MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts - C.43 Punching Nanshan Nursing Home and kicking Beihai Kindergarten!Mar 07, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Opening Sign In the God Tree Martial Arts

C.43 Punching Nanshan Nursing Home and kicking Beihai Kindergarten!Mar 07, 2023

Chapter 43 Punching Nanshan Nursing Home and kicking Beihai Kindergarten!

"Brother, do you want to use me as a labor force?"

How smart Tang San is, just listen to this tone and understand.

I awakened a Clear Sky Hammer, born to strike iron.

"How come, you don't know, blacksmiths are graded."

"You need a lot of practice and a lot of money to make a master craftsman."

"As for what you made, I have to use it too."

"Otherwise, what shall we eat? What can we buy you iron mother? How can we buy you equipment?"

"A good set of blacksmith equipment starts from tens of thousands!"

The corners of Tang Chen's mouth were slightly upturned, and Tang San was not an opponent in the first place.

What's more, with the identity of the elder brother, don't even think about resisting in this life.

As the saying goes, the eldest brother is like a father, and Tang San's marriage can be arranged.

Unless his strength can surpass him by a lot, what can he do to resist.

Running away from home?

"Good but sold objects must be carefully investigated"

"I don't want the technology to leak out."

Tang San could only agree in the end, because Tang Chen also learned Xuantian Baolu.

At the beginning, there was no hidden secrets, and all the hidden weapons of the Tang Sect were recorded on it.

"You only think about it, I can't think of such a thing?"

"Don't worry about it, if you can get the top three hidden weapons out"

"I will marry you a princess, and I will do what I say."

"Brother, stop talking nonsense, don't say how difficult the top three hidden weapons are, how many princesses are there in the Tiandou Empire?"

"Just because of our identities, we can't even meet face to face, right?"

Tang San rolled his eyes, knowing that this eldest brother was bragging again.

"Hehe. I've been telling you that anything can be done, but the sight can't be without it."

"Imperial princess, I will beg you to marry her in the future."

"As for the nobles. I will make you an earl within five years"

Tang Chen sneered disdainfully, and the Minister of the World chose him, but Xiao Wu didn't want to get involved.

The rogue rabbit of 100,000 years, should you leave him as a reserve spirit ring?

If you don't have that life, don't pick that up.

"Alas~ I'm sick again."

Tang San shook his head and sighed, dodged and rushed towards the playground.

Because there are many people gathered there, eating melon is a world-class universal hobby.

"Fuck. This **** can't get away."

Tang Chen quickly caught up, but the same shadow fan moved much faster.

On the playground of Notting College, the two teams are facing each other.

The group of children on the right is too young, standing behind a little girl in the fan group.

Especially on the coats worn by girls, the pattern of red clouds on a black background is very eye-catching.

It is the rogue rabbit: Xiao Wu

On the left is the school bully, a sixth grader headed by the son of the city lord.

"Stinky girl, dare to provoke us, don't think it's great to become an official student!"

"I'm the boss of this academy, and I regret that it's too late, otherwise, I don't mind having multiple pet rabbits!"

Xiao Chenyu's face was full of arrogance. After these working-students turned regular, their tails were about to go to the sky.

I still dare to seek revenge from him, I don't know how high the sky is.

They are all sixth-grade students, and they have been able to release their martial arts smoothly.

"Bastard, it's too deceiving, Miss Wu will let you know immediately why the flowers are so red."

Xiao Wu has a bad temper, she will fight when she rolls up her sleeves.

Whether it's Tang San or Xiao Wu, they all hide their special identities.

But after having a strong Tang Chen, his character has been enlarged a lot.

The backing is like this, which can make people feel safe and secure.

"Hey, wait a minute, who is so bold to accept my maid as a pet?"

Just as Xiao Wu was about to start, Tang Chen's figure suddenly appeared.

startled everyone, didn't see how they got here?

"Ah, Brother Chen, you're back!"

Xiao Wu lost her anger when she saw the person coming, and jumped over happily, like a little rabbit.

"As soon as I came back, I heard that someone was bullying you, so I came quickly."

Tang Chen touched Xiao Wu's head, no matter how you look at it, it's very kawaii.

lo*ic*n property burst.

"Stop joking, they also have the ability to bully me?"

"This time, I'm looking for revenge on him. Working students have been bullied before!"

Xiao Wu started to babble, and aggressively attacked Boss Xiao and the others.

At this time, Xiao Chenyu's face was already dark

This guy can beat the master. The crystal that controlled them last time, even the dean took a whole day to break it.

How can you not be afraid now?

And, as the son of the city lord, Boss Xiao knows more things and understands that some people must not be provoked.

Like his father, he provokes a powerful existence and has been lying on the bed for several months.

It is estimated that without the identity of the city owner, the entire family will be uprooted.

Fortunately, the strong man kept his word, and finally traded the soul bone.

Otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable

However, after knowing that when he grows up, he can have the soul bone that soul masters dream of, there is a feeling of soaring.

Now we must know how to hide forbearance.

"Boss, we were wrong, we didn't know that Xiao Wu was your maid."

"I will never dare again"

The Little Bullies retreated in unison, almost kneeling down and begging for mercy.

"Hehe, there is no misunderstanding here. If you do something wrong, you will have to admit punishment."

"My maid in the future will be the boss of this academy, come to me if you don't agree"

Tang Chen's tone was cold, and a blue light flashed in his eyes.

The terrifying coercion radiated out, and the students present, including the melon-eating students, were affected.

Everyone's martial spirits were stimulated, and they wanted to resist this pressure.

It's a pity that Tenseigan's super pressure can't even handle a soul beast like the Queen Ant, let alone these little brats.

Foaming at the mouth one by one, passed out on the playground.

Even the teachers who dared to come upon hearing the news rolled their eyes after entering the range, and they passed by.

The scene on the playground is quite spectacular, and Tang Chen is also very fulfilled.

is the kind of refreshing like punching Nanshan Nursing Home and kicking Beihai Kindergarten.

Bear children, such creatures, Tang Chen hated deeply in his last life.

I remember when I bought a new Ferrari, the next day the car logo disappeared and the car was full of chalk drawings.

Even if I get money with me, the hatred in my heart will never stop.

A car is a man's wife. If someone's wife is being played with, who can bear it.

"Hahaha, cool!"

"Go ask the teacher, I want to go out!"

Tang Chen waved to the working students, then strode out of the school gate.

"Brother Chen, where are we going to play?"

"You're not bored anymore, those little brats don't understand anything!"

Xiao Wu hurried to catch up, thinking that she was going to some interesting place.

Tang Chen complained violently in his heart, as a rogue rabbit of 100,000 years.

It is really rare to be able to play with children.

"Eat this fruit, and then we go to the Wuhun Temple to register!"

Tang Chen threw the third divine fruit, and the remaining one was to be kept for himself.

The fruit of the **** tree is very fast to upgrade, but the foundation is too annoying.

Although there are no side effects, Tang Chen doesn't want to make soft-footed shrimp.

Until he absorbs the spirit ring, he will never eat it again.

After all, his martial soul is a divine tree, so does he still care about a few fruits?


"Delicious, delicious, I have never eaten such a delicious fruit!"

"Brother Chen, I still want it"

"Eh~ upgraded"

Xiaowu eats crispy food, not like the gentleness of growing up.

Tang Chen made up his mind that he must be well trained and become an ideal type.

Unfortunately, he still doesn't know what it means to be easy to change and hard to change.

A rogue rabbit is a rogue rabbit, the only thing that changes is the appearance that has been changing

(end of this chapter)