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Chapter 452 Try

At the end of Tang Dynasty, although she did not have the space attribute, her use of space for so long still gave her some perception of space power.

Especially when she fused space treasures, the process of merging the two treasures also gave her a deeper and more three-dimensional understanding of the attribute value of space.

And the previous process of fusing spatial treasures also gave Tang Mo a lot of ideas.

For example, now, if two kinds of space treasures can be fused, can your jade pendant and space attribute pearl also be fused?

From a theoretical point of view, there are a lot of space attributes in the space attribute pearl, and it should be regarded as the most advanced space treasure.

As long as the necklace can successfully fuse with the space beads, the beads will naturally fuse with themselves.

After all, in this process, Tang Mo had to spend a lot of mental energy, not only to guide the two treasures to merge, but also to guide them to connect with his own body.

Tang Mo knew that this was just a theoretical idea, and she had no idea what the actual operability would be.

And the mental power consumed in this way is undoubtedly huge, but after integrating the spiritual power beads and continuous cultivation, Tang Mo still has a little confidence in his spiritual power.

Besides, there are so many spatial treasures in his own space that he can temporarily absorb and use.

That jade pendant has long recognized him, and he is familiar with it.

Even if the possibility of success is unknown, but in the current situation, there is no reason for Tang Mo not to try.

As soon as he said it, Tang Mo first took out all the spiritual power supplies in his own space and put them by his side in case of emergency.

After all, in the process of fusion, perhaps his own space can no longer be used.

The gigantic spiritual treasure, the highest-level spar, slowly piled up the entire tent. Fortunately, at the end of the Tang Dynasty, the tent was set up with a layer of prohibition in advance, otherwise it would not be known how much riots would be caused.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he had already discovered it when he was in the fantasy space. After the mission world was opened, his jade pendant space could no longer be used.

And the jade pendant also disappeared from his neck. Tang Mo carefully looked for it and found that the jade pendant was in his sea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciousness.

And the Pearl of Space is also in the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčConsciousness, which greatly facilitates the follow-up operations at the end of Tang Dynasty.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he found a comfortable place to do it, then spread a thick quilt around him, and put two bottles of mineral water.

In case the fusion succeeds by luck, Tang Mo still remembers how exhausted he looked, so he must be fully prepared this time.

Taking a deep breath, Tang Mo began to mobilize the mental power in his body.

The pearl of spiritual power has been melted, and at this moment, he is also obediently staying in Tang Mo's sea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciousness and obeying Tang Mo's dispatch.

Mental power slowly flowed out of the Mental Power Orb, and then connected to the Space Orb.

For a while, the spiritual pearl, jade pendant, and space pearl in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčknowledge at the end of the Tang Dynasty were connected into a triangle through spiritual power.

The Pearl of Space has not been domesticated at this time. Although it is in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčknowledge at the end of the Tang Dynasty, it does have its own independent consciousness.

At this moment, I feel that something is trying to touch or even invade myself, and I am very resistant.

If you compare this attribute bead to a living creature, then according to normal circumstances, if you want to merge, you need to put in a lot of efforts of the same attribute, such as before the end of Tang Dynasty, to maximize your body threshold, Only then can the energy in the beads be stimulated and then fused independently.

Just like, if you want a small tree to bloom and bear fruit, it is a truth that you must constantly water and fertilize it.

But this is a long process, and what was lacking most at the end of the Tang Dynasty was time.

What's more, if it is strength and spirit, Tang Dynasty can also use it through continuous output.

Even if it is vitality, Tang Mo can force himself to a critical value in order to break through.

But the spatial attribute did not exist at the end of the Tang Dynasty, so what should we do?

Is it by accessing things over and over again in your own space?

But that space was not his own space at the end of Tang Dynasty, it was just a treasure medium.

Besides, at the end of Tang Dynasty, every time he used space, he used mental power, and it was really hard to say what he exercised at the end.

And now this fusion method was first thought up by Tang Mo, and it is also the only method. If this doesn't work, then Tang Mo actually doesn't know what to do next.

But fortunately, although the space beads resisted, but after all, the spiritual power beads still have a small partner, the jade pendant. Although the power of the jade pendants is weak, two are more than one, and the space beads are still weak.

The three sides are like this. At first, it was a three-legged earring tug of war, and then it quickly became a tug-of-war between two sides.

Although all this was carried out in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciousness at the end of Tang Dynasty, it was more painful than the tearing of the flesh.

When merging space treasures before, Tang Mo knew how much mental power it would take to fuse space.

But what I didn't expect was that the spiritual power required to fuse the Space Pearl is far more than Tang Mo's imagination.

That spiritual power continuously flows out from the spiritual pearl, and the consumption is too huge.

The jade pendant sees that the companion consumes too much, and it also releases its weak space attribute in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciousness, and then twists it into a rope with the spiritual force to fight against the space pearl.

Although the space force is very weak, a little more makes a big difference.

That is not a confrontation between mental power and space power, but a confrontation between two attributes of mental power plus space power and one attribute of space power.

This space force is actually not from the late Tang Dynasty, but entirely from the jade pendant itself.

Maybe it was because he stayed by Tang Mo's side for too long, and the jade pendant seemed to burst out of his own consciousness and took the initiative to help Tang Mo.

The battle in the ‚ÄÉ‚ÄÉConsciousness Sea was actually very smooth, and the Space Orb was gradually lost and began to show the momentum of decline.

But even so, Tang Mo was still in great pain, his clothes were all wet with sweat, and even his hair was soaked.

Consciousness sea is the most embarrassing place for people, and the consequences of a little damage are extremely serious, and forcibly integrating here is undoubtedly the most risky decision.

The spiritual power connecting the jade pendant and the space pearl is getting shorter and shorter, and the distance between the two is getting closer and closer, which means that success is not far away.

But Tang Mo wanted to give up every second in the process.

The pain that penetrated deep into the bone marrow is no longer something that ordinary willpower can sustain. Even at this moment, Tang Mo felt that death was no longer so terrible, and it was relief.

Just stop, this voice keeps ringing in my mind.

As long as you stop, everything is over, what does it matter if you merge later?

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