MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts - C.95 Parting temporarily, the Holy Spirit teaches Long Aotian!Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts

C.95 Parting temporarily, the Holy Spirit teaches Long Aotian!Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 95 Farewell temporarily, the Holy Spirit teaches Long Aotian!

"They? Do you think I'm that weak?"

Tang Chen was a little speechless. Although he had expected this result, he was still a little disappointed.

If Bibi Dong followed obediently, she would not be that glamorous goddess.

It is more appropriate to leave things like    stickiness to Xiao Wu.

"Don't forget, there is also the Holy Spirit Cult, their elders are so powerful."

"I will integrate the forces of the Spirit Hall, and I will help you at a critical moment."

Bibi Dong looked serious, and the appearance of the Holy Spirit Cult made people feel very bad.

The most important thing is that she was defeated and almost died. This revenge must be avenged.

"Okay, you can do whatever you want, I will support it unconditionally."

"But what's the situation in Wuhun Hall now?"

Tang Chen did not hold back any more, he couldn't forcibly tie people to his side.

That will only make her lose her character

For example, the clingy Xiao Wu, the witch Ning Rongrong, and the cold Zhu Zhuqing.

Everyone has a unique personality. If they are forced to become a good baby, what is the difference between them and the Six Sisters of Heaven.

Why does Tang Chen bother to increase his strength to resurrect them?

"Wuhun Hall originated from the Douluo worship hall. It used to be a gathering place for a group of strong people."

"Later, it gradually became stronger and became an organization recognized by soul masters!"

"That's why the Douluo Hall Master is the real head of the Spirit Hall. It has been inherited by thousands of families in all dynasties."

"My strong rise has been supported by many elders!"

"I believe there will be more than 1,000 homes soon, so you don't have to worry about it!"

"When I go back this time, I will start investigating the situation of the Holy Spirit Cult!"

Bibi Dong explained, and then said seriously.

"You are too sharp, so there will be more forces staring at you."

"Promise me, hide for a while and wait for the opportunity to rise!"

"I'll go, don't you stare at me with such mother-like eyes?"

"Don't forget, you are my woman now"

"I will find you for more treatment when I have time."

Tang Chen was stunned, and quickly took out the power of a man.

But Bibi Dong is right, it's really not good to be stared at by too many people.

You may be absolutely safe, but if you can't keep the other party from jumping over the wall, you can do something on someone close to him.


Bibi Dong's face was flushed, and sure enough, men are big pig hooves, no matter how young they are, they understand this.

Innate reproductive instinct.

"Okay, I'm listening to you"

"It happens that my spirit is weak, so I need to change my appearance a little and show people with a new spirit."

After Tang Chen finished speaking, he activated the bone veins, and his height, shape, and face changed slightly.

In the end, the short hair started to skyrocket and turned into light blue waist-length hair.

just changed his face in an instant, and he didn't use his soul skills and abilities, so there was no flaw at all.

"It's amazing~"

Bibi Dong was speechless, every change was small, but the whole was different.

Those who are close to it can barely recognize it, but it is impossible for outsiders to associate it.

"Is that all right? I will go to the Spirit Master Elite Competition, remember to prepare some spirit bones for me."

"in addition."

Tang Chen leaned into Bibi Dong's ear and said a more sinister plan.

"Okay, as long as I can help you."

"Send me out."

Bibi Dong gritted his teeth, if he could only choose between Baye and his lover, she would choose the latter.

"Okay. But are you like this?"

"It doesn't matter, I can say that I have eaten some kind of herb, as long as the strength is still there!"

"That's good, these fruits can help you."

Tang Chen activated the spirit of the divine tree and picked a lot of violent fruits.

As long as it is placed in the rose ring, it can be stored for a long time.

After doing all this, Tang Chen opened the Heavenly Imperial Palace and left.

The outside world is still like the end, and the two reluctantly embrace each other and say goodbye.

Bibi Dong's six wings stretched out and disappeared into the sky in a blink of an eye.

"Hehe~ I have a lot of harvest!"

Tang Chen withdrew his gaze, feeling satisfied in his heart.

I thought it was an opponent, but I didn't expect to become his woman so easily.

The power of the   Rose Ring is terrifying, and it works extremely well on older Void Girls.

No wonder Tang Yuehua paralyzed him so much that he didn't even care about the Clear Sky Sect and immediately stopped funding.

If there is no blood relationship, they will come over at night to push back.

But it is not surprising that the fruit of the divine tree helped her solve the problem of not being able to cultivate.

Anyone who replaces    will be very moved, such as a master who is about to become a jerk.

I'm going to find Liu Erlong now

"Is that what you did?"

Tang Chen was about to leave when a figure in a black robe suddenly appeared.

The terrifying coercion seemed to be real, making him almost kneel.

"Who?" Tang Chen hurriedly raised his head, but he didn't expect someone to come here?

"Hand over the holy stone of darkness, or you will be drowned in pain forever!"

"Senior, what are you talking about, I just passed by here."

Tang Chen had already guessed that this must be someone from the Holy Spirit Cult again, and he was still the top one, his coercion had already surpassed Bibi Dong.

is a Limit Douluo who has obtained inheritance, his strength has reached a demigod, and he has no chance of winning in his current state.

First try if you can fool the past

"Boy, you don't have to pretend, what method did you use to kill me to teach the elders?"

"The breath of the holy stone is on you!"

The man in black robe asked in a cold voice, the dark holy dragon martial spirit has been activated.

Black, black, black, red, red, red, red, nine martial spirits appeared at the same time, and the coercion was even higher.

"Lying trough~"

Tang Chen was a little dumbfounded, this guy's spirit ring configuration has surpassed Tang San before he became a god.

This is the most powerful combination of spirit rings he has seen so far, excluding him of course.

"Don't tell me? Then take it back and enjoy the purgatory of the Underworld God."

The terrifying energy surged out, almost draining the surrounding spirit power.

"The third aura of divine power?"

Tang Chen's face changed slightly, but it wasn't that he was afraid of this guy.

Although he is in a bad state right now, no one can stop him if he wants to escape.

It’s just that there is a new aura of divine power

The dark holy stone has the power of death and darkness, plus the power of the current **** of the underworld.

There are three traditions of this Holy Spirit Church?

is a bit exaggerated

The butterfly effect brought by crossing is too violent, right?

Why Tang San crossed over, the whole continent was weak, and he had to face superpowers.

Super unfair.

"Wait a minute, is this the stone?"

"Senior must kill me, right? Can you tell me the name to make me four happy!"

Tang Chen suddenly took out the dark holy stone and blew it on his mouth.

On the other hand, the man in the black robe changed his face and immediately took back his energy.

"Boy, if you dare to destroy the holy stone, this deity will definitely smash you into thousands of pieces!"


Tang Chen raised his brows and put the holy stone to his mouth to play with.

The man in black robe really changed his face again!

Is this thing edible?

"Long Aotian, the leader of the Holy Spirit Sect, hand over the Dark Holy Stone, and I can spare you from dying!"

Long Aotian's murderous intention is revealed, and he is ready to **** it at any time.

"It turns out that you are the leader, so that's really great."

"I was just looking for you!"

Tang Chen got the information and had an evil smile on his face.

Then he threw the dark holy stone into his mouth

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