here with all the immortals of the Immortal Realm and returning to the Guangmei Star Territory.

However, Lian Yi will not go, she will use the oyster wall to block the strongest obstacle between Guangmei Star Field and Immortal Realm together with Leng Xiaoxiao.

This oyster wall is their bottom line against danger.

According to Oyster Zun's memory, the oyster shell itself has the function of resisting the suction of the ghosts in the sky, so the oyster wall can isolate the decline of the entire fairyland outside the Guangmei star field, so that the Guangmei star field will not suffer from the ghosts in the sky. disaster.

Lianyi glanced at Lianwai and patted him on the shoulder: "Go, take the old ancestor, the uncle and the parents back, you don't have to be here, and you can't help me here!"

Even outside his face was cold, and he didn't want to answer Lianyi's words, what does it mean to be unable to help, his sister, a fellow mother, used to do this, and she clearly cared about each other, but she liked to have blunt and cold words to hide her concern.

How could he not know.

He stopped arguing with her. He has never argued with her since he was a child, no matter what.

However, he can fight for other things.

"The old ancestors have uncle to take care of them. You can arrange other things for me, otherwise I will never leave well."

Lian Yi sneered, brother Xiong, are you disobedient again?

is not as cute as a child at all, but now he has learned to resist.

"You're not leaving? Then I'll knock you out and stuff you in."

Lianwai snorted and stared angrily at Lianyi:

"You are a tyrant!"

Lianyi shrugged and squinted at him with his eyes, a tyrant is a tyrant, what can you say to me.

Lianwai: "...I want to discuss something with you, otherwise it will be endless!" He also wanted to stare at Lianyi in a very imposing manner, but unfortunately, he didn't dare, so he was extremely stubborn.

However, Lian Yi looked at his eyes and found that his eyes were reddish, with deep pain and worry. After all, his heart softened.

Why didn't she know that Lian Wai was worried about her.

Why worry, of course, because she wants to stay here and repair the oyster wall completely.

This matter, although the memory of Lizun, can also be said to be the first time that this side of the fairyland has opened up the world.

Lian Yi never shows weakness, but everyone knows that the dangers contained in it are difficult to describe.

If you think of success as 100%, maybe there is only a 10% chance of success, maybe not at all.

In this case, Lian Yi was almost betting his life on the slightest possibility among the thousands of ethereal things.

To the world, Fuji Xian Lianyi was originally a character who lived for the common people. In the end, her identity as the next heir of the Immortal Realm who was chosen by Wuji Tianzun was exposed, and everyone felt that she should be deserved to stay.

After all, the next heir to the Immortal Realm should live for the Immortal Realm and die for the Immortal Realm.

However, when this kind of thing is put on a close relative or friend, it is heartbreaking and heartbreaking.

However, no one can stop him, he can only watch.

Lianwai wanted to ignore it and let Lianyi go. Whoever heir, whoever loves it, should go. He even believed in the entire Lian family, and even Ling Xiaozong didn't care about Lianyi's infamy!

However, Lian Yi wanted to.

She would not be willing to go.

Lian Wai is very clear that even if the time draws nearer, he can't even stick to his daily practice, and he makes frequent mistakes in the process of work.

And Lianyi, she knew all of this, they were born as compatriots, and they were born close. How could she not know the thoughts of even outsiders.

However, she can only say sorry, she can't.

This is her mission.

Since she has promised Wuji Tianzun and accepted his experience and forging for her, then she has an inescapable responsibility for the immortal world.

Moreover, the Guangmei Star Region is her home, and she also wants to watch it with her own eyes and protect it herself. Only in this way can she feel at ease.

In her two lifetimes, she has experienced ups and downs, experienced abyss and despair, and no longer wants to spend the Guangmei Star Territory in anxiety in the future.

"Then tell me, if it's not too much, I can promise you."

In the end, she still let go.

Lianwai lowered his eyes to hide the deep sadness in his eyes:

"Actually it's nothing, I would like to help you bring the beginning of the oyster wall to the junction of the heaven, earth and the polar sea for the person who pulls the oyster wall!"

Lianyi's pupils shuddered, but he didn't speak.

After a long while, he said, "I remember that I arranged for Bai Fan to do this."

Since there is an oyster wall, it cannot be without a fulcrum. Without a fulcrum, it is a rootless duckweed. How can we make the oyster wall stay in place and help them honestly block the suction of the ghosts in the sky?

Therefore, the fulcrum must have.

The question is, where should the fulcrum be placed?

The result of their final discussion was the Guangmei Realm in the Guangmei Star Region.

The junction of the world and the polar sea.

The reason for choosing these two places is because the fairyland has already been fragmented, so the only one that can be chosen is the Guangmei star field.

Guangmeijie is in the center of the Guangmei star field.

The polar sea of ​​heaven and earth forms a blue waterway to guard the entire Guangmei star field.

Not to mention, at the very middle, there is a tenth realm.

The starting point of the oyster wall is set there, which is most suitable. In this way, the entire Guangmei star field can be wrapped within the radiation range of the oyster wall!

However, she has already explained this to Bai Fan.

Lianwai laughed, and the smile was so handsome and uncast, however, Lianyi felt that it was quite ill-intentioned.

Did something happen that she didn't know about?

He didn’t even speak outside, he directly transmitted his voice in front of Lian Yi:

"Brother Bai, come here, my elder sister has something to ask you."

even means: "…"

After a while, Bai Fan came, followed by six or seven people, Lian Yi's eyes squinted, and there was a flash of light in his eyes.

They were all ready to get on the starship, so Bai Fan and the others would naturally not be too far away from Lianyi, and they came in the blink of an eye.

But it wasn't just him who came, there were other people. Looking at the familiar faces, Lian Yi knew that it was a bad dish.

Sure enough, Bai Fan stood in front of Lianyi, smiling politely at Lianyi:

"I don't think it's better to leave this matter to Younger Brother Lian. He is such a dignified immortal, how can such a trivial thing be done well?"

Lian Yi raised his eyebrows: "So what?"

Bai Fan tapped his palm with the folding fan in his hand, and he sang well:

"So we're going to stay with you."

"Thank you, no need at all, I have enough people here."

Bai Fan took a step forward: "Lian Yi, you don't think you're funny, we nine stars in a row, we died together in order to save the Guangmei Star Territory in our past lives. At this critical time in this life, we will not abandon you."

said, he stood up straight: "We won't go, we won't go in the past life, and we won't go in this life."

Lianyi swept over the eight people one by one with her eyes, some of them were unfamiliar or very familiar. Suddenly, she was in a trance for a moment, and what flashed in her eyes was the farewell feast before the explosion of the ascension passage in her previous life.

After a long while, she finally opened her lips: "Okay!"

(end of this chapter)