MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts - C.92 Kaguya's Profound Truth: Seeking the Daoyu in the end!Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts

C.92 Kaguya's Profound Truth: Seeking the Daoyu in the end!Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 92 Kaguya Ji Profound Truth: Seeking the Daoyu in the end!

In the woods not far away, the two Douluos of Gui Ju grabbed one person and flew away.

Tang Chen fell into a daze just now, and was thrown out by Bibi Dong.

The two Douluo who were waiting nearby quickly fled with them.

The speed of these two escaping is really fast, and they have rushed far away in an instant.

However, Bibi Dong's screams made Tang Chen, who was stunned, come back to his senses.

"Slot, let go of Lao Tzu!"

Tang Chen's arm exerted strength, and the running chrysanthemum pass was forced to stop.

"Little bastard, His Majesty the Pope let us take you away!"

Chrysanthemum Guan was slightly panting, but the breath just now scared him.

"Shut up, you bastard!"

Tang Chen scolded irritably, not giving Title Douluo any face.

"Little bastard, why am I being an asshole?"

Chrysanthemum Pass was very upset, if it wasn't for the appearance of Golden Crocodile Douluo being half dead, he would have started.

"Which man let a woman bear it, but he ran away?"

"Get out of here, I'm going to help!"

Tang Chen ignored the two and rushed towards the six sisters.

"Your martial souls fuse, hold on to one!"

"Complete body Susanoo!"

"Fusion Ring!"

The    purple terrifying giant rose from the ground, and then five spirit rings appeared at the same time.

The violent power poured into Susa's body and became a new body.

Just like the arrow of Indra just now, the power of this superimposed tailed beast is extremely overbearing.

If she had just merged into the Nine Rings, Bibi Dong would have gotten colder.

At this time, although he only has five rings, he can already use the strongest Susa form.

The difference is just the power!


The six sisters of Heavenly Dao also completed the fusion, which is much weaker than when the seven people fused just now.

is a simple nine-tailed cat demon, and there is no dark golden pattern.


Tang Chen's transformation finally came to an end, and the powerful consumption made Samsarayan's writing wheel tingling.

But a white-gold giant appeared, with powerful purple armor attached to his body.

Two lightning blades were held in his hands, and Tang Chen rushed out.

And the battle in front was coming to an end, Bibi Dong was able to fight against eight people without falling behind.

But the dark holy stone was too weird, and finally was defeated by a sneak attack.

Bibi Dong spurted blood from his mouth, and his body was knocked out.

The ground was scratched and cracked, and it bounced off the ground like a missile.

"Slot your horses!"

Tang Chen immediately turned to chase, Qian Jun took over Bibi Dong as soon as he fired.

But blood was dripping from the huge Susa palm.

The violent mood swings made the newly formed Susa actually shatter.

Tang Chen hugged the weak Bibi Dong, instilling a steady stream of soul power.

Blue Silver Domain!

Countless blue silver grass grew out of the ground, emitting a gentle glow.

Bibi Dong's blood finally stopped, but her consciousness was already blurred.

The power level of that dark holy stone actually reached the **** level.

Otherwise, with Bibi Dong's resilience, this level of damage would not be possible.

"Bibi Dong, don't die! I don't want to regret it for the rest of my life!"

Tang Chen was already a bit of a god, and the recovery fruit kept pouring out liquid.

Want to heal this damage

"Don't bother. This kind of power has far surpassed Title Douluo."

"You go. Live."

Bibi Dong suddenly opened his eyes, and slowly raised his blood-filled arm.

Gently stroked Tang Chen's head.

"Fart, you won't die!"

"Hold on, I can resurrect the dead, no matter how serious the injury is!"

"Wait for me!" Tang Chen roared.


"I really didn't expect that I could meet a little guy like you."

"Please don't cry for me, don't grieve for me, and don't avenge me!"

"Live well until you surpass that threshold and become the pinnacle of the world!"

"I will protect you"

Bibi Dong had tears in her eyes, the strength on her arms was disappearing.

's body suddenly flashed light, unexpectedly wanting to strip off his own soul bone.

"Stupid woman, why stop and say you won't die!"

Tang Chen's teeth are itching with anger, why don't these people always listen to others?

"I was born before you, but I am old when you were born, so let these things accompany you on my behalf."

"Shut up and get some sleep!"

Seeing that Bibi Dong was about to explode, Tang Chen could only use his palms to knock her out first.

The injury is temporarily relieved, which means there is hope for salvation.

Tang Chen raised his head sharply, his eyes were already full of blood.

The six sisters in front blocked them, but they seemed to be beaten badly.

"Come back, leave this garbage to me"

The dark space door suddenly appeared and swallowed the nine-tailed cat demon.

Tang Chen stood up with Bibi Dong in his arms and let the eight strong men surround him.

"Boy, surrender, our leader can treat this kind of injury!"

"You can rest assured that no one is willing to swallow this kind of genius!"

The ooze monster is slowly approaching, ready to use its abilities to capture it.


"Why do you want to mess with me? I just want to create a force and see if I can unify the world."

"But there are always so many blind people."

Tang Chen restrained all his aura, but the air suddenly became extremely oppressive.

As if some great terror was about to break free and destroy the world.

"Boy, what are you talking about? It seems that we can only use coercion!"

The ooze monster had a bad feeling and quickly sprayed out countless mucus.

"You'll know right away!"

Tang Chen's reincarnation writing wheel suddenly began to drip blood.

followed by the eyes, nostrils, and mouth with blood slowly flowing out.

Tang Chen suddenly spit out a white substance, like a twisted combination of countless tailed beasts.

As soon as this mass of white matter appeared, the world seemed to have been pressed the pause button.

Everyone's consciousness is clear, but they can't move an inch.

Only the cold sweat that came out kept dripping.

And the white matter kept twisting, beating like a heart, and was rapidly expanding.

"I can't control this ability, and I don't know what damage it will do to me, let alone how much damage it will cause, or how many people will die."

"But since someone wants to taste it, then I will light the biggest fireworks in the world"

"In the end, seek the Taoist jade!"


As Tang Chen's voice fell, the surrounding space was directly torn apart.

Leaving only the starry darkness

Qiu Daoyu expanded rapidly, and then emitted a dark halo.

The    outer circle glowed with a layer of purple light, swallowing all matter, including space.


The black sphere suddenly exploded, but there was no sound.

There is only constant diffusion. Diffusion

If you stand in the universe and watch, Douluo Star seems to have a **** bag.

Boom boom~

It was not until a long time later that the terrifying sound appeared like a landslide and tsunami.

The shock wave spreads in circles, sweeping continuously with the sphere as the center.

The direct damage range of the black ball is not large, but it is a terrifying energy shock.

has spread almost all over the kingdom of Barak

The biggest disaster in Douluo Continent appeared, centered on Soto Castle.

A dozen cities were washed away, and three mountains within the range were leveled.

The farmland, rivers and vegetation have all disappeared, and countless animals have been forced to migrate.

At least three million people became refugees

The Kingdom of Barak has since slumped and withdrew from the arena of hegemony.

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(end of this chapter)