MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts - C.98 Death God inheritance, regroup!Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts

C.98 Death God inheritance, regroup!Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 98 Death God Inheritance, regroup!

"What a pain"

Tang Chen got up angrily, he used to be afraid of getting an injection, but now he has been stabbed thousands of times.

is enough for the six sisters, and they all have to be brought back later.

"Smelly girl, please tap."

Xiao Wu rubbed roughly in her arms, making the wound on her back even more painful.

Tang Chen quickly took out the recovery fruit, pulled off the gourd cover and fell back.

"Let me do it"

Zhu Zhuqing took the initiative to take the recovery fruit and carefully cleaned the wound on his back.

"Hmph~ why do you smell like a strange woman?"

"What were you doing just now?"

Xiao Wu's nose kept moving, and she smelled a special fragrance.

Of course it's the scent of Bibi Dong

Tang Chen muttered in his heart, but he couldn't say it.

is quite puzzled, are rabbits also so sensitive to smell?

I just experienced body quenching, and the black impurities made my body stink, can you smell it?

"It's just a fight, you stay away from me first, I'm going to see how they are doing."

Tang Chen pushed Xiao Wu away, she was so clingy in the daytime.

Is it sticky at night?

"You too, I'm fine!"

waved at Ning Rongrong and walked quickly to the six sisters.

"Brother, they seem to be alive"

Tang San's face was full of weirdness, and the shock in his heart couldn't be further enhanced.

He clearly knew that the six sisters were all dead.

was manipulated by Tang Chen in a special way, and later had a little sense of simplicity.

But now they are alive, if they unfortunately die in the future.

Can    also be resurrected?

"Well! You take them away first, I have something to do!"

waved Tang San and the others away, the six sisters still had a lot of secrets they couldn't reveal.

Watching a few people walk away reluctantly, Tang Chen turned Li Xi over.


is no longer faced with cold eyes, but full of agility and shyness.

Li Xi's face gradually turned red, recalling the previous absurd things.

Reverse push, big quilt sleep together.

What did you do before the resurrection?

"Thank you"

But Li Xi's age has not diminished.

Instead, he stretched his arms around Tang Chen and gave him a passionate kiss.


"elder sister."

Unconsciously, the other five had already stood up, all shyly looking at the two of them.

"Sorry, sisters, let's go together!"

Li Xi suddenly smiled and moved away.

The five sisters are like wolves and tigers, and they all want to express their gratitude and longing in their hearts.

"Damn it, come back later, let's talk about your situation first."

Tang Chen struggled to get rid of control, his face was covered with lip prints.

Xiao Wu was about to go crazy, and the men were full of envy.

"Okay, let me tell you!"

Li Xi, as the eldest sister, ended this resurrection celebration feast.

According to the narration, it turned out that they only recalled two-thirds of their souls.

Because of the strong contact with the law of death, it caused a fierce backlash, and that part is difficult to get back.

The source of the last law, turned into a mark and branded on the eyebrows, became an assessment.

They must work hard to complete the assessment in order to get back all their souls.

And if they all pass, they will get the **** of death, which will be shared by six people.

During the assessment, he will enter the Death God's space, and no outsiders can help.

Everything is up to you

And the six abilities are still there, the black stick has been completely integrated into the body, and all the previous abilities remain unchanged.

But the gifts given by the law are far more than that.

They started the second martial spirit: Death!

You can get the God-given Divine Ring by going to the advanced level, all of which are gray-black that have never been seen before.

At present, there is only one link, the previous spirit power cannot drive the new martial spirit, and must be re-trained.

And the spirit skills are also fixed, the more spirit rings, the greater the power.

Those who are slashed by the scythe of the death **** will be infected with a kind of rotten poison.

is similar to the ability to kill ashes.

There are so many changes, Tang Chen doesn't care much.

Being able to resurrect is better than anything else, living sextuplets are not comparable to previous dolls.

Suddenly full of expectations for life

the next day.

Tang Chen gathered people and announced the next plan.

"You all know about the outside world, so you need to hide for a while."

"The Pan-Continent Soul Master Elite Tournament will start in about two years."

"So take this opportunity to start special training."

Tang Chen's meaning is obvious, he will train here for the next two years.

Extreme Survival can stimulate potential more, but it is not comparable to fighting in the arena.

"Teacher, our Shrek Academy is not eligible to compete"

Flander was a little embarrassed, his pride was shattered by this young man.

He is like a frog at the bottom of the well, and he has no capital worth showing off.

"Don't worry about this, I have asked Yu Xiaogang to go to the imperial capital to do this!"

"Now I announce the competition and training groups."

Tang Chen glanced at everyone, then pointed at Tang San and said.

"Little San, you and Xiyue form a team!"

"it is good!"

Disappointment flashed in Li Xi's eyes, but there was no doubt.

The seven of them were inseparable before, but now they are completely different.

Who brought them back to life?

Tang San had a strange expression, and asked him to form a team with his six sisters-in-law.

What kind of trouble is this going to make?

"Brother, why are you grouped like this? With my strength, it will only hold you back, right?"

"Of course it's to train you, you don't want to step back and practice hard."

"You're a control-type soul master, how to use your combat power depends on your ability."

"By the way, for some reason, they will only use the power of the new spirit."

"There is only one ring at the moment, you have to help them get at least four rings before the game!"

Tang Chen said solemnly, the spirits of the Six Sisters are somewhat special.

does not rely on the original soul power, but the special power of death.

Lifting requires negative emotions and toxins

Tang San satisfies these two points very well, being beaten every day is bound to be full of resentment, and the poison of the Eight Spider Lances is just right.

And he talked to Bibi Dong before, to let Tang San show his talent.

As Tang Chen's younger brother, Douluo Palace must be afraid of revenge after his rise.

At that time, they can attract firepower, and they secretly take action to reduce the strength of Douluo Temple.

A perfect and sinister plan

"Okay, I'll try my best!"

Tang San didn't notice anything unusual, he still prefers challenges.

Not to mention sparring with six beautiful sisters-in-law, at least it looks pleasing to the eye.

A wicked smile appeared on Tang Chen's face, he knew exactly what this kid was thinking.

It is estimated that Tang San will regret it soon

"As for you students, follow my avatar training."

"Follow me when the time comes!" Tang Chen continued.

"Oh yeah!"

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong gave high fives and cheered, and even Zhu Zhuqing smiled.

They naturally wanted to go with Tang Chen.

The three men in the team had different expressions on their faces.

Dai Mubai was a little frustrated, feeling that he couldn't compete with Tang Chen at all.

It seems like a daunting challenge to win back Zhu Zhuqing's heart.

Ma Hongjun was full of joy, expressing the mood of a brainless fan.

Oscar looked at Ning Rongrong, but there was a complicated light in his eyes.

Is there a Buddha in the monthly pass?

(end of this chapter)