MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine - C.454 sensationMar 07, 2023

MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.454 sensationMar 07, 2023

Chapter 454 Sensation

However, at the end of Tang Dynasty, he had completely lost consciousness, and naturally he could not see the news that caused a sensation in the world.

"Momo, she succeeded!"

The message on the ID watch is a strong reminder. No matter what page your watch is on now, a message will pop up directly with a harsh sound until you click on the message to read it.

Xiao Tao jumped up excitedly after reading the news.

When she was chatting with Lin Yi just now, she also talked that Tang Mo was the first person to complete the task of the two worlds, and most likely the first person to get the Space Pearl.

The front foot just said this, and the back foot directly fused the beads at the end. This speed is really amazing!

But when did Mo Mo complete the three fantasy world quests?

Lin Yi and Xiao Tao have the same doubts.

But now is obviously not the time to wonder about these things, now is the time to be happy!

Looking at the tent, there was already a hole in the tent, and Jingjing didn't know when she had gotten in.

Xiao Tao and Lin Yi both followed, but when they entered the tent, they found that Tang Mo was soaked all over on the cushion on one side, and the rest of the cushion was full of white ashes.

And Jingjing was licking the sweat on Tang Mo's face.

"Momo, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

Xiao Tao knew that it was not an easy task to fuse the attribute pearls. Mo Mo must be exhausted. She explained it to Lin Yi. Although they were worried, they were not too panicked.

After all, it was announced on the ID watch, Tang Mo successfully fused the beads, and did not fail.

But why hasn't Momo woke up yet?

"Godmother, first carry Momo into your tent, wipe her body and change her clothes. I'll go and call Lin Yu."

Xiao Tao here instructed Lin Yi to settle Tang Mo, and the other side hurried to call Lin Yu.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he was a psychic power user, and now he is obviously in a state of disengagement. Xiao Tao, a power attribute power user, has nothing to do. He can only look for someone with strong spiritual attributes.

Lin Yu happened to be at the base.

In fact, Lin Yu also entered the first fantasy world at the beginning, but it was not until the end of the Tang Dynasty that he came out of the first fantasy world and entered the second fantasy world for a long time before Lin Yu came out of the first fantasy world.

One can imagine how dangerous he went through there.

Lin Yu is naturally not afraid of danger, but his sister is not.

Xianxian is already sensible, she knows how dangerous a place her brother has gone, and there is a high probability that she will never come back.

During the days when Lin Yu was gone, Xianxian was unhappy every day. Although Xiaotao, Yangyang, Sesame, and Jingjing were with her, she still lost a lot of weight visibly to the naked eye, so she was worried that her brother would never come back. .

When Lin Yu finally came out of the fantasy world, Xianxian was already haggard and almost out of shape.

The little girl hugged her brother and cried, she couldn't stop, and Lin Yu's heart softened.

Forget it, as long as humans can get the Pearl of Space, it’s fine. There are still so many powerful people in the late Tang Dynasty and Qinling Mountains.

Lin Yu squatted down and hugged his sister, and decided not to leave again.

Lin Yu in this life is very different from the Lin Yu who knew in the last life at the end of Tang Dynasty.

Because Lin Yu has relatives and friends in this life, he has received a lot of care and love and has a lot of fetters, so instead of arousing the bloodthirsty temperament in his body, he has grown into a cold-hearted and warm-hearted person. There is also a warm man.

Of course, although Lin Yu of this life is also on the list of the Chinese leaderboard, he is not at the top.

Having a clearer understanding of his own strength and giving up the adventure in the fantasy world early may not be a bad thing for Lin Yu.

Originally, Lin Yu was practicing spiritual power next to the tent with the head of Wuxi Village. Although he has not ventured into the fantasy world recently, his self-exploration is getting farther and farther.

Lin Yu is no longer satisfied with using mental power to release the protective aperture. He is trying other ways to apply it, just like what she saw in Tang Mo and people in Wuxi Village.

Because he usually helped the late Tang Dynasty and the Zong Chief in charge of the management of the protection circle, Lin Yu and the Zong Chief had a very good relationship and often discussed with each other together.

When he heard the world broadcast, he also felt together with Zongchang, and sure enough, the late Tang Dynasty cannot be measured by the human dimension.

Xiao Tao hurried over, explained what he was going to say in a few sentences, and shouted that they hurried over to see how Tang Mo is doing now.

Didn't you successfully fuse the beads?

Lin Yu and Zong Chang felt that things were not that simple when they heard that Tang Mo was in a coma.

Lin Yi over there has been swiftly scrubbing Tang Mo and putting on new clothes, anxiously waiting for Xiao Tao to bring someone back.

"You guys are here, let's take a look at Momo."

Seeing people coming, Lin Yi immediately gave up her seat and temporarily suppressed her anxiety. She knew that even if she was worried now, she would not be able to help at all.

The tent was very large, with a total of tens of square meters. After Lin Yu and Zong Chang entered, they knelt down beside Tang Mo, and then used their mental strength to check Tang Mo's physical condition.

Lin Yu's mental power is stronger than Zong Chang, but he is somewhat lacking in usage skills.

Tang Mo's powerful mental power blocked Lin Yu's mental power, leaving him with nothing to do.

Feeling the hostility of the mental power at the end of Tang Dynasty, Lin Yu immediately withdrew his mental power and sat aside.

The method of spiritual power therapy taught by Zongchang was still taught in the late Tang Dynasty. Entering other people's bodies by the method of spiritual power therapy will not receive a great rejection and can be more easily accepted.

What's more, the pattern of the treatment is very familiar with the spiritual power of the late Tang Dynasty. I feel that the spiritual power of the head of the sect is a familiar healing power, and it has no intention of harming myself. After resisting for a while, I let them in, but still. Maintaining a defensive stance at all times, as long as the external spiritual power shows signs of badness, it will immediately strangle them.

It can be said that after Tang lost consciousness, even if the head of the sect wanted to enter her body to check, it was very dangerous, and it would become a suicidal observation if you were not careful.

Fortunately, Zong Chang used the fastest speed to check the situation clearly, he was not sloppy at all, and he retreated at the fastest speed.

"How is it, is there anything at the end, when will you wake up?"

After staying with the third child for a long time, Xiao Tao also became impatient and couldn't help but ask.

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