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MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.437 meleeMar 07, 2023

Chapter 437 Melee

Xu Jinshan was at a loss when he saw his niece stealing milk powder.

He couldn't figure out why his niece and sister-in-law could openly do such a thing. He could pretend he didn't see the thing about stealing food last night, and took Yin Yin together as if he didn't see it.

He thought that after his niece was discovered, he would at least be terrified, and would firmly remember not to commit the crime again, but he didn't expect that in less than a day, the niece even dared to steal milk powder.

What is milk powder, that is, a peaceful life.

When adults are hungry, they can just find something that can be eaten to fool them. Children's bodies really can't hold it.

There are not a few cans of milk powder at home, so it is necessary to plan for the two children to eat, how could Xu Ru do such a thing.

Xu Jinshan on this side was still in shock and didn't know how to react. On the other side, Tang Mo came out with Pingping who was already asleep, leaving An An to sleep in her room alone.

"How is this going?"

Tang Mo asked with a shocked face exactly like Xu Jinshan.

"Entering the mountain, Xiaoru is ignorant, look at you..."

Tan Jing knew that as long as she settled Xu Jinshan now, she put on a smile.

Xu Jinshan was originally Tan Jing's eldest uncle. Although the two were the same age, Tan Jing's title was respected before.

But since Tan Jing became more and more unclear about her position in this family, her name for the eldest uncle has also changed.

"Aunt, Ping Ping An has only so much to eat, Xu Ru has eaten all, how can Ping Ping An live?"

Tang Mo's tone was very pitiful, she must put herself in a weak position now, otherwise it will not be easy to explain after Xu Jinshan reacts.

Tan Jing knew in her heart that Xu Yin was a girl who couldn't stand her, and wanted to pick something up, and her tone was not good.

"The two girls who were picked up still have your cousin Jin Gui? Xu Yin, you are so old, you can't tell the difference between inside and outside, right?"

Tan Jing's words just happened to be heard by Zhou Jingyi who heard the movement.

"My own daughter doesn't need anyone to tell me, you just need to take care of your own daughter."

This is the first heavy sentence that Zhou Jingyi has said since Xu Yuanshan came.

Zhou Jingyi was really going to die of anger. At this time, she didn't care about the little sweater she was still knitting in her hand. She walked to the end of Tang and stood in front of Heping Ping, looking like she was protecting her calf.

She has tolerated Tan Jing enough for a while. Now she not only sees them stealing milk powder, but also scolds her three children together. Even the best-tempered Zhou Jingyi is furious at this moment and looks at Tan Jing with bad eyes.

Tang Mo looked at Xu Jinshan with a wronged expression, "Dad."

Xu Jinshan also saw his daughter being bullied, and his expression became worse.

"Sister-in-law, Xiaoru hasn't finished talking yet, don't talk about Yinyin."

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he was about to faint from anger. The women here were about to fight, and Xu Jinshan could only say such a few words that didn't hurt or hurt.

No wonder their family ended up with such an ending in the last life, it really deserved it.

OK, if the current fire is not enough, she will add another fire.

Tang Mo went to the table with Pingping to collect milk powder, Xu Ru stood there, Tang Mo got closer, and when the two were rubbing shoulders, Tang Mo hit Xu Ru with a mental force. on the arm.

It took a lot of strength this time, and Xu Ru's expression suddenly turned ugly.

Everyone also saw the change in Xu Ru's expression, but they only thought that she hated Xu Yin in her heart and didn't care.

Xu Ru thought in her heart that it was Xu Yin who hit her hard just now, so she immediately raised her hand to fight back.

Tang Mo turned around and blocked everyone's gaze and Xu Ru's hand with his body.

Now Xu Ru's hand is facing the flat head in Tang Mo's arms.

Everyone only saw that when Xu Yin walked over with the child in her arms, Xu Ru suddenly turned ugly, and raised her hand to hit Pingping.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, of course, it was impossible for Xu Ru to hit Ping Ping, and his mental strength immediately spread Xu Ru's hand, but his hand holding the child secretly pinched on Ping Ping's leg.

I'm sorry Pingping, I will be a tool person for a while today, and then my sister will compensate you well.

The sleeping Pingping only felt that someone pinched his thigh, and immediately woke up, and then burst into tears.

"Xu Ru, you are sick! Why are you beating the child!"

yelled at the end of Tang.

"I didn't hit her, I'm going to hit you!"

Xu Ru clearly felt that her hand just now was blocked by something, and now she was slandered again, her heart was about to explode, she had completely lost her mind, and she raised her hand to continue beating Tang Mo.

"Don't touch my daughter!"

Zhou Jingyi over there only saw that Xu Ru first beat Pingping to tears, and then reached out to hit her daughter, which exploded, and rushed up to pull Xu Ru's clothes.

Tan Jing saw that Zhou Jingyi had rushed in, and she immediately rushed in to help her daughter.

At the beginning of the battle, Tang Mo ran a few steps at the moment Zhou Jingyi rushed over, stuffed Pingping into the arms of Xu Jinshan, who had not yet recovered, and then entered the occupation.

The two teams of mother and daughter began to tear.

To say that Zhou Jingyi has been a good wife and good mother for decades, she never even spoke loudly before, but today she can start a fight directly for Xu Yin, which really surprised Tang Mo.

But this is also because of Tang Mo's influence during this period of time, so that Zhou Jingyi's temperament slowly began to change.

According to common sense, Zhou Jingyi can't beat Tan Jing, who has been living in the countryside and has a stronger body.

But at the end of the Tang Dynasty, he has been subtly strengthening Xu Jinshan and Zhou Jingyi physically, and also accompanied them to exercise, and taught many simple and practical moves.

Today, Zhou Jingyi's force value is not comparable to that of ordinary women. She pulled Tan Jing's hair, so that Tan Jing could not even break free.

Tan Jing is not a vegetarian either.

On the side of   , Xu Ru wanted to help her mother, but how could Tang Mo let her get it, holding her arm and not letting go, and shouting, "Auntie, don't hit my mother!"

Tan Jing and Xu Ru were restrained and unable to move, but they only felt that the chest, back and abdomen were in severe pain as if they were hit by a heavy hammer, which made people unable to stand.

This is of course Tang Mo's handwriting, she dared to fight with her, how could she have let go of such a good opportunity, her mental power turned into a sledgehammer and smashed hard.

It's just that people can't be beaten to death yet, it's too cheap for them, Tang Mo has a sense of proportion in his heart.


Xu Yuanshan shouted.

(end of this chapter)