MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine - C.467 The truth of the end timesMar 07, 2023

MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.467 The truth of the end timesMar 07, 2023

Chapter 467 The Truth of the End Times

"But how do you explain these fish in the ocean? They are all stupid, and they shouldn't have any brains, right?"

Most of the fish I saw at the end of the Tang Dynasty were very cute, but they were not wise, how to explain it?

"Are you stupid? I've said it before. The formation of alien beasts must be baptized by resentment. It is difficult for humans to salvage fish in the deep sea. They have never seen human beings and have no natural resentment. You Didn't you realize that most of these fish were species you haven't seen before?"

The big whale said with disgust.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, he thought about it carefully, and it seemed that it was indeed the case.

"There are also some who have been caught and turned into alien beasts and like to attack humans. The original fish generally do not live in the deep sea. After the mutation, not only their appearance has changed, but their living habits have also changed."

Not all fish do not attack humans, after all, the ocean is so big.

"I understand, what you mean is that a fish with a lot of resentment can't bear such a strong resentment and cannot become an alien beast, so there are fewer fish that attack people. But didn't you say that there are two ways to form an alien beast? Then And what about a species that doesn't exist in this world? Why don't those sudden species of creatures attack people?"

At the end of Tang Dynasty, there is still a little bit unclear, anyway, she is idle now, and she has nothing else to do if she doesn't get to the bottom of it.

"The fish you see now are basically the original creatures in the ocean, and the strange appearance is only the change brought about by mutation. As for the kind of natural beasts in the ocean, there are hardly any."

I don't know why, but the tone of what the whale said seemed to be a little proud.

"Is it because of you?"

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he could hear the meaning of the whale's words, and he continued to ask.

"Of course, I have the final say in everything in this sea. How disgusting the creatures that have turned into resentment, I don't want them to live in this sea of ​​mine."

The big whale said that he was very disgusted with that kind of wraith-like creature.

It turned out to be like this, Tang Mo nodded, all the confusion in his heart was solved now.

No wonder, the emotions were all cleaned up by this big whale.

"Then you say that the last days is a punishment, when will this punishment end?"

At the end of Tang Dynasty, although the character of the whale was a little naive, I have to say that the knowledge is still very comprehensive.

When will the end of the world end, even if Tang Mo is about to say goodbye, she is still very concerned about this issue.

"When human beings truly understand the meaning of the end times, pass the test, and fulfill the requirements, it may end."

The big whale apparently thought about this question and had his own answer.

Understand the meaning of the end times, pass the test, and complete the requirements...

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he thought about these words silently in his heart.

Perhaps the process of collecting the five pearls and the various things in the fantasy world are not without reason, not only for human beings to complete the task, but also for people to truly understand some more precious things in the process.

Tang Mo remembered the big pink bead that he despised, and suddenly felt a little miss about it.

"If you weren't what you are now, maybe you might really be the hope of mankind."

The big whale said seriously, although it also disliked the end of Tang Dynasty, but I had to admit that this girl has many excellent qualities.

The big whale knew that at the end of the Tang Dynasty there were already four beads, and it was really not far from five.

What's more, the current Tang Mo is a conscious body, and the pink energy on his body makes the whale feel very at ease.

Energy is generally something that makes the other party feel jealous, but the pink energy on Tang Mo's body is not, it will make people feel more peaceful, there is an indescribable feeling of peace of mind and want to get close.

One person and one whale chatted like this for a long time.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he told the big whale all the things he experienced in the fantasy world. Anyway, he is like this now, the world is like this, and there is nothing else to say.

The big whale was also amazed when he heard the fantasy world. It had never seen anything on land, let alone the world of parallel time and space.

After chatting and chatting, Tang Mo and the whale carefully talked about the ID watch.

Although she knows that the whale does not understand electronic products and ID watches, but she feels that with the whale's understanding of the world, maybe she can better understand what the ID watch is about.

If the ID watch in this world was originally a product of high technology, then the watch has been completely out of human control since it was derived.

Even the above information is the information of human position, which is definitely not the height that technology can achieve.

Even with AI, humans can only input commands, and it is absolutely impossible for them to output some information that humans themselves do not know.

"This is not easy. Since the world has its own energy, it can control plants and animals, and naturally it can also control the energy to your wrist watch. The energy of the world exists, but there must be a carrier. If you want to send instructions and information to you humans, isn't this watch the best carrier."

The    thing about the watch didn't shock the whale.

Many people who fell into the water have survived in its body before. Although it has never been to land, it has also heard a lot of their conversations.

And everyone just came in, without exception, paying attention to their ID watch.

Of course, the watch does not have any signal in the body of the whale, nor can it release information.

As for the specific circumstances under which the watch can be used and under what circumstances it cannot be used, it is probably affected by various factors such as geographical location, magnetic field, etc. It cannot be summed up in one sentence or two.

Tang Mo nodded, she felt that she wanted to understand too many things today.

People always feel panic about unknown things. Originally, people were worried about whether some evil forces or aliens would control the watch, and whether they would be enemies of their human beings.

But now Tang Mo knows, if this watch is the manifestation of the energy of this world, then its purpose is very simple, it is to make the world better.

Of course, this is not completely good news, after all, one of the conditions for making the world better is to eliminate vulnerable groups.

But those who can live to the present, basically have no vulnerable groups, and the remaining group of people are basically steel warriors.

Either a body of steel, a willpower of steel, or a heart of steel.

The last thing they have to do is submit the task after completing the task.

As long as these five beads can be successfully fused, the wishes of this world will probably be fulfilled, and the wishes of mankind will also be fulfilled.

At the end of Tang, he thought of the four beads in his body again, and his mood was a bit complicated.

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