MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine - C.423 happy familyMar 07, 2023

MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.423 happy familyMar 07, 2023

Chapter 423 Happy Family

As expected at the end of Tang Dynasty, Xu Jinshan, who saw two children, was extremely happy.

"Okay, let's call it Wen Pingping and Wen An'an." Xu Jinshan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two children with a smile.

"Okay, the name is good." Mother Xu also smiled.

Mother Xu's happiness is no less than that of Xu Jinshan. She has always liked children, and it is her lifelong regret that she can't have another child.

Now these two little dolls are so attached to themselves and their husbands, they are naturally very happy.

My daughter said that this fog will last for half a year at most, but it is only half a year. Even if you tighten your pants, it will not be bad for these two small mouths.

It seems that this pair of children, Xu Jinshan and his wife agreed, but what Tang Mo didn't expect was that when the child was so young and he didn't remember anything, Xu Jinshan and his wife still let the child's surname Wen.

I am willing to raise two children, but I have no intention of taking it for myself.

The child's mother died so that the child could live. Even if she did something wrong, there was no problem with being a mother. Xu Jinshan and his wife did not hide the background of the two children.

Sure enough, kind people will reflect kindness in every little thing.

"The child is so young, he has to breastfeed, and I don't know if he can eat."

After she was happy, Mother Xu started to worry again. There was still food at home, but she didn't know how much she was feeding complementary food to such a young child, whether she was weaned or not.

"Mom, I still have some food I saved in my room. It's just right for them to use."

Tang Mo took out some milk powder, black sesame paste and soy milk powder from her small warehouse early, as well as some instant noodles, biscuits and snacks.

Mother Xu's careful planning these days is in her eyes. Now she has two more mouths in the family, it's only three months, and she has so much food, but she can take out more.

Xu Jinshan and his wife knew that there was still some food in their daughter's room, but they didn't expect there to be so much.

The two of them were pure-hearted. They never thought about why their daughter would hide in the room and didn't show it to them. They just thought that Xiaoyin, who had given it all to the two children, was really kind, and she deserved to be their daughter.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he was still worried that he would bring out so many things, and Xu Jinshan and his wife would be more attentive, but now that they look so happy, they feel pretty good.

At least that way she is much more relaxed.

The two children did not cry when they woke up, they blinked their big eyes to observe the unfamiliar environment, and called out to their mother.

Xu Jinshan and Mother Xu hurried forward and hugged them one by one, and took the child to visit their house, so that the child could adjust to the new home earlier.

When Tang Mo saw this, she hid first. She was going to leave after three months. If possible, she wanted to avoid contact with children as much as possible.

Otherwise, if the child has feelings for her at that time, wouldn't it cause a second injury to the child.

The two little guys are close to the age of two, but they have already started to walk a little, and they are well-behaved, so they are not tired at all.

I only think of my mother occasionally, but as soon as I shouted, Xu Jinshan and his wife hugged each other and held them high, and the little guys immediately burst into laughter.

In fact, such a small child's perception of their mother is nothing but food and a warm embrace that makes them feel safe.

With the existence of these two little fellows, Tang Mo could no longer see Xu Jinshan and his wife sitting on the sofa idly in a daze.

Although the children are worry-free, but taking care of the children can be tedious, and they have to play with the children. The miscellaneous things add up, and the busy couple Xu Jinshan doesn't even have time to watch TV.

In the first two days, I thought I was not used to it and I was in a hurry. Even the rice was cooked by Tang Mo himself.

However, being busy represents fulfillment. Obviously, the safe arrival of Xu Jinshan and his wife made the smiles on the faces of Xu Jinshan and his wife more and more. Tang Mo was also very fortunate that he had made the right decision.

After all, when people are idle, it is easy to do things, and when people are busy, time obviously passes much faster.

The Xu family couple over there was too busy to take care of Tang Mo. Tang Mo lay leisurely on the sofa and watched novels and TV series for a few days, returning to the days of vacation.

But here the Xu family started to have a busy and fulfilling life, and the community was also depressed a lot in the main group.

Although we knew that this group of mutual help owners had no practical significance, no one retreated.

Occasionally, he is still chatting about daily life. If Zhang Huo speaks up, he will scold him. The life is just like that, and the changes in the group seem to be gone forever.

Not only was there no hope of food, but also witnessed a death for the first time.

There are also those two children, everyone knows like a mirror in their hearts that no one goes to those two children, and those two children will not survive, but no one can bear that responsibility.

Worry, guilt, helplessness, despair, all kinds of emotions are intertwined, which makes people feel a sense of self-defeating in this gloomy day.

"Did anyone starve to death?"

The days go by, the food decreases day by day, everyone is hungry, and some people in the group ask if anyone has starved to death.

"No, still alive."

"I've been hungry for three days, and I ate all the succulents raised at home."

"Big brother upstairs, don't eat that stuff, it's poisonous."

"I can't handle that much anymore, just poison to death, it feels better than starvation."

"We can't even find a grain of rice in our house."

"It seems that everyone is still breathing. It is estimated that the girl's family of three is gone now, and everyone else is fine."

As soon as this person's words came out, no one spoke.

Everyone knows who the little girl he is talking about, and everyone tries to avoid mentioning it these days.

But when I brought it up again, my heart seemed to be blocked, and I couldn't say anything.

【Silent】: (a video)

Looking at the depressing atmosphere of the crowd, Tang Mo posted a video in the group where he sat peacefully on the carpet in the living room and played with toys.

【Mo】: Forgot to tell everyone that these two children were brought back by me. They are doing fine now, and they will be my sister in the future.

Tang Mo's message caused a commotion in the group.

It turned out that people who were diving and didn't speak began to bubble up one after another. Some people asked about the current situation of the children, and some people praised the kindness of Tang Mo's family.

Seeing the two children safe and sound, everyone felt as if their hearts had been loosened, and they were so happy that they even forgot their hunger for a while.

"Is it a lot of food to raise two more children?" Someone in the group asked.

(end of this chapter)