MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts - C.45 Beauty Sisi, forced to be a matchmaker!Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts

C.45 Beauty Sisi, forced to be a matchmaker!Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 45 Beauty Sisi, forced to be a matchmaker!

"Little guy, what did you say?"

"Don't think that if you are innately full of soul power, you will be invincible in the world."

"Is there any genius in Wuhun Hall?"

Sisi, no matter how good-tempered she is, she can't bear to insult her repeatedly.

"Okay, calling auntie is too much, is it okay to call auntie?"

"First of all, let's talk about our old-fashioned, level 26 assault-type battle spirit masters, although the talent is average."

"But it's okay to become a Soul Emperor in the future."

"It's not bad, right? Those noble sons are not as handsome as him!"

Tang Chen paused after speaking, and found that Sisi was actually looking at Su Yuntao.

I would like to go out shopping, at least as a spare tire candidate.

"Tell me about you again"

"Short hair, slightly round face, legs longer than the body, very slender waist, protruding where it should be, and curling where it should be."

"I can barely give you a nine."

Tang Chen's voice gradually decreased, and he felt more and more guilty, but he still had to continue.

"Let's talk about talent, Laosu is four or five years older than you, but his strength is only three levels worse. The talent gap is not big!"

"I think you guys are a good match, why don't I be a matchmaker?"

"Just three days later, how about I invested 10,000 gold coins to organize the wedding?"

Tang Chen's remarks, let alone the two parties involved were stunned.

Even the guards and passers-by watching the play were shocked beyond words.

I can't believe these words, they came from a seven-year-old child.

"What nonsense are you talking about. Where are your eyes looking?"

Si Si was in a state of panic, but her keen sixth sense made her feel uncomfortable.

is the kind of shame of being stripped and looked over carefully from head to toe.

"Old Su, it's okay, quite expected"

The blue light in Tang Chen's eyes disappeared, and he quietly said something to Su Yuntao.

"What do you mean, even if Su Yuntao is as good as you say, there are more people who are better than him."

"Why do I have to marry him?"

Sisi has recovered at this time, but she was only surprised by the generous amount of 10,000 Gold Soul Coins just now.

But the spirit master's arrogance is still high, how could he bow down for this amount of money.

She also felt that she couldn't keep dragging her on, since she opened the topic today.

Then just make it clear, there is no benefit in dragging it, after all, it is a colleague of the branch hall.

"Simple, because he has a backstage."

"What? He has a backstage?"

"Su Yuntao should be from a poor family, and he didn't even study at the Advanced Spirit Master Academy, right?"

A smile appeared on Sisi's face, after all, she was just a child.


"Because I'm his backstage."

Tang Chen suddenly laughed and said this brazenly.


"Children, you are quite cute"

Sisi covered her mouth and snickered, only then did she pay attention to Tang Chen's appearance.

cute? pretty? handsome?

She couldn't describe it accurately, she just felt the blood flow faster.

The anger is completely gone.


Tang Chen was a little depressed, why did the atmosphere change in an instant?

What should I do next if I have no anger?

do not care.

"You don't believe it? How about a bet?"

Tang Chen was super embarrassed at this time, as if he punched in the air.

Next to Xiao Wu and Tang San, they almost rolled with their stomachs covered.

is not a simple child, the label of failure to pretend has been marked.


"What do you want to bet on?"

Sisi is very interested, and she also deliberately puffed up her breasts.

"Xiaochen, forget it!"

"I know you want to help me, but some things can't be forced."

Su Yuntao persuaded Tang Chen, but unfortunately he did not have the right to decide, and Sisi pushed him away.

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm really interested now, what tricks this kid wants to play."

"Of course it's a full set cough cough"

Tang Chen said smoothly, almost revealing his little secret, and quickly added.

"Since we are all soul masters, of course we speak with strength."

"The baby is only seven years old, are you afraid?"

Sisi rolled her eyes, thinking she was gambling?

"You and me?"

"First ask, what's the benefit of winning?"

Tang Chen looked happy, the prey was finally hooked, so don't try to break free.

"Just ten thousand gold soul coins."

"You win, if you lose."

"Be my maid or his girlfriend"

"I am still very clear about the Lord, and I will give you the opportunity to choose freely."


As soon as Tang Chen said these words, the onlookers were all in an uproar, and even Sisi was stunned.

Ordinary families can't spend ten gold soul coins a year, and a hundred are considered rich.

Among the four subordinate sects of the Clear Sky Sect, the poorest Min clan only had a hundred gold soul coins.

Converted to before Tang Chen crossed, that is hundreds of millions of RMB.

A bet between the great soul masters, how big of a deal?

"Okay, I agree!"

Si agreed without hesitation, the beauty of a woman needs to consume money.

Unless she has the best of natural beauty, which woman can't do maintenance?

"Naughty, the dignified deacon of the Spirit Hall actually duel with a child."

A voice came from the door of Wuhun Hall, and the head of the branch hall, Master Matthew Nuo came out.

Everyone's expressions changed slightly, and then they bowed neatly and saluted.

"Master Matthew Nuo!!"

"Don't block the door, Yuntao, what the **** is going on?"

Su Yuntao hurried over and said what happened carefully.

Although Matthew Nuo is only a great soul master, he is already over eighty years old, and his qualifications are very old.

And he is the chief deacon of this branch.

Here we have to talk about why Wuhun Temple has such a huge influence.

The    Spirit Hall was independent of the empire, and on the bright side was regarded as the representative organization of the spirit master world.

Similar to a religious system, there are branch temples in all cities, including the villages under their jurisdiction.

The village level hall is unattended, and it is only used temporarily when the spirit is awakened every year.

In the small town is the Hall of Martial Spirits. The top leader is the Great Deacon, and there are about ten deacons who handle daily affairs.

The    medium-sized city is the Hall of Martial Souls. Although they are also deacons, their strength is stronger, and the number of them is about 20.

The big city is the main hall of martial arts, and it must be guarded by the cardinal. The number of spirit masters is about fifty people.

And the two capitals of the two empires, that is, the fourth-level Wuhun Temple, which is managed by the platinum bishop.

There are regular legions stationed there, and even the Empire does not dare to offend easily.

Those geniuses who joined the Spirit Hall dream of being able to enter it.

And at the junction of the two empires, there is a city directly under the Wuhun Temple.

The Pope's Palace is located here, and it is the palace of the Pope.

In the end, it is the dream of all spirit masters, the Douluo worship hall.

Only the titled Douluo is eligible to enter the Hall of Spirits.

has supreme authority.

There are seven known worshippers in the Wuhun Temple, namely: Qianjun Douluo, Demon Conqueror Douluo, Golden Crocodile Douluo, and Angel Douluo.

The other three have disappeared in front of people with the passage of time.

The nine elders are: Chrysanthemum Douluo, Ghost Douluo, Snake Spear Douluo, Thorn Dolphin Douluo, Devil Bear Douluo, Ghost Leopard Douluo, and Holy Dragon Douluo.

Two other people have died, one of whom died while chasing Tang Hao.

Another one died in the Great Star Dou Forest, and only half of his body was recovered.

In addition to the late Pope Chihiro Ji, the current Pope Bibi Dong.

And the Qian Renxue who can become a god

Thinking about how powerful the Spirit Hall is, there are fifteen titled Douluos alive.

does not include those Contras who have just been promoted and have not been disclosed.

To know the seven major sects, only the upper three sects have the title Douluo.

Where does the power of    Spirit Hall come from?

These names alone can shock Douluo Continent

(end of this chapter)