MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts - C.80 Super harvest, platinum spirit ring! (5/7)Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts

C.80 Super harvest, platinum spirit ring! (5/7)Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 80 Super harvest, platinum spirit ring! (57)

"Ouch, my back hurts."

The next morning, Tang Chen woke up a little confused.

It felt like water was pouring into my head, and I had no idea what was going on.

After thinking about it carefully, it seemed that something happened last night.

Remember to chat with Xiao Wu for a while, and then start to concentrate on practicing.

Then Li Xi came over and pushed him down on the bed.

may be the action of body memory, or it may be her active control.

Just as I was about to do some research, I remembered that Xiao Wu was still chasing dramas.

The old rule is to knock out first, and then it is time for free exploration.

I don't know if Xiao Wu was prepared for it, or if there was a local strengthening resistance in her body.

The strength of the hand knife was too light, which inspired her instinct to fight back.

A girl with soft skills can't afford to hurt, and she can even kick the lower back while standing behind her.

The unpredictable pain made Tang Chen almost lose consciousness.

It may feel like more than one hit, or you will never faint.

Tang Chen sat up and found Li Xi leaning against the bed, seemingly guarding him to sleep.

"Silly girl, go and rest, eat a fruit to make up."

Tang Chen handed over a fruit of the divine tree, it is really distressing that he can still love him so much with his incomplete consciousness.

Xiao Wu was lying on her back, not wanting to pay attention to her for the time being.

Finally, Li Xi took the initiative and destroyed the opportunity for research.

Let's punch in first

『You failed the entrance examination, and you beat the teacher in anger (low-vegetarian dog).』

『You were angry because you were refused to gamble and abused Zao Wou-ki (Grumpy Dog)』

"You shamelessly fooled Zhu Zhuqing into becoming a maid (a scumbag who seduced with money

『You used the Dafa of your mouth to accept Flanders and Zao Wou-Ki as apprentices (two fools)』

"You sneaked up on Xiaodan and were stunned by continuous rabbits and eagles (weak chicken

"You were pushed by Li Xi, and Xiao Wu was knocked out (envy)."

『You triggered a chain reaction, and the six sisters’ consciousness recovery rate increased (pleasure).』

『You were pushed back by the second sister』

『You were pushed back by the third sister』

『You were pushed back by the fourth sister』

『You were pushed back by the fifth sister』

『You were beaten by Sixth Sister with your spirit bone』

『You're dead, you scumbag.』

"Hey, don't go overboard with the system, forget about complaining, and just start scolding?"


"Okay, okay, I won't complain, the system sister is the most beautiful, finish the punch!"

Tang Chen immediately disarmed and surrendered, but don't give him another salary deduction.

And I was in a coma last night, so I was wronged by a scumbag!

Completely unaware, let alone feeling.

Emotional back pain comes from this, look carefully at the welt marks on the body.

Six sisters are definitely not for fun, but really want to smoke him.

It is understandable if you think about it, even if they are not fully resurrected, they are still used as dolls.

But man is such a creature, and he cannot defy instinct.

As the previous life online said, what does the bird have to do with him or someone?

So he will always be a virgin.

The classic quotes of scumbags!

『Congratulations to the host for completing the check-in, the system determines that it is overtime on weekends, and the reward is greatly increased』

『Congratulations to the host, the system is in a good mood, and the year-end bonus will be issued, six years.』

『Congratulations on getting: True God Tree Fruit.』

『Congratulations on getting: The Fruit of True Cultivation.』

『Congratulations on getting: Real Martial Soul Advanced Fruit.』

『Congratulations on your acquisition: A Million Years Right Hand Lantan Soul Bone』

『Congratulations on getting: Tenseigan’s power increase』

『Congratulations on getting: Reincarnation Writing Wheel Eye Power Enhancement』

『Congratulations on your acquisition: 10,000 times the training speed of the day』

『Congratulations: You have obtained 100 million detonating charms』

"Fuck, you got rich!"

There are eight full rewards, and you can see how awesome it is by looking at the name.

The emotional system has deducted his year-end bonus for at least six years.

I would have complimented her more if I knew it earlier, maybe the gift will be much better.

The first six rewards, three fruits, one spirit bone, and two external spirit bone upgrades.

The remaining two items are for punching cards on the day, so what is going on with these 100 million detonating charms?

Really want him to fry the ball?

Save for now!

"Receive award."

Tang Chen can't wait to receive it, and it is estimated that it can be improved.

『Reward distribution.』

As the system prompt appeared, Tang Chen's three eyes felt tingling.

And the pain was getting stronger and stronger, making him want to scratch.

The so-called improvement cannot be felt, but the spiritual power is rapidly increasing.

After    crossed over, although the spiritual power was considered strong, it did not increase.

I feel a little unable to keep up with the progress, which limits his strength.

I thought it would be resolved only after obtaining the head spirit bone.

Unexpectedly, it has increased directly now, and the total amount has at least tripled.

may not reach the **** level, but at least there is a titled Douluo level.

The change of Samsara's writing wheel eyes appeared, and the skill of blood snares was opened up.

Huangquan Hirazaka: You can open the space and shuttle freely.

"Haha~ cool!"

The appearance of    space ability means that he has a second magical skill.

Gently raised his finger to point out, the space peeled off like a brick.

A pitch-dark passage similar to the Heavenly Imperial Palace appeared.

reached out and reached inside, and a space door also appeared on the other side of the room.

The door can be opened from a long distance

This ability is great, and it is estimated that Qiandao Liu can’t do anything about it.

took out four treasures from the stinging space, Tang Chen checked the introduction on the log.

Fruit of the True God Tree: The first fruit born from the God Tree, greatly enhances the soul power.

True Cultivation Fruit: After taking it, the cultivation speed increases by 10,000 times within a year, which can be stacked with other rewards.

Real Martial Spirit Advanced Fruit: After taking it, there is a 100% chance to evolve Martial Spirit to god-level quality, and it cannot have an effect on the host.

Right-hand Lanyun spirit bone: One of the six main body spirit bones, with the ability to control Lanyun.

"I'm going, this time I made a lot of money!"

Tang Chen got out of bed excitedly and walked over to Sister Liudao.

Trying new items requires guardians, and they are the most trustworthy people.

First, he took out the fruit of the True God Tree, and Tang Chen nibbled it without hesitation.

The taste is natural, needless to say, the powerful energy explodes in the body.

Ordinary **** tree fruit can only make the body feel full of warmth.

But this time it's like magma boiling


The spirit of the divine tree actively appeared, and the violent energy impact made the tree trunk tremble.

The source of the divine tree operates automatically, creating an energy channel between the main body and the martial spirit.

The    triple realm's exercises cannot compress the tsunami-like soul power at all.

The    level checkpoint loosened instantly and entered level 40 directly.

Spirit Master has a threshold every ten levels, and you need to obtain a spirit ring to continue leveling up.

But the master has put forward the theory that if you continue to practice during this period, the stored soul power will be revealed after obtaining the soul ring.

Unfortunately, Tang Chen was completely different, his violent soul power was still impacting.

If he ate something else, this huge amount of energy would instantly overwhelm his body.

Shenshu Wuhun gave birth in an emergency, and the four-tailed Monkey King was ejected from the main pole.

Before it could hug its mother tenderly, it was blasted apart by the divine tree.

Tang Chen is suffering, who has time to write ink with it.


A platinum gold ring exploded, and the terrifying power affected the physical space.

The freshman dormitory was directly washed away, and countless debris rose into the sky.

Ask for monthly passes and full bookings!

(end of this chapter)