MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine - C.465 things under the seaMar 07, 2023

MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.465 things under the seaMar 07, 2023

Chapter 465 Those things under the sea

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, after thinking about it, he decided to go see a whale.

She went into the sea in that fishing village and met a big whale, and finally got the Pearl of Vitality.

Time has changed, and when the Tang Dynasty came to the fishing village, there was no one there.

Unlike other places, because it is close to the sea, when the ice age came, the sea water quickly froze, and the area near the sea was even colder, so the nearby human beings would have migrated to other places if they were still alive.

The old man is nowhere to be found, and certainly cannot be seen, but the old whale may still be able to.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, looking at the location that used to be the ocean, there was no trace of the ocean for a long time. Thick snow had accumulated on the frozen ice, and it looked no different from other land.

However, Tang Mo, who has energy, still feels that there is still a cave under this thick layer of ice.

The pink light group quickly passed through the thick layer of ice, sinking continuously.

The    layer of ice was so thick that the conscious body sank for a long time before finally seeing the familiar flowing space.

That is the ocean under the thick ice.

If there is any other place for the last paradise in this ice age, it is undoubtedly the ocean.

Although the temperature has dropped drastically, the depth of the ocean is unable to seal the entire ice, and at most the top layer is frozen.

Because the sea surface was frozen, it absorbed a lot of sunlight, but the bottom seawater was well protected from the cold.

Although Tang Mo couldn't feel it, the more she sank, the more sea creatures she saw swimming freely. She knew that this place was not much different from before.

Fortunately, I am now in the form of a ball of light, and I can come and go freely wherever I go. Otherwise, if I come with my body, I have to dig the thick layer of ice to get down, which is really hard work.

Tang Mo looked at himself with pink all over his body, but he got used to it.

A cloud of pink light entered the water, which naturally attracted the attention of many marine creatures. Many beautiful little fish swam curiously around Tang Mo.

Some even swept the pink light with their tails, but they became even more curious when they found that they couldn't touch them.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the most important thing now is time, but he is swinging his conscious body with great interest to tease the little fish.

Swinging and sinking all over again, the colorful circles around him are very comfortable.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he found out from the last time he came here. Although most of the fish in this ocean are also mutant beasts, they are lively and innocent, and most of them are friendly and non-aggressive towards people.

I don’t know if it was influenced by the big whale, and it’s not like those alien beasts on land, as long as they meet people, they will die endlessly, as if there is some kind of revenge for killing their father.

Just when Tang was thinking about some miscellaneous things, the familiar suction finally appeared.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, together with the small fishes surrounding him, he quickly sank to a huge black hole below.

The other fish were desperately struggling to resist, trying to break free of the suction, but unfortunately it was in vain.

Tang Mo looked at those little fish apologetically.

I’m so sorry, everyone, play and play, and follow me down to make you a big whale’s meal. It’s true that my friends are doing it a little bit carelessly.

Of course, those little fish couldn't hear Tang Mo's innermost thoughts, otherwise they would definitely scold Tang Mo for being the fish carrier of the big whale, who came to deceive the fish.

Tang Mo smoothly entered the big whale's mouth along the suction, and then fell all the way to the familiar soft place, the big whale's stomach.

When    arrived in his stomach, Tang Mo looked around and couldn't help sighing when he saw the heat coming out of those soft tender meat.

If those few people who tried so hard to escape before knew that the environment they would experience later was more severe than this one, I wonder if they would regret going out from here.

This is so good, it won't freeze, you can pick up those small fish to eat when you are hungry, and you can't just cut the meat.

Tang Mo looked at the pink meat around him and felt that if the meat was grilled, the taste would definitely be wrong.

The more he thought about it, the more greedy he became, and Tang Mo couldn't help but look away.

"You haven't come to play with me for so long, and you still want to roast my meat, how shameless."

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he suddenly heard an exasperated voice resounding in this confined space.

"You are shameless, big whale, you actually eavesdropped on me!"

The shameless idea of ​​the late Tang Dynasty became angry after being caught, and immediately decided to take the lead.

"Speak? You don't even have a mouth, how can you speak?"

there was a snort.

Oh, too, Tang Mo suddenly remembered that he really couldn't speak. Everything just happened was just a random thought. How could the whale hear?

And he didn't have time to knock on the door of the sea of ​​​​knowledge of the whale, how did it know that he was here?

"Your conscious body is contaminated with the breath of life, that is the treasure I gave you, and I can feel you naturally. I know what you are thinking, so don't scold me secretly in your heart!"

The big whale ruthlessly warned the end of Tang Dynasty.

Is there any more privacy?

Tang Mo silently protested, but obviously, it was useless.

"how are you?"

Tang Mo immediately decided to change the subject.

"It's okay, but it's a bit boring, and no one plays with me."

The voice of the big whale is a bit wronged, and the height is very cold. It is an invincible controller in this sea area, but because of this, it has no friends.

Who dares to play with you, you will accidentally swallow it and eat it again.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, he murmured in his heart, but thinking that the big whale could hear his innermost thoughts, he immediately stopped his thoughts.

"Your consciousness should be able to cover the entire ocean, right? With such a big ocean, there are so many small fish, small shrimps, and little bastards, so there is nothing fun to do?"

The end of the Tang Dynasty just came for a while, and I thought those colorful fish were very interesting, as long as there is life, it should not be boring.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he just asked casually if he had nothing to say, but soon she paid the price for her ignorant question.

"That's not true, you don't know, the fish, fish, shrimp, shrimp, sea corals in this sea can't stop all day, and there is a seahorse in the west. After it mutates, it will give birth every day, and then the child will give birth again. Hermaphrodite is too awesome... You Say that there is really one of the king **** here. That species was originally a tortoise. It was a long and big one. It mutated and stayed in the sea for some reason. Let me tell you, it depends on its old age. It’s just disrespectful to the old man. And the big octopus, you know, it’s incredible, you can believe it with eight daughters-in-law?? And…”

The big whale may have been alone for too long with a fish, and there is no fish to talk to it. It was hard to find someone who could talk. It was endless and could not stop.

(end of this chapter)