MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine - C.4 final preparationMar 07, 2023

MTL - Apocalyptic Return To Famine

C.4 final preparationMar 07, 2023

Chapter 4 Final Preparations

"What are you busy, you said, uncle will be able to do it." Seeing Tang Mo push the card again, knowing that she was destined not to accept it, Wen Jianshu picked up the card and shoved it into Lin Yi's hand.

"The first one is, I want you to strengthen the supermarket at home, and then replace it with the strongest fingerprint security door. By the way, take off the supermarket's brand, the supermarket will not open in the future, but after all, this is how I grew up when I was young. Big home. My mother and I don’t live here anymore, I hope to protect this place well.”

Tang Mo's house is a two-story building. The first floor is a supermarket, and the second floor is two bedrooms. She was born and lived here for so many years since she was a child, and her feelings are naturally very deep.

But only she knows that the most important purpose she wants to strengthen the supermarket is to save these materials for her mother.

These things in the supermarket don't seem to be old now, but after the end of the world, this will become a huge wealth.

A lot of people starved to death in the first half of the last days, and she dared not bet that Wen Jianshu would always be good to her mother.

In case the two of them are separated one day, at least the mother has a way out. She returns to the fortified house and guards the supermarket.

Removing the supermarket sign is to protect the safety of the supplies, just in case, she knows how obsessed people in the last days are with food.

"Okay, uncle promises you that he will protect your supermarket."

"The second request is, Uncle, can you get me a good knife, even if it doesn't meet the regulations."

Tang Mo's words were very vague. What she actually meant was that she wanted Wen Jianshu's hand to get a good knife that was not available on the market that did not meet the control regulations.

She believed that Wen Jianshu could understand what she meant.

"My mother and I have always lived here. If I could have a knife like this, it would be as if someone had always protected me and my mother..."

Tang Mo lowered his head slightly.

There is a degree of advance and retreat. Be tough when you need to be tough, and show weakness when you need to show weakness. Tang Mo knew how to achieve her goal in the simplest way.

Her remarks successfully made Wen Jianshu and Lin Yi's eyes turn red. This child has been so pitiful and insecure for so many years, and only then did he think of such a way to protect himself and his mother.

It's been really hard for Lin Yi these years. In the future, I must protect her and never let her live such an insecure life again.

Wen Jianshu looked at Lin Yi with more and more pity, but at this time Lin Yi got up and sat next to his girl, holding Tang Mo's hand tightly.

Feeling the temperature of my mother's palm, Tang Mo, who was originally acting, really wanted to cry at this time.

It is not easy to buy knives. The quality she can buy in the market is very average, and she can't afford the good quality.

But for half a year at school, she must have tools for self-defense, and when she comes out, she has to face the ubiquitous beasts. She really needs a good knife urgently.

Although she made up the story about knives, the things she feared and trembled at home for so many years were real, and all the emotions were real.

Tang Mo's request was almost a small effort for Wen Jianshu, and he naturally agreed immediately, and he would definitely complete it well.

Wen Jianshu of course understands that the little girl in front of her is not as weak and unable to take care of herself as she seems, and she has no plans to ask for a knife.

But through contact, he could see that Tang Mo was not a senseless child.

And having said that, he really couldn't be ruthless to not satisfy the child's wish.

After the family of three finished eating at home again, Wen Jianshu reluctantly drove back first, making an appointment to let them pack their luggage today, and to pick up the mother and daughter back to his villa tomorrow.

The days that followed passed quickly. Tang Mo went to Wen Jianshu's villa with his mother. Wen Jianshu lived on his own very early, and he didn't have to deal with complicated relatives. Tang Mo was relieved for his mother. .

She still knows her mother well. She seems to be gentle, but she is actually tougher than anyone else. Otherwise, she would not be able to raise her so well by herself.

The room at the end of the Tang Dynasty is on the second floor of the villa. It is decorated in a simple and elegant light blue, which is especially in line with the aesthetics of the end of the Tang Dynasty. You don't need to guess that it must have been designed by Mrs. Lin with care.

The bedding and toiletries in the bathroom are readily available, and you can check in directly.

But at the end of Tang Dynasty, instead of putting the packed luggage in, she received it directly into her own space. She was someone who was going to live alone at school for half a year, so she naturally had to carry all her net worth with her.

The doors and windows on the first floor of the villa are very strong. There is a small yard outside, surrounded by iron fences. The residents of the community are rich or expensive, and the security is extremely tight.

Tang Mo nodded. It is estimated that the first half of this house will live here in the first half of the apocalypse. She is more at ease if the safety is higher.

The university majored in biological sciences at the end of the Tang Dynasty. In the past few days, she inadvertently revealed to Wen Jianshu during the chat that her professor said that the recent climate environment is really strange. Just in case, it is better to prepare more food.

Wen Jianshu didn't take it as a child's nonsense after hearing Tang Mo's words, but thought about it seriously for a while.

At the end of the next day, Tang found that a large amount of food items had been transported to the house, filling several rooms.

Lin Yi kept saying that the two were fooling around, but after all, she was used to being gentle, and she didn't stop the two people she loved making fun of.

After all, food is never wasted.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, he didn't believe that Uncle Wen would make such a big move just because of his own words.

After she finished speaking that day, Uncle Wen's attitude was very strange, as if he had already prepared for this matter.

Yes, a big family like the Wen family that dominates in the last days should know something at this time.

It's better this way, because she can't speak too clearly and can't achieve the effect she wants, because she can't trust anyone in this world except her mother.

Wen Jianshu's movements have always been fast. After two days, the supermarket at the end of Tang's world has been reinforced. Not only have the windows been replaced with stronger metal, but the doors have also been replaced with fingerprint passwords, which are almost impossible to open with brute force. The fingerprints are set by Lin Yi and Tang Mo.

With this supermarket, Lin Yi has more security in the last days, and Tang Mo feels a lot more at ease.

Wen Jianshu was also ready to bring the knife to the end of Tang Dynasty. The blade of the knife was not long and thin. It was dark copper as a whole and looked extremely sharp. The handle was covered with layers of blankets. The red cloth strips are wrapped around, and the simple patterns can still be seen vaguely.

After getting the knife, Wen Jianshu also carefully equipped the knife with a protective sheath, and there was a long **** the sheath for people to carry on the body. He originally only planned to find a flashy and unsheathed knife for Tang Mo, which was also a symbolic thing, and he couldn't explain it to his wife when he was hurt.

But later, he didn't know how, and felt that the future would not be peaceful, so he finally gave Tang Mo the real thing. He knew that Tang Mo was a careful and stable child, and he was relatively relieved.

Tang Mo was greatly surprised when she saw this knife, she knew this knife!

After the end of the world, since everyone has been bound to ID watches, big data statistics have become simpler and more convenient and faster. Tang Mo even felt that the real realization of the concept of the global village began with the appearance of ID watches.

The Alliance has made a lot of rankings to announce the information of the powerhouses in the end of the world, and if she remembered correctly, this knife was in the hands of a top ten woman, and that woman was holding this knife. Killed countless exotic beasts and topped the rankings, becoming a mythical existence in the eyes of millions of ordinary people.

Tang Mo kept stroking the blade, the more he touched it, the more he liked it, the more excited he became.

Needless to say, she knows that the origin of this knife must be extraordinary. No matter how rich ordinary people are, they can't buy it. With it, she has one more trump card to save her life.

The last remaining time before the end of the world was only a few days. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, it was used to purchase, and the focus of this purchase was cooked food.

In the first half of the year, although we were hungry, the order was not disordered, so electricity was still being supplied normally.

But even so, the major restaurants have closed down and can no longer open, and it is impossible to eat what you like.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, the things kept in her space are still, so there is no problem in putting cooked food.

So she swept away many of the meals in the restaurant that she had always loved, and packed them up and put them on the shelves in her own space.

In addition to the meals, there are also various snacks, such as roast chicken, roast duck, braised pork, rice noodles, malatang, steamed buns, dumplings, twists, grandpa Ken and other fast food. These are reserved for her to satisfy her cravings. Food is human. Treasures, she is really reluctant to leave them behind, of course, the more she can hold, the better.

Just in case, she also bought some portable gas stoves, which she can use in case she has no place to cook outside.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, it was not until the three-square-meter place was placed full of towering clouds that he was satisfied, and there were only two backpacks left in the space for emergencies. As for the knife, Tang Mo had already put it into the space.

The money in his hand was basically spent cleanly, and Tang Mo's heart also stabilized, not as uneasy as it would have been at the beginning.

Jade pendants, knives, and the experience of the past life are all the most precious treasures in this life. Each of them is a trump card to save one's life. People are more capable and more confident, and even the temperament of the whole body will happen. Change is hard to ignore.

When there was only one day left before the end of the world, Tang Mo and Lin Yi proposed that they wanted to go back to the school early to participate in the experimental activities organized by the professor. She also went back to the school for this reason in the last life.

Lin Yi, who didn't know anything, agreed without thinking much, instructed Tang Mo, and then transferred 5,000 yuan to her.

Tang Mo did not refuse this time, but chatted with Lin Yi about another matter.

"Mom, buy more food and medicines recently. My professor said that the world has not been peaceful recently."

"Ao, didn't your Uncle Wen buy a lot recently?" Lin Yi didn't care.

"It's not enough, buy more of these things, and use them in the future. Besides, Mom, can you save more milk powder?" Tang Mo winked at Lin Yi.

This is what she wants to say today, although Lin Yi is 42 years old, as a daughter, she naturally doesn't want her mother to have children.

But many things are not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, after all, Uncle Wen is the first marriage and has no children...

She knew that the Wen family was powerful, but milk powder would be priceless in the apocalypse. Rather than finding it hard at that time, it would be better to save more. Even if there were no children, it would be a valuable and invaluable material in the apocalypse.

She can't tell Uncle Wen about this, so she can only mention her mother like this.

"What did you say child?" Lin Yi blushed a little.

At her age, she can naturally hear the meaning of her own daughter's words.

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