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MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.480 finallyMar 07, 2023

Chapter 480 Final Chapter (End of text)

Because of Tang Mo's promise, Qinling no longer thought it was too early to integrate Wuzhu, nor did he mention anything to make Tang Mo rest.

came out of Lin Yi's tent and pulled Tang Mo to pass the Pearl of Agility to her.

If it wasn't for Tang Mo's reluctance to obey, he must eat first, then he would not be able to rest for a moment.

After lunch, the two of them started smoothly. They asked Lin Yu and Zong Chang to stay outside. There were only Qin Ling and Tang Mo in the tent.

With Tang Mo as a spiritual powerhouse, he didn't need anyone's help at all, and the Pearl of Agility was successfully transmitted to his body by Qinling.

The whole process took half an hour. Because it was too fast, Zong Chang and Lin Yu were even startled when they came out, for fear that the transmission would fail in such a fast time.

"No, so fast?"

Lin Yu blurted out.

Qin Ling's face darkened, his original joy was swept away, and he left first.

"What's up with him?"

Lin Yu felt inexplicable.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he didn't know how to explain it. Qin Ling misunderstood Lin Yu's words and felt that his self-esteem was hurt.

had to say,

"Give me a face and let him."

Lin Yu nodded clearly, seeing that Qin Ling had paid so much face for everyone, he didn't care about him anymore.

In the evening, Qinling was still worried about what Lin Yu said during the day, and wanted to prove himself with his strength.

Anyway, the marriage has already been set, so it doesn’t matter that some things are ahead of schedule.

But tonight, Tang Mo kicked him out mercilessly. She really has something to do tonight, and Qinling's pearl of agility needs to be fused again.

Qin Ling was originally wronged, but when he thought that he could get married sooner by merging the beads quickly, he endured it and went back silently.

Tang Mo was very experienced in fusing beads, and this bead was originally fused, so now you only need to wash off the energy mark of Qinling on it and then use it to make it bigger.

This was not a difficult thing for Tang Mo, it was done quickly, and then she slept beautifully.

The next day, Tang Mo called Qin Ling to keep him at the door of his tent, and he began to fuse the five beads inside the tent.

The description of the fusion Tang Mo has read countless times over and over again. It might be a little difficult for others, but for someone like Tang Mo who has re-trained the sea of ​​​​knowledge, everything is not difficult. .

The five pearls radiate different rays of light in the sea of ​​​​consciousness, and then gradually approached, the five energies turned into one.

Knowing that a smaller bead was formed in the end, and the bead was radiating colorful light. At the moment when it was formed, the tent where Tang Mo was standing was brilliant, and a huge beam of colorful beams emanated from the tent, reaching the sky high.

All the people, whether in the protection circle or nearby humans, put down what they were doing and looked over.

Everyone knows that this is where Tang Mo was, and everyone knows what is going on there.

They have been waiting for this day for a long time.

The familiar strong reminder popped up on the ID watch,

Congratulations to the human beings who completed the five-bead fusion at the end of Tang Dynasty and are waiting for the successful ones to make their wish choices.

At this moment, everyone held their breath and waited, their eyes were all staring in the same direction, like a nail was born under their feet, and they could not move a step.

"Please say your wish."

In the tent, Tang Mo heard a voice.

Finally waited for this moment, Tang Mo smiled, and then said the answer that she had thought of over and over these days.

"I hope the glaciers will melt and human beings can enter a new, wonderful new world."

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